[Prayer Cafe]: November 2, 2016

Prayers for our Nation


eat-pbj-for-easter-dinner-if-it-helps-you-focus-on-the-right-target-3“Ladies, today in our cafe we prayed. We prayed for our nation, for neighbors, co-workers, friends, the church, and even our enemies. I know many are celebrating because of the election, but others are sad and afraid. So we pray. Our God is on the throne. He has always been actively involved in placing leaders in authority. We can trust that he is bringing about his BEST plans for America and the world. 

Still… some of our neighbors are afraid. My prayer today focused on the body of Christ coming together in Unity to Love this hurting world. Our light shines beautifully and brightly when we embrace diversity while being unified in purpose. I pray that each of us reaches out to someone who is very different from us in order to uplift them and to seek to understand them. They need your love. You need their perspective. We are stronger and better together!

Lastly, we prayed for all of government leaders. They cannot serve the people of our nation, without divine help.

May the peace of God rule Supreme in your hearts today!”- Alecia Baptiste

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