My Secrets to Success

By Alecia Baptiste

My Secrets to SuccessCan I let you in on a little secret?
Often people wonder how I homeschool three children, care for our family, write,  speak, run a business and have time to go on trips around the world. Often I hear, “You’re super talented and amazing and I could NEVER do what you do.” Nope, that’s not it. Or, “You are a saint, a super christian and extremely patient.” Again. No. And No. And No.
Here’s my secret. Actually, my secrets.
1. I’m surrounded by SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE. My number one supporter is: Edward Baptiste, my husband. He doesn’t just put up with my “projects.” He wholeheartedly supports them. He gives me the freedom to fly. He listens for hours upon hours as I work through obstacles, brainstorm and share my disappointments. But more importantly, this man really LOVES me and PRAYS with me and for me.
As a side note, I don’t listen to negative people. Their voices are on mute. (Still love them, though!)

2. PRAYER: Every week, Ed and I cry out to God together for our family, our friends, our finances, our children and our work. It is at the throne of grace, that every needed grace is poured out. We find our direction, our peace and provision there. But I make it a practice in our lifestyle. I’m in continual conversation with my Heavenly Father. It’s not perfect, but I pray that I am continually reminded that He is with me all of the time.
3. PATIENTLY PERSISTING- I refuse to give up. Why? Because our God cannot lie and he cannot fail. He has proven himself to be 100% faithful everytime. He loves me and refuses to give me anything less than his very best.
And because LOVE compels me to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Eventually, I’ll get there. Eventually– I’ll see the harvest of righteousness. Yes, I have moments of doubt, but that’s where #1 and #2 come in. 🙂
4. FOCUS- I’m so done with trying to live out every body else’s values. Still love you, but I have to live out MY PURPOSE. I have to do the work that was prepared for me to complete. And that means that lots of other things have to fall by the way side. I love what Pastor Ben talked about yesterday. “We were created to run!” We can’t run with other people’s expectations hanging onto us or needing other people’s approval. I can’t run with guilt, or fear or unforgiveness or perfectionism. These are HEAVY loads to carry. I’m not carrying them anymore. I can’t run while trying to impress you. I can’t run while allowing sin to entangle me. As I openly confess my sin, Jesus keeps me free to keep those legs running. I can’t run when I get myself worked up over things that really don’t matter–things that in a month, a day or a year, will have been forgotten. This is BIG. I used to get my blood pressure up over the smallest things! ( My perfectionism.)
5.  One more, I fill my mind with the TRUTH.  I do this by reading and meditating on God’s Word everyday.  I post scripture all over the house.  I don’t worry about making it pretty.  I just need to see it, so I can be thinking about it.  I’m careful about what I allow in my thoughts, because it affects every part of my life.
Now you know my secrets. 🙂
Tell me, which of my “secrets” have you tried?  How has it impacted your life?

Alecia Baptiste is the daughter of the King of Kings, wife of the most patient and gracious man on earth, and a mom of Brian, Bianca, Edward and Felecia. They have revealed much about her imperfections and her own need of Divine intervention. Her family lives in Leander, TX where they enjoy playing sports, creating and listening to music, reading good books, spending time with friends and serving together.