Meet Featured Sister Amy Walton


Sometimes you meet people and you just feel a connection to them. A sense of familiarity or comfort. That’s how I felt when I first met Amy Walton through our work on the board for Girls on the Run. She’s a dynamo when it comes to development and has a heart for serving the girls and our community. 

It was a few months after meeting Amy that I had the opportunity to really get to know her over a cup of tea and learn about her work coaching women. Amy is a true blessing to the ladies she works with, helping them make time for themselves, trust in God and improve their relationships.  

I would describe Amy as compassionate, resilient, personable and incredibly smart! Her life story is one that will inspire and amaze you – no matter where you are on your journey. I’m honored to share it with you here. 

Meet Featured Sister Amy Walton

Business Name: Amy Walton. Life Balance. Joy Restoration. A Better You.

Amy’s Story:

I have always felt a calling from God to do more for Him and to encourage others in their journeys. I can look back over my life now and see how my education, my somewhat winding career path, and my experiences have brought me to this current place in my life.

I come from a small southern town where my parents and the community instilled pretty high morals and values in me (not to say I didn’t stray countless times!). My father was a prisoner of war for four years and in his post-Army years, he directed a ministry that worked with underserved people, giving them food, furniture, clothing and money. He also gave them a healthy dose of Christian encouragement! This was modeled for me daily.

As an adult, I have navigated an eating disorder (in college and my early adult years), experienced some of the typical marital communication issues that arise, cheered for my athletic husband after he lost his leg in a near-fatal car accident, and found myself a young widow with two small sons after my husband was killed in a boating accident. Raising my two sons is-without question-the most important role I ever had in life, but I think I did it pretty well as a committed mother (LOVED my experiences with my guys!), a community leader and career woman, and one who practiced self-care on a daily basis. I lived that part of my life to the fullest, and I raised two fine young men (and quite a few furry critters!).

Mothers who work outside the home and stay-at-home moms are caretakers who so often don’t make time for themselves. They struggle with feeling they are enough. They become frazzled by juggling so many responsibilities. I have been both, but I am here to tell you that balance and joy can be achieved even while working and raising a family (and being a fully-engaged mom!). As a certified life coach with additional certifications in stress relief, Joy Restoration, retreat facilitation, and soon-to-be relationship communication, I want to provide my clients the tools, guidance and encouragement to create lives they love and to thrive in their faith, family life and business.

After years of having careers in teaching, writing, TV reporting, and nonprofit arts development, I realized I was being called to work with women to journey with them in creating lives they love and in which they thrive, with God first and family second.

Favorite Scripture:
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Matthew 6:33

Hobbies, interests, gifts:

Power walking, weight lifting, hiking, travel, reading, writing, speaking, playing with my grandchildren, listening to women’s stories and helping them live their best lives, connecting people, fundraising for worthy causes.

I believe in “owning” one’s gifts, but I defer to my friends and clients, who tell me my gifts are encouragement, writing, and public speaking. Oh… and that I have a big heart.

Amy’s Family:

I am the proud mother of two handsome sons, Jamie, a major in the US Army, and Rhett, an Apple Genius and musician/producer. Jamie is married to the beautiful and talented Melissa, and they have three daughters: Shelby,9; Piper, 5; and June, 1. 

Greatest challenge as a mom entrepreneur:

Well, considering I haven’t had children at home in years, I suppose that makes me a grandma entrepreneur (“GiGiprenuer!”)! Raising two sons as an only parent with family five hours away had its challenges while working full time. Making time for God and myself were among the biggest challenges, but I did it and am all the better for having made that time everyday. I never allowed my work-even in its most hectic times- to come before my quiet time with God, my time with my sons and their various activities, and my workouts. I would probably have been a mess had I not made those things priorities. I prayed my sons through life (still do) and tried to give the big and the not-so-big stuff over to God.

Advice for other mom entrepreneurs:

God first: Praise Him, thank Him, and ask for His blessings on your family and your work.

Practice self-care everyday. Take your children with you to a local high school track. Let them run around the field and play with their toys while you tune out and walk laps. You’ll all feel better!

Work consistently and maintain a schedule. 

Accept where you are in your life, and embrace motherhood. Enjoy your children! They grow up much too quickly

Why I love being a part of the Sisterhood of Christian Mompreneurs:

I am excited about the opportunity to grow and share and THRIVE with other Christian mothers who are seeking to make the world a better place through their work and ministry. I can’t wait to make stronger connections and to learn from each other. We are many parts, but we are all one Body! 

Website: Amy Walton Coaching

Facebook: Amy Walton Coaching

LinkedIn: Amy Walton

Twitter: @realamywalton


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