Let’s Do a Happy Dance for Christian Mompreneurs! [Small Success]

Maggie Kerrigan JournalHave I told you lately that you are doing an amazing job? I mean it. If I were there with you in person, I’d give you a fist bump or a big, warm hug to let you know how much you totally rock! Why? Because no matter what you’ve been through this week, I am certain you have experienced a few victorious moments. Large or small, these blessings are God’s gift and I want you to celebrate them! I want you to take a minute and fully appreciate how truly blessed you are. Rather than focus on your long list of “To-Do’s” or your goals that haven’t been met, I want you to see that you are ALREADY a success!

One of the reasons I created the International Christian Mompreneur Network was my personal desire to share my daily challenges – and successes! – with a group of likeminded women. I craved the encouragement, support and connection that comes from working with others. When you’re a solo business owner with a home-based business, it’s too easy to become isolated. And when that happens, we lose out on one of my favorite parts of owning a business – celebrating the small everyday victories!

So, in conjunction with my friends at CatholicMom.com, I’m going to celebrate some small business success stories with you this week. And I’d love for you to share your #SmallSuccess with us, too!

Three Small Successes for Christian Mompreneurs This Week:

1. I did my happy dance yesterday for Christian Mompreneur Maggie Kerrigan of Va Beach Art Gym. Her book The (almost) Blank Journal will soon be available on Amazon! I had the opportunity to proof it this week and was so impressed! Maggie took her own personal journal – one she’s used for years – and turned it into a tool to inspire creativity and clarity for others. The pages are filled with prompts and generous space for writing or drawing. And Maggie published it all on her own. She attended the She Builds a Business event in April and made a commitment to publish the book. Six months later and she’s done it! How’s that for a #SmallSuccess?

2. One of my private coaching clients took a leap of faith and quit her day job recently! Well, she didn’t quit entirely but she reduced her workload significantly. She’s a chiropractor and she now only sees patients three days a week in an effort to grow a new part of her business. From a financial perspective, this has to be a tough choice. But she is ON FIRE to fulfill her purpose and bring women her message of faith and wellness! So here’s a big fat virtual high-five to her and anyone else who decided to LET GO of something comfortable in order to follow God’s call. YOU are a blessing and an inspiration!

3. My personal #SmallSuccess is not nearly as grand, but it’s equally as important. I am celebrating the fact that I’ve kept it together in the office and at home without getting stressed out lately. I’ve been surprisingly calm during a particularly busy couple of weeks including my daughter’s surgery (and her rather uncomfortable relationship with anesthesia) and my son’s birthday party (imagine me camping in the rain with a tent full of 9-year-old boys). Now I’m not talking Mother-of-the-Year calm, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping my priorities in line…of making time for God…of being fully present for my family…of not getting distracted by the inbox…of saying no to anything “extra”…of sticking to my exercise routine and making healthy meals…of getting enough sleep. So I happily accept my “Job Well Done” award for that #SmallSuccess. I’ve earned it through the grace of God and I want to remember what that feels like because I know I’m going to need it again.

Now it’s your turn. Share your #SmallSuccess with us here. Leave a comment and let us know what blessings you’ve experienced this week! Then Tweet about it using the hashtag #SmallSuccess. 




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