Meet Featured Sister Tina Marie Griffin

MG_3821-1357x1280Last year I found myself at a conference in Colorado where I didn’t know a soul. After only a few sessions, a group of amazing mom entrepreneurs started to form. Among them was a stunningly gorgeous woman who was on fire with a love for Jesus and on a mission to change the message our children receive from the media. This Hollywood actress turned ministry leader is exposing the truth and challenging our youth to go counter-culture! It’s my honor to share her story with you here — and give you a first peek at her newly released CD, Hollywood Exposed.

Meet Featured Sister Tina Marie Griffin

Business Name: Tina Marie Live!

Business Description: I created a show entitled Hollywood Exposed that I’ve been sharing globally for the past 11 years. It gives a behind the scenes look at today’s pop culture and why it’s critical that we make wise media choices. Basing our identity on Christ and not the entertainment industry along with how Satanism is promoted through celebrities and all forms of media, are just some of the hot topics I address in this live show.

Tina’s Story:

My mission is to reveal the deadly consequences of the glamorization of premarital sex, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, cutting and other self-destructive behaviors portrayed in today’s entertainment. This Hollywood Exposed show educates and encourages the next generation to live with integrity and be culture warriors for Christ.

Showing the masses how to base their identity in Christ and not pop culture is the main mission of this ministry. I saw a huge need among the next generation to be freed from all the negative behaviors our world is teaching them to engage in. People were dying physically, emotionally and spiritually and I knew God was calling me to speak on the very issues of what was causing this huge deception.

How did this all come into fruition? My life went from bailing hay and milking cows on a dairy farm in Wisconsin to working as an actress in Hollywood. At the age of 20, I drove 2,000 miles west and enrolled at California State University – Los Angeles to pursue a film and TV broadcasting degree and start my acting career. Through college connections, I was introduced to several key acting agents and booking agencies who then hired me to work on a variety of TV shows, movies, music videos and live fashion shows.

My goal was to learn as much as possible regarding how the entertainment industry worked. Therefore, I networked and through these relationships, I had the opportunity to work on numerous TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, Young and the Restless, 90210, Melrose Place, Roswell, Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, Lizzie McGuire, Drake and Josh, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Malcolm in the Middle.

In addition, I got a job as a casting director’s assistant at Universal Studios to learn the inside scoop of the movie making business along with joining the Screen Actors Guild, Film Society and Women in Film. What I learned behind the scenes, became the reason I started this ministry. I’ve been speaking to teens and parents for the past 11 years at schools, parent events, conferences, camps, music festivals and prisons. Colton Dixon, Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Jeff Deyo, Rotterdam November, The Museum, Chris August & Skillet are some of the bands I had the opportunity to open for.

The main event that created the opportunity of a lifetime, was entering the Miss America pageant for Miss Los Angeles County. Through this experience, I met a guy who connected me with a media speaker who then accepted my application to join his speaking team. I learned a ton on how to market my message, create the show, get bookings, speaking techniques and follow up with clients after the events and several years later, I branched out on my own.

Today, whether through this weekly blog, podcasting, radio show or live presentations, my goal is to help open the gates of communication between parents and kids regarding the latest technology and how to safely use it.  Join me in this quest of rewriting Hollywood’s script for our kids and creating world-changers whose mission will be to reach the lost with the love of Christ.

Favorite Quote:

The Truth will Set You Free

So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” James 8:31-32

Hobbies, interests, gifts:

Since I was a kid, I’ve been a big dreamer. Always looking for adventure and how I can live life to the fullest. I placed my faith in Christ at the age of 16 and have been on fire to share God’s truth ever since. I love to travel. God has opened the doors to speak in many countries in South America, Africa along with extensive traveling throughout Europe, Japan and Canada. I love cooking, homeschooling my children, writing, and speaking to teens and parents about today’s media influence on the next generation. I also love reading and meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and eating new and different foods.

Tina’s Family: I met my husband Luke when I was speaking and acting in Hollywood. My speakers bureau connected me with his younger brother who was the designer on my teen T-shirt line. Through him, I met his older brother Luke. He lived in South Carolina and was mentoring a group of men at a drug and alcohol rehab center. We talked over the phone for 6 months, I moved to Nashville to dig in deeper in my speaking career and network and then met Luke in person. We got engaged the fourth time we met in person and within the first 4 years of marriage, popped out 4 beautiful kids. Jacob is 6, Levi 4, Eden 3 and Stella is 2.

Greatest challenge as a mom entrepreneur:

The greatest challenge as a mom entrepreneur is TIME! With homeschooling, I have to be very organized and very intentional. People ask me all the time, how I can do it all and do it well. It IS possible! I do homeschooling in the morning and then when the younger two girls are napping in the afternoon, the boys have free time to do art, explore outside, puzzles, you name it. I have a long list of priorities on a huge white board in my office and when I have those two hours in the afternoon to pursue ministry, I GO TO WORK! I’m very focused on those two hours to get as much done as possible.

tinamariegriffinAdvice for other mom entrepreneurs: The best advice I have for other mom entrepreneurs is to create a list of priorities that you have and then find people to join your team that are great in the areas of expertise that you’re needing. Delegate the work load and block off time where you focus just on your job. My goal two years ago was to be intentional no matter what I’m doing at the moment. Intentional with my kids and then when it’s work time, intentional with that. Eliminate ANYTHING in your life that has nothing to do with your main mission for your family and ministry. Don’t procrastinate.

I tend to be a perfectionist, but it got so bad that for 11 years I procrastinated on getting my CD recorded because I didn’t want to do it wrong. After hearing Ken Davis tell me that I was “sitting on my assets” I realized that all of these excuses had caused thousands of people to not be exposed to this critical life-saving information. In a month I had the entire CD produced, which is getting great response at the festivals and events I’ve been speaking at and it’s currently being uploaded to Amazon, iTunes and over 20 other locations online, world-wide.

Never again, will I allow fear of the unknown or perfectionism stop me from producing what needs to be done. Time is short, work hard and you will reap many benefits and have a ton of fun in the process. Ken Davis told us conference attendees that we will always we updating and improving our products over the years, but that is much better than never getting the first project done. That statement opened my eyes tremendously.

Why I love being a part of the Sisterhood of Christian Mompreneurs: Being a part of the Christian Mompreneur Sisterhood helps me realize that we moms are all in this together. We all have the same lack of time, family duties and constant ideas that we want to see come into fruition. Together we can help each other accomplish all that God has destined for us to do and more. Skills that I have can be used to help other women and help that I need, other moms can guide me. We are all in this together. Each one of us has skills and dreams, that through collaboration with each other, we will see fulfilled. Plus, it’s much more exciting to encourage each other through our journey and celebrate as a team than to struggle alone.

Website: Tina Marie Griffin

Facebook: Tina Marie Griffin

LinkedIn: Tina Marie Griffin

Twitter: Tina Marie Griffin

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