Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts Created By and/or For Christian Moms


Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom, sister, friend or even yourself?  Take a peek at a few of our favorite gifts created BY and/or FOR Christian moms featuring members of our very own Sisterhood of Christian Mompreneurs! (Oh, and if you have a product or service that was created BY and/or FOR Christian moms, please add a link below so we can hop on over to your place and check it out!)

As a community of moms, we celebrate the gift of motherhood every day. And on this special day of recognition in the U.S., we wish mothers all over the world a blessed and peace-filled day. Happy Mother’s Day — and happy shopping!

International Christian Mompreneur Network’s 2014 Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Home Inventory App: Your Stuff at your Fingertips!

090707_k23_ow_pf_dr 018Peace of mind is one of the best gifts a mom could receive on Mother’s Day and that’s what the award winning Mac app Home Inventory can provide. Keep important information about your household items, such as the purchase price, serial number, and condition, so you know what you have and what it’s worth in case you ever have to file an insurance claim. Add photos and receipts to your items, which can serve as proof of possession. Stay organized and get rid of paper clutter by storing photos, receipts, warranties, and user manuals all within the item details for easy access.

Robust insurance features help ensure you are adequately covered in the case of loss and help make the claims process smooth and timely. Home Inventory can even tell you which items are not covered by your current policy.

Home Inventory is available on the Mac App Store for $19.99. It’s an Apple Mac App Store Editors’ Choice and Best of 2013 pick.

App Store


Chore-inator App: Household Chores Made Fun!

Chore-inator iPad and iPhone copyChore-inator, an app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, takes a unique approach to an everyday problem: getting your kids engaged and excited about helping around the home. A clean and organized home is every mom’s goal. With Chore-inator, you will spend less time managing the household while teaching your children motivation and discipline for a job well done.

Chore-inator is available on the App Store for $2.99. It’s a Best New App in Productivity on the App Store and a Macworld/iWorld Best of Show 2014 winner.

App Store

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About the Christian Mompreneur: Diane Hamilton is the managing partner of Binary Formations, which she owns with her husband Kevin. In 2010, after a 20+ year career working for small enterprise software vendors wearing many different hats, she and Kevin followed their dream and took Binary Formations from a hobby to a full-time business designing and developing consumer apps. All of their apps start with a need in their own family.

In addition to working for their business, Diane relishes her role as a wife and as a mom to their 5-year-old boy. 



Juice Plus and Tower Garden: The Gift of Health, and Healthy Food

photo1Every mom needs something simple, something that gives her hope and peace of mind for taking care of her health. Juice Plus+ provides the goodness of 25 raw fruits, vegetables, berries, and grapes, in a capsule or a soft chewable. Orchard Blend and Garden Blend come together; Vineyard Blend adds the purple power foods.

It is gluten free, preservative free, contaminant free, even free of synthetic and isolated nutrients. For healthy meals on the go, there are also Juice Plus+ Complete shakes and bars, which provide plant-based protein and omega-3s. Juice Plus+ is 100% whole food, and gives busy moms assurance that they are nourishing their bodies from the inside out and enhancing their health and their lives every day.

tower gardenAnother simple way to eat more plants is by growing them in Tower Garden– a vertical aeroponic system that grows 20 plants in a 3-foot square space. What makes Tower Garden easy and fun is this — no dirt, no weeds, and it waters itself! Moms having fun and eating healthfully are happier moms of healthier kids!

To learn more, visit Juice Plus here

To order, visit this site.

To see how Tower Garden works visit Arinne’s Tower Garden site here.

About the Christian Mompreneur:  Arinne Dickson is a wife and homeschooling mom of two young daughters on a family farm in northern Illinois. When God opened her eyes to the power of fruits and vegetables to restore health and prevent disease, she discovered a passion to share health and hope through whole food. Soon after she learned about Juice Plus, she resigned from a 15-year editing career so she could focus on her new mission to encourage moms and families in their journey of healthy eating. Arinne and her family enjoy camping, gardening, and have begun a new venture with laying hens.


Envision Possibilities: All I Want For Mother’s Day Is My Toes In The Sand

beach toesSometimes we just want to find a little sun and put our toes in the sand and forget about all of life’s many obligations! Especially for Mothers Day!

Envision Possibilities is a company that can help you as a mom feel less stress and find more time for YOU all while honoring your family. Moms are responsible for so much: planned days get shoved aside because of all the hats that are worn, kids need to be picked up, dropped off, fed, changed, helped with homework, taught values, read to, put to bed, disciplined, and the list goes on…Spouses need moms to run errands, pay bills, cook dinner, do laundry and talk to them, What?? Talk, who has time to communicate?!!

Moms want to live their dream life…This Mothers’ Day treat yourself to some one on one time with Dixie Andrade. One phone call can help you feel like your toes are in the sand even when your daily life is BUSY. Click here to learn more about a special phone session that can get you that happy stress-free feeling that we all deserve for Mother’s Day! It’s the gift that will keep on giving long after your special day is done. 

Light Your Fire and Faith Session with Dixie Andrade

About the Christian Mompreneur: Southern sweetheart Entrepreneur Dixie McDaniel de Andrade is a speaker who delivers a powerful punch providing inspiration and how-to solutions to women of faith. As an author, certified coach and life/balance expert, she founded international coaching company Envision Possibilities to teach other women to stop settling, balance their unique lives, take action on their dreams all while honoring their own family values. 


Tasha’s Own Goat’s Milk Soap

Herbwife-wrappedTasha’s Own is a family owned and operated venture located in the only remaining rural section of the resort town of Virginia Beach. We take pride in providing a sustainably produced, all natural, handcrafted product.

Our home, Hearthside Farm, is also home to an ever-increasing variety of animals, including sheep, cattle, ponies, poultry and a lively band of Nubian dairy goats. Known for their long floppy ears and the high butterfat content of their milk, Nubians are the aristocracy of the goat world. Our little royals live lives of happiness and sunshine, roaming our 30 acres as they please and feasting on sweet grasses, herbs and nutrient-dense alfalfa. This free range lifestyle and diet leads to a superbly rich and healthy milk. It is this nourishing and life-giving liquid that provides almost half of our soaps’ content.

Rich in enzymes exclusive to goat’s milk, this liquid gold, when combined with our all natural and sustainable selection of health-promoting oils, balances the ph of your skin and moisturizes without the use of manmade ingredients or chemical additives.

We welcome you to our little slice of heaven and are eager for you to join our growing group of family, friends and valued customers who share not only in the benefits and luxury of Tasha’s Own Goat’s Milk Soap, but in the joys and challenges of living this American Dream.

Order Tasha’s Own Goat’s Milk Soap here.

About the Christian Mompreneur: Maureen Anderson and her family live and work on their rural farm in Virginia where they not only provide for their family (including her eight children) but also produce goods and services to meet the needs of a growing community. They began raising goats to meet the dairy needs of one of their daughters who is allergic to cow’s milk. After a friend suggested they try making soap, they started selling it in local shops and craft fairs. The soaps were a huge success and are now carried at the local Whole Foods Market.




Invest in Mom’s Health With doTerra Pure Essential Oils

NaturalSolutionsKitOver at Little House on the Valley, Denise Thompson shares her stories, tips and personal experiences using essential oils in her home. From natural cleaning and healthy cooking, to spa treatments and health remedies, essential oils are part of every day life in the Little House on the Valley. Denise invites you to learn about the amazing ways essential oils have changed her family life – and how her their journey has led to healing and results.

Learn how to purchase essential oils at Little House on the Valley

About the Christian Mompreneur: Denise Thompson and her family reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where they intentionally live a simple lifestyle. They homeschool twin boys which fills most of their daily time with delight directed learning. They live on 10 quiet acres in a 110-year-old farmhouse. Denise loves creating anything with her hands – whether it be through writing words of encouragement or decorating and nesting within her home. She started writing online back in 2007 when her twins were babies. She was praying and searching for a way to make money from home, and began learning how to build websites for income. Her first website was a cottage style decorating site, which proved to be a blessing to supplement the family’s income. Now she blogs at Little House on the Valley.



Compelling Creations: Let Mom Wear and Share Her Faith

remembrance_with_tag1(3)Celebrate mom with a gift that is beautiful, fashionable and symbolic. Choose from a scripture charm, cross, earrings and dozens of stunning pendants that spread the Word of God. Compelling Creations offers unique, faith-inspired jewelry that provides an opportunity to share the meaning and be a witness for Christ. You may event want to honor mom by hosting an event for friends and family! Compelling Creations Consultants and the home office strive to inspire, challenge, and uplift party Guests and Customers through the jewelry messages, and that spirit carries through the Consultant community. Consultants love what they do, and love to share, connect and encourage one another in their businesses.

Visit Compelling Creations to learn more about jewelry and hosting.

About the Christian Mompreneur: Sue Ann Oltman celebrated her 4th Anniversary with Compelling Creations this year.
She says she did not see herself as a “home party lady” and never thought she could stand up in front of a room and speak coherently.  But she is growing into that role.  Sharing the design stories is something she is passionate about, so she just starts talking and lets the Lord handle the rest.  Her goal is to inspire others to wear and share the jewelry and to be an agent of change in her community.


Editor’s Pick: Moms Night Out

Moms Night Out ReviewGive the gift of laughter by sending mom and her friends to the movies this weekend to see Provident Film’s hilarious view of motherhood. Better yet, celebrate mom by taking the whole family to see it together.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for some thing “more” from your life…wondering if the mayhem is worth it…questioning your own worth…then READ THIS first and go see Mom’s Night Out!




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