Meet Sister of the Month Dawn Brown

If you’ve ever spent a long night at the computer pulling your hair out while trying to reconcile your bank account or track an invoice, then you know how I felt when I met Dawn Brown. I was the typical “do-it-all-myself” entrepreneur and that included doing things for which I have no natural talent – like bookkeeping and taxes.

One beautiful summer day, as my babysitter jumped on the trampoline with my kids, I sat at my computer in tears of frustration. And then it hit me – why was I paying a sitter to have fun so I could be miserable? Couldn’t I invest in some bookkeeping help so I could have a little fun? So I picked up the phone and called Dawn. While I admit I’m not a huge fan of the trampoline, I can tell you that I enjoy spending more time with my kids now that Dawn spends time with my numbers!

Meet Sister of the Month Dawn Brown
DawnBrownBusiness Name:
InSource Consulting, Inc.

Business Description: InSource Consulting, Inc. provides small to mid-size companies valuable analytical, bookkeeping and training assistance.

About Dawn:

I always wanted to be an accountant.  When I was in high school I worked for a family friend doing payroll and data entry for small businesses.  After graduating from college and starting a family, I entered the accounting world in the private sector.  I worked for large international companies and worked in all aspects of accounting and business analysis.  When the last company sold, I was picked up as a  Marketing Manager (fancy name for salesperson) for a construction materials company.  During my 5 year stint in that position I worked on a couple of training programs and met a lot of local small to mid-size companies.  This is when I recognized the need for what I do.  I can bring big company experience to work for small businesses.  A couple of my customers offered me a deal and I couldn’t refuse, I went out on my own.   I was a single mom with a son who was a junior in high school.  People thought I was crazy, it was the easiest professional decision I ever made.

Favorite Quote:

“What day is it?” ~ “It’s today” ~ squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day” ~ said Pooh.  A.A. Milne.  I love the simplicity of it.

Hobbies, interests, gifts:

Sports, I was a competitive swimmer through my youth and high school years.  I love to travel – learn about new places, research great travel deals and more importantly, actually go there! Photography is one of my artistic outlets, as well as,  Mermaid Cay, a new jewelry venture.

Dawn’s Family:

I was raised in Upstate NY and moved to Hampton Roads 23 years ago. My son, Mitch, is 23.  He and his wife, Whitney are the proud parents of my 4 month old grandson, Dominick.

Greatest challenge as a mom entrepreneur:

Making time for myself.  I have a home office and I find it difficult to relax at home. There always seems to be something to do.

Advice for other mom entrepreneurs:

Most importantly – love what you do! That is true success to me.  On a practical note, try to find balance between work and family. Life is so unpredictable.

Why I love being a part of the Christian Mompreneur Sisterhood:

I think the support network that Theresa has created  allows women to learn from others in the same position.  It is much easier knowing what you are going through has been experienced by someone else.  We all may do unique  things and  work differently, but we are all moms and women who probably feel pretty much the same way and face similar challenges.

Website: InSource Consulting

LinkedIn: Dawn Brown (Williams)

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