Meet Sister of the Month Whitney Freya

I have never met a mompreneur more passionate about her message than Whitney Freya. I call Whitney my “right brain guru” and creativity mentor. She taught me The Art of Being a Stress Free Mom! Through her Painting Marathon, I discovered that the value of creativity is in the regular practice of creativity. And that it only takes a few minutes a day to engage my artist within and create change in my life – and in the world. All it takes is one conversation with Whitney and you’ll be hooked on the benefits of exercising your right brain muscle!

Meet Sister of the Month Whitney Freya

Business Name: Whitney Freya

Business Description: I want to inspire you to live your life as ART and accept your role as the ARTIST. Creatively Fit harnesses your mental potential and expands it through our Creativity Workouts and insight into our infinite, creative spirits. Creatively Fit offers online programs, individual coaching (that can be paired with the online programs), workshops and retreats. We also certify Creatively Fit Coaches who are passionate about inspiring creativity in others.

About Whitney:

In 1996 I opened an art center, The Creative Fitness Center, in Nashville, TN with absolutely NO art experience. I was completely “led” to create an environment where anyone could explore their “Artist Within” in order to CREATE the change they want to see in their world. As one “non-artist” after another accepted their new role as ARTIST of life and shared with me their amazing stories, I began to write my first book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit, that was published almost 10 years later in 2008! The book shares my unlikely + inspiring story as well as provide YOU with a hands-on workbook so that you can become Creatively Fit and live the life you were meant to CREATE! After co-owning/opening two wine bars in Nashville, a national TV and multiple radio appearances, I now live on 670 acres in NE Oregon–a slice of heaven. I continue to present at international creativity conferences (South Africa this past fall) and am launching The Spirit Project 2012 ( and a new kind of retreat called The Journey ( We have Creatively Fit Coaches in Croatia, Nigeria, Canada, South Africa, and all over the United States. What a gift to be able to “work” to bring out the excitement and joy of living!

Favorite Quote:

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” ~Helen Keller

Hobbies, interests, gifts:

Yoga, hiking, painting, drumming.

Whitney’s Family:

My husband Peter and I have Jordan 12, Riley 10, and Mason 8.
Greatest challenge as a mom entrepreneur: The feeling that there is not enough of me to go around. I am passionate about my work, my kids, my family. They all have to find a way to co-exist each day. I tell my kids, “You have a momma-on-a-mission! And I hope someday you all have your own missions!”

Advice for other mom entrepreneurs: Your business has to be your passion. Then, instead of feeling guilt, you can rest knowing that you are modeling for your children what it means to align with God’s intention for your life.
Why I love being a part of the Christian Mompreneur Sisterhood: I could not do business separate from spirit. Every step of the way, God has led me, inspired me to bring his creative spirit to others.

Website: Whitney Freya
Facebook: The Artist Within U
Twitter: @creativelyfit

YouTube: Creatively Fit

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