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As president and founder of the International Christian Mompreneur Network, Theresa Ceniccola is passionate about spreading the message that it is possible to build a profitable business that is in alignment with the priorities of faith and family. She works with women every day to help them create a business doing what they love and supporting their values.


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Theresa is available to inspire audiences of mom entrepreneurs on the following topics:

  1. Three Challenges of a Mompreneur – and How to Overcome Them! Mom entrepreneurs face unique challenges – and we often feel like we don’t fit in anywhere. We can’t relate to the full-time corporate moms or the stay-at-home moms. Yet, we know that our businesses give us the perfect balance between work and family. So we move forward (often blindly) in the face of common challenges.What We’ll Discuss:
    • The Trinity of Challenges Every Mompreneur Faces
    • Practical Tips for Setting Boundaries, Scheduling Your Time and Investing in Yourself
    • The One Thing We Almost Always Forget – and Why We Need Each Other to Do It!
  2. Re-Defining “Mompreneur” – How to Prosper With Wisdom and GraceAt the International Christian Mompreneur Network, we call ourselves “Christian Mompreneurs” because the phrase accurately describes our priorities of faith, family and business (in that order). And we’re serious about all three of those things – we’re not playing with our businesses…we’re earning a living by sharing our gifts and doing what we love, while still being fully present for our families. (Now that sounds better, right?)What We’ll Discuss:
    • The Ten Commandments of a Mompreneur
    • The Top Three Things That Get in Our Way of Success
    • A Practical Guide to Daily Living that Balances Business and Family
  3. Six Steps to Running a Business that Supports Faith and Family:  Secrets of Successful MompreneurPeople often ask me how I manage to do it all! They want to know how I keep it all together running a business and raising a family at the same time. The truth is that I don’t do it all! In fact, I intentionally choose NOT to do some things so that I can remain true to my values and focused on my priorities. And I certainly let things fall through the cracks accidently at times. In this candid presentation, I’ll share my strategies for running a business while raising a family! I’ll disclose the “secrets” I’ve learned after 18 years as an entrepreneur and the tips I’ve picked up from dozens of successful Christian mompreneurs I’ve met along the way.What We’ll Discuss:
    • How to Create a Business in Alignment with your Values
    • The (Not-So) Surprising Things That are Preventing You from Succeeding
    • The Reason You Don’t Like Marketing (and What to do About it!)
    • Practical Steps for Establishing Daily Routines in Your Business
    • The One Thing We Resist (and Why We Need it Most!)
    • The Essential Ingredient in Living Prosperously
  4. The Graceful No – How to Escape Overwhelm and Create Space in Your Life to Follow God’s Plan“No” is arguably the most powerful word in the dictionary. So why is it that we can’t seem to utter it when we need it most? In this practical and inspirational presentation, we’ll uncover the real reason we’re addicted to saying “yes” – and why we need to break the habit now! We’ll even give you the tools, language and experience practicing your own “Graceful No” so that you’re prepared when the time comes!What We’ll Discuss:
    • Why You Need to Say “No” in order to Say “Yes” to God!
    • Seven Secretes to a Guilt-Free “No”
    • Twenty Things You Can Say “No” to Now
    • The Best Way to Determine if You Need to Say “No”
    • Scripts for Saying “No” With Clarity, Confidence and Kindness
  5. Journal Writing for Creativity and ProductivityWhat do can you learn from Oprah Winfrey that will help you enhance your creativity and productivity? Journal writing, of course! But we’re not talking about you mother’s diary! We’re talking about specific writing tools and techniques you can use in your journal to boost your creative thinking and decision making skills and help you stay focused, organized and productive at home and in the office.What We’ll Discuss:
    • The Best Daily Activity for Eliminating Overwhelm and Getting Focused
    • The Secret Meeting Every Business Owner Should Attend
    • A Twist on an “Oldie But Goody” – How to Clusters for Clarity in Business
    • How to Use Your Journal to Improve Your Marketing Results

Read what event hosts have to say about Theresa as a speaker:

“Theresa was the dream speaker from a conference organizer perspective. She met all pre-conference deadlines. She went above and beyond the requirements to prepare for her talk. She did a great job coordinating and cooperating with her co-presenter. Her session was praised by attendees as informative and filled with actionable takeaways.” Kelby Carr, Founder and CEO, Type-A Parent Conference typeaparent-logo-site

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Theresa Ceniccola’s presentation on journaling.  Theresa presented a broad range of topics related to journaling in a concise and interesting manner.  The interactive nature of the presentation kept me engaged and the journaling exercises that Theresa provided gave me hands-on journaling experience.  Theresa’s delivery was very authentic and she provided practical tools that encouraged me to begin journaling on my own.” Lisa Flanagan, MOPS Group, Virginia Beach, VA

“As women business owners we know what is needed from us as far as leadership, processes and operations, however we sometimes forget how to look within and take time to be creative.  Theresa is a dynamic speaker who will absolutely help you focus and direct your creative energies in all aspects of your business and personal life.  NAWBO members and guests are definitely better equip after that presentation.” Suzanne Garcia, National Association of Women Business Owners, Hampton Roads Chapter


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Theresa Ceniccola interviews Christian mom entrepreneurs to hear their stories and discover their success secrets and advice for other moms.


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