Verse of the Year 2016: Psalm 119:90

by Pat Fenner

Psalm 119_90At the International Christian Mompreneur Network, we’re not making New Year’s Resolutions. We’re choosing a scripture verse to guide us through the year instead. We’re selecting a verse that speaks to our hearts and offers support, hope or motivation for us to live out the following year with purpose and direction. The following is part of a series of posts featuring members of the International Christian Mompreneur Network sharing their scripture verse of the year. We pray these posts will inspire and encourage you to select a scripture verse to guide you through the year as well.

Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures. – Psalm 119:90

“Hang in there!”  

As I was growing up, that’s what my dad used to tell me whenever I was going through a tough time.  It would drive me crazy back then! I often felt like he was trivializing my earth-shaking issue; the problem around which the world turned and life itself depended upon (ok, I might have had a slight propensity toward the dramatic…).

In essence, he was encouraging me to endure.

As we laid him into the ground a few days ago, however, it occurred to me that there was a much bigger picture related to the phrase he so earnestly and frequently used. And as I turned to the Word for confirmation of what I felt was my word for 2016, I found it.

Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures.
Psalm 119:90

I love the Psalms because they are so very real. They describe and deal with almost every feeling we face as human beings: fear, trial, loneliness, despair, discouragement, persecution.  A myriad of situations and emotions we don’t like to experience or very often talk about, but occur to us all as part of the human condition. However, what also resonates through that book is encouragement to cling to the hope we find in God to endure.

And therein lies the “bigger picture” to which I referred above. The bigger picture is that God’s plan endures; His creation endures; His intention for me and what He has created me for can never be shaken as I find my hope and strength and purpose in His will. 

When I trust in Him, lean in to Him in times of trouble as they come; when I rest in the assurance that His will endures, that there is absolutely nothing that has happened or will happen that prevents His plan from being played out in creation…well then I am indeed able to “Hang in there!”

I struggled a bit with using the word “Endure” because I felt it had a negative nuance. Yet looking up the definition laid my fears to rest.  While of course there is the element of painful or difficult suffering, another facet of the word means “to remain in existence; to last.” The efforts and energies that the Lord requires of me this year – as a parent, as a wife, as a friend…in business, at home, in life – will endure only when I’m “hangin’ in there” with Him!

When I started doing this Word of the Year project, the concept I felt compelled to work towards was to set a firm Foundation. Last year, He was with me every step of the way as He helped me to Reach: outward towards others and inside my heart and gifts to develop the seeds He had sown in me. And this year it appears He’s moving me just one more step along the journey, as he exhorts me to Endure…

• When things don’t go “my way”…
• When life throws me a curve ball…
• When unwelcome situations arise…
• When I am stretched beyond my comfort zone and known abilities…

One thing I know about the coming year: I have no idea what it will bring. Recent developments in my life have served to remind me of its frailty: I can plan and scheme and hope and dream as much as I want, yet in the end, only His plan is perfect, only His promises are sure.

But that is enough to hold on to as I joyfully endure whatever 2016 brings!


About Pat

Pat FennerPat Fenner has been raisin’ kids for almost 30 years, and teaching them at home for almost 20. With a love and passion for seeing kids and their moms succeed and endure, she writes with her fellow mom-and-homeschooler-friend Candy over at There she offers experience-based advice over a virtual cuppa coffee. She invites you to join the conversation!

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