Share Your Verse of the Year!

Show-me-your-ways-O-Lord-teach-me-2.pngDo you have a life verse or a favorite scripture verse?

Sometimes it’s difficult to pick just one – after all, there are more than 31,000 verses to choose from! But I often find that one verse speaks rather clearly to me at any given time.

And since it’s that time of year for starting over…for making resolutions…for mapping out our plans for the next 12 months…I invite you to select a scripture verse to guide you through the coming year. In fact, I encourage you to choose a Verse of the Year as the foundation for the change you want to see in your life.

Every year for the past several years, I choose a Word of the Year (you can read more about that here). And the last few years I’ve decided to select my Word of the Year through prayerful consideration of God’s Word. I figure, if you’re going to choose A word, shouldn’t you start with THE Word? Last year I selected the word “Listen” inspired by Psalm 25:4. The year before, I chose “Nourish” guided by John 6:35. My intention was to nourish the areas of my life that were important to me. The year before, I chose “Unity” based on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 because I wanted God’s guidance in creating more unity in my relationships. The year before I chose “Light” based on Matthew 5:16 because I was feeling called to shine a little brighter.

What scripture verse is speaking to you in this season of your life? Would you be willing to share your reflections with us here at the International Christian Mompreneur Network?

Please consider this your formal invitation to submit a Guest Post about your 2016 Verse of the Year! If you have a verse that is special to you, and it helps you navigate life and business, then I want to share your story and inspire others to choose a scripture verse of their own.

Click here to download the Verse of the Year Submittal Form.

The deadline to submit your guest post and be featured on the International Christian Mompreneur Network blog is Thursday, December 31, 2015. We will publish our favorite guest posts in January. Together we can encourage women all over the planet to choose a guiding verse for 2016.

Any questions? Post it below and I’ll be happy to answer you!

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