Why Mompreneurs Avoid The “No Excuses” Approach

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One of my favorite personal trainers thinks most people are full of excuses. “I’ve seen every excuse in the book,” she insists. Call it an occupational hazard – she’s watched countless people invest in their fitness only to fall short by not showing up to do the work. But what she may not realize is that there’s a difference between excuses, obstacles and choices. And what sounds like an excuse is often an obstacle or a choice.

So how can you tell the difference? Well, if we’re still talking about the gym, let’s take a look:

You don’t show up for a workout because one of your kids got sick = obstacle.

You don’t up for a workout because your husband came home from work early and you realized it would be the only day that week you could eat dinner as a family = choice.

You don’t show up for a workout because you overslept = excuse. (Unless, of course you were up all night with a colicky baby, which caused you to oversleep. Then, I’d call it an obstacle. Maybe even a choice!)

Regardless of WHY you skipped the workout, the next day, when you show up at the gym, you’re likely to catch some flak for your so-called excuse. The intention is to motivate you, but it doesn’t always work. Who wants to face all that humiliation the next day?

Leaving Room for Grace

Like fitness experts, many business professionals find it motivational to take a “no excuses” approach to their goals and success. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been to those conferences that are more like pep rallies for struggling business professionals. Where everyone gets “fired up” to make a commitment and meet a goal. And they all agree to make it happen. No. Matter. What.

Well, there’s a fine line between motivating people and setting them up for failure. And for me, the “no excuses” approach crosses the line. Why? Because when you accept the “no excuses” approach, there’s no room for grace.

When you’re filled with excuses, faced with challenges and making difficult choices, you don’t need a reprimand. You don’t need to feel shame or guilt or hopelessness. The one thing you need is grace.

Mompreneur Obstacles

The moms I know and work with need grace. I mean, we REALLY need grace. We have good intentions. We have goals and strategies and skills and creative ideas out the wazoo! But we also have kids and laundry and teacher meetings and church festivals and bake sales and soccer practice. Just to name a few of our “excuses.”

And we know a thing or two about obstacles. Every day we have to discern if the challenge we face that day is something to push through, find a way around or take a seat and wait for it to pass. Most business gurus are not going to encourage you to wait for it to pass. But the mompreneurs I know understand there is a season in life for everything. And when God sends you an obstacle, sometimes he just needs to get your attention so he can redirect you a bit. If you push through every obstacle with blind determination, you may accomplish your goals…but you may miss an opportunity to follow God’s plan.

It’s Your Choice

And let’s talk about choices for a minute. I want you to know that you ALWAYS have a choice. Whatever you are facing right now in your business, your family, your life…you do have a choice. Some mompreneurs I work with forget this simple truth. They feel trapped.

They say things like, “I can’t possibly get any work done while I’m homeschooling four children.”

Or “We can’t afford to hire anyone to help with the website because we’re not making any money yet.”

These sound a lot like excuses, don’t they?  To be fair, they are really choices. You can choose to put your family first. And you can choose to wait until you have money saved before you invest in something for you business. Those actually sound like great choices to me! It’s all a matter of how we express our choices. If they sound like excuses, then people will think we’re making excuses. But if they sound like intentional and purposeful choices, then most people will respect our choices.

So tell me, what’s your excuse? Please share one thing you’ve been making excuses for and how you might view it as a temporary obstacle or an intentional choice!


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