Verse of the Year 2017: Hebrews 10:35

Guest Post by QuaWanna Bannarbie

At the International Christian Mompreneur Network, we’re not making New Year’s Resolutions. We’re choosing a scripture verse to guide us through the year instead. We’re selecting a verse that speaks to our hearts and offers support, hope or motivation for us to live out the following year with purpose and direction. The following is part of a series of posts featuring members of the International Christian Mompreneur Network sharing their scripture verse of the year. We pray these posts will inspire and encourage you to select a scripture verse to guide you through the year as well.

My word for the new year came about as a result of a recent visit to the salon. Yes, you read me right.

For the past two years, I have been against hair salons because I just couldn’t tolerate the atmosphere. You don’t have to be a black woman to appreciate the dissatisfaction with waiting your turn in a hair salon. So I stopped going. Well, I needed a new look and my hair was badly in need of deep conditioning so I started the undesirable search for a new stylist. I come from a long heritage of hair professionals in my family. Both my mother and father are the offspring of beauticians who learned hair styling in the 1950s. Several aunts and cousins carry on the tradition. I grew up spoiled by free hairdos and beautifully, well -maintained hair. So my standards for stylists are legitimately grounded. Grandma taught me to be particular about whoever has their hands in your glory (1 Corinthians 11:15).

I talked with the stylist several times before my appointment. In fact, while I was in the wash bowl, she said to me, “You have been lying about your hair. You have nice hair.” I did not intend to make her think I have a “bad head.” But I talked so badly about my hair that she believed negative things before she even met me. The last thing she said to me before I left the salon that day changed my outlook on life. “Stop talking bad about your hair. It’s not good. You won’t receive a good result.”

A few nights later, I was playing with my hair in the mirror and I remembered the stylist’s words. “I want a good result,” I thought. Then, a familiar scripture ran across my mind. I was sure it was in the book of Hebrews but I didn’t know the chapter and verse. “Don’t cast away your confidence,” I kept hearing over and over in my mind. I didn’t want to ask Google. I flipped through the pages of my Bible. When I found Hebrews 10:35, I decided that my word for the year would be the word “POSITIVE.”

My thoughts concerning my hair had a great deal to do with my dissatisfaction. How can I expect something different if I am speaking against exactly what I want to see? It applies to nearly every area of my life: my marriage, mind, money, ministry, motherhood and beautiful mane.

I wonder if you are like me? Do you share my difficulty of getting over negative occurrences? I get in a bad headspace rather easily when things happen that cause me pain, disappointment or setback. But I have seen the rewards of replacing that first response of despair with some positive encouragement of hope. I work from home as an adjunct professor online and I am a non-profit board member. I need my head to be in the game or this important work doesn’t get done. This coming year, I am going to move into the field of entrepreneurship and embrace my God-given ability to create with words. I am staying positive and I am sure I will see rich rewards.

Isn’t it interesting how the Lord got my attention about the strength of my mindset? He literally used the closest thing to my brain: my hair. He understands that the hair struggle is real! He’s a good Father.


About QuaWanna

QuaWannaQuaWanna Bannarbie grew up in Americus, GA with her mother and two younger sisters. She is a daughter, wife, mother, sister and friend who loves family, worship, writing, natural hair and maintaining her backyard garden. She is known by “Q” or “Nikki.” She serves Indiana Wesleyan University as a faculty member in the Department of Public Service and Leadership LINKS Inc. as a non-profit board member. Jeremiah 29:11 is her favorite scripture.


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