The Quiet Uprising

The Quiet UprisingThere’s a quiet uprising happening all over the world. It’s not on the front pages of the newspaper. You won’t hear about it when you watch the evening news. But make no mistake about it. This uprising is REAL. Love is invading our world! That’s why hate must fight back so vehemently and so loudly–banging its drums saying, “Look at me! Look at me!” Though hate noisily draws attention to itself, love quietly invades.

Love makes its way into the darkest places as people choose to let love in. Love reigns supremely as we meet together plotting love invasions in our neighborhoods, schools and businesses. It shows itself when couples choose to remain faithful to one another in spite of pain and disappointment, when parents refuse to give up on children who rebel, when parents choose relationships over careers and the culture’s definition of success, and as single people fight to remain pure in the midst of a sex crazed culture.

Love destroys the walls that separate us. Misunderstanding is transformed into the willingness to listen. Biases transform into understanding. Fear is cast out! Deep wounds are healed. Ashes become magnificent masterpieces. Captives are set free!

Love may be quiet and tender, but do not dismiss its power! It doesn’t require political, economic or social influence. It needs no college degree or any other qualifications. It doesn’t require fame or fortune. Its power can be wielded by a little tot, a frail elderly person or an impoverished and forgotten woman. Love only requires an open heart, and a willingness to allow its beauty and power to be released to those in its vicinity.

Love makes the seemingly insignificant, mundane and every day occurrences of life, powerful, impactful and enduring. 

That hug.

That smile.

That pat on the back.

That dollar you give.

That meal you cook.

That diaper you change.

That blog post you write.

That floor you sweep.

That song you sing.

That car you drive.

That lesson you teach.

That glass of cold water you give…

Becomes MORE

When you give from a heart of sincere love.

Love transforms temporary things into lasting things. Things that transcend the moment, that transcend your life, your generation and even time itself. Love multiplies our feeble efforts. One hug can transform a family. One dollar can impact a nation.

This kingdom of love is a strange and wonderful place in which to live. The darkness rages against it.

But. It. Will. Not. Prevail!

Love always wins.


So I invite you to join this quiet revolution.

May this love revolution sweep our nations and our world until the darkness is crushed in utter defeat. May we follow our Mighty King Jesus into this battle with great expectation and confidence. 

This uprising will not be squashed!

Love wins.

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Alecia Baptiste is the daughter of the King of Kings, wife of the most patient and gracious man on earth, and a mom of Brian, Bianca, Edward and Felecia. They have revealed much about her imperfections and her own need of Divine intervention. Her family lives in Leander, TX where they enjoy playing sports, creating and listening to music, reading good books, spending time with friends and serving together.