How to Raise a Future Leader

[A little something from iMom]

how-to-raise-a-future-leaderFirefighter. Movie star. Professional soccer player. President of the United States. Our children have big plans for what they want to do when they grow up. So we encourage them and guide them and nurture their dreams. But do we give them the skills they need to achieve their goals?

As parents, we’ve been given the tremendous responsibility of raising the next generation of leaders. It’s not always easy being the mother of a budding young boss. But it’s incredibly rewarding to witness your child transform into a respectable, inspirational young adult.

Here are ten ways you can encourage and raise a future leader:

1. Let them solve their own problems.

My mother was a master at this. She rarely got involved in arguments between my siblings and me. She told us to figure it out on our own. And it taught us how to solve problems, rather than expect to be rescued. >>>

This blog post originally appeared on iMom, a site dedicated to helping you love your family well. Read the rest of the post on iMom here.

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