Verse of the Year 2015: Exodus 36:4-5

At the International Christian Mompreneur Network, we’re not making New Year’s Resolutions. We’re choosing a scripture verse to guide us through the year instead. We’re selecting a verse that speaks to our hearts and offers support, hope or motivation for us to live out the following year with purpose and direction. The following is part of a series of posts featuring members of the International Christian Mompreneur Network sharing their scripture verse of the year. We pray these posts will inspire and encourage you to select a scripture verse to guide you through the year as well.

Verse of the Year 2015 by Heather Randall

So all the skilled workers who were doing all the work on the sanctuary left what they were doing and said to Moses, “The people are bringing more than enough for doing the work the Lord commanded to be done.” Exodus 36:4-5

So all the skilled workers who wereWhen I pray for my business or think of its future, I think much broader than myself and all of the behind-the-scenes work that I do to sustain it. I think about the mission and heart of CWA, to equip women with tools and support that will help them to reach their potential in ministry. What is that potential? I believe our potential is realized when we see the lost come to knowledge of God, watch them dive into His Word and lead them as they surrender their lives to the Savior. I work with ministry leaders, speakers, authors, musicians and artists who are called to use their gifts to further the kingdom. They are much like the skilled workers who came together to adorn the tabernacle. As creatives, we rarely see the impact of our work. In our own eyes, the tasks may seem repetitive and ineffective, lacking some sort of umph that would spell success and make our time and involvement worth it all. Yet, when we come together, when we parade all of our talents, skills and the abilities we are putting to work for the building of His kingdom, somehow, I have to believe that there will be more than enough. In a world that is white for the harvest, we are affiliating to do the work and tend the field. Lined up with the vast sea of need within our world, sometimes our individual skills seem small and insignificant. I work hard and sometimes I worry that my impact will be nothing more than a slight ripple on the surface. But then I think of the larger picture, all those women who are being inspired, mentored and encouraged through my company and I see the teamwork happening that results in a harvest. Outside of work, I am doing something very similar. I am training children and building a foundation for them to serve God both now and in the future. There are a lot of tedious mommy tasks that all pile up on each other and (with prayer) will eventually shape my children into sparkling utensils for God to use in His Kingdom. My efforts won’t be useless. See, the workers in Exodus didn’t stop working because they were tired. They didn’t stop because they were discouraged or because the task seemed too big for them. They stopped because they had unknowingly gone above and beyond. I don’t want to just scrape by as a mother, or as a business woman. I don’t want to do the bare minimum. I want to be so caught up in my service that I go overboard without even realizing it. I want to give God all of me to overflowing, just as He gives Himself to me. The idea that I want to carry into the new year is that my willingness to serve, through my business and my family, is going to pay off. Every task may seem to emphasize a new need and every accomplishment I have to show may at times feel small, but eventually He’s going to say “Relax Heather, I have more than enough workers in the field. You can rest now”. Until He does, I’m plugging along. Serving however I can and watching our supply grow and grow.  

Heather RandallAbout Heather

Heather Randall serves as the CEO of Christian Women Affiliate, LLC and all of its divisions. Christian Women Affiliate provides resources to women, equipping them with the encouragement and support needed to build lasting platforms as Ministry leaders, Authors, Speakers and Business owners. Apart from her business, Heather is an author, speaker, radio host, wife and homeschooling mother of four. Heather feels blessed to be a tool God uses to support others in ministry. Facebook: Heather Randall Twitter: Heather Randall LinkedIn: Heather Randall Pinterest: Heather Randall YouTube: Heather Randall Google+: Heather Randall Instagram: Heather Randall Website: Heather Randall

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