How to Start an Instagram Gratitude Journal

A New Spin on the Gratitude Journal for Your Business and Homeschool

Instagram Gratitude JournalEvery November you see people writing and talking about gratitude. It’s as if the 11th month of the year somehow got assigned the task of reminding us to be thankful.

Just because it’s the month in which Thanksgiving falls (at least in the U.S.).

But here’s a way to take a new approach to the concept of gratitude and incorporate it year round. The beauty of this technique is that moms (and dads, of course) can apply it to a home business and it’s a more tech-savvy way to get the kids to buy into the action, too! It simply requires adding a small bit of text to a picture.

Starting an Instagram Gratitude Journal

I stumbled upon this concept quite by accident, but I’m running with it, folks! And you can, too.

Instagram is all the rage these days. Actually, I should say, visual content is all the rage. From a small business perspective, any social media promotion that includes an image, graphic or video has a much greater chance of being shared by others and “liked” by Facebook. Pinterest, of course is all about images, and Instagram is the same. Instagram (IG) has the added benefit of being a bit more “real life” and in the moment, which makes it a super tool for this idea.

With your kids…

This is a fantastic homeschool project, but even if you don’t homeschool, this is a great way to widen your children’s vision for what they may be posting on IG. Encourage them to look for things they’re grateful for: friends, activities, foods (popular with teens!), family…whatever. Just before they hit “share”, ask them to add a comment about what they’re thankful for, as represented in the picture, and the tag #iggratitudejournal.

To make it more of a learning experience, you could introduce them to Canva. That’s an awesome free tool where they can create social media posts, using their own images, or those provided free by Canva (and they have additional images available at $1 each). They can use the size templates available for different formats (and yes, they have an IG template), and once a photo is chosen, add words using their own choice of fonts and sizes, or (once again) using one of Canva’s free text templates. Then they can share the graphic, tagged with #iggratitudejournal.

With your business…

Maybe it’s because of the incessant negativity we’ve all been living through in the recent election season, but it seems to me that there is an inordinate amount of bashing going on in the media. It’s not enough to explain how your product or service stands out among competitors, but popular marketing practices often seem to dictate that we point out our competitors’ faults and shortcomings, as well.

What a breath of advertising fresh air if we were to simply share with our customers and friends everything we’re grateful for:

  • that we’ve been around for X number of years,
  • how our new product can help our customers with such-and-such,
  • something a bit personal and totally not business-related,
  • ask our customers what they’re grateful for, and share those

Nothing hard-sell, but no competitor-bashing, either. Ahhhh… I’m feeling better about your business already!

So try it! Although I haven’t gotten my teens on board yet, you’ll find a few of my posts when you search #iggratitudejournal.

I enjoy scrolling through and reminding myself all the ways God has blessed me.

I think you will, too!

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