Why It’s Important to be Passionate About Your Business

Over the years I’ve had women ask me why I do what I do.  What makes me get up every morning to fix a cup of tea and head into my office, start my computer, and get to work for yet another client?  Why would I want to work from home?  Why would I maneuver my life events, my kids’ activities, and my own leisure around fulfilling the needs of other business women?

It’s true that being my own boss takes sacrifice and commitment.  But the other side of the picture shows that it’s because I enjoy what I do that it’s all worth it.  I love helping moms in business to realize their business dreams with a newly designed blog, or inspire them to keep blogging, keep motivated, keep putting out products and keep doing what they do.

If there’s anything I’ve learned for certain over the past ten years, it’s that if you want to have a successful business, you must first and foremost find that love spark that got you started in business to begin with, and rekindle your passion!

PASSION fuels you.

Without business passion, it’s quite difficult to keep your business going.  You’ll find yourself dragging your feet on assignments, and not pushing yourself to get things done.  As your fire dwindles so does your business.

PASSION is like a flame- ignited! When you love what you do, you have the fuel to keep going when the going gets tough.  You have a reason to keep your business going, and you have the joy necessary because you are fueled by your passion.

There were times that my business passion dwindled significantly. I have been through several phases in business that coincide with my life.  Sometimes an especially tough life season might mean a slowing down of my business. But when the passion comes back, I notice a true parallel between my emotional well-being and my business success.

PASSION attracts your tribe.

When your followers (your tribe) know that you love what you do, it’s attractive! Those who weren’t following you before will notice and if they need what you offer, you’re more likely to attract them with your business passion.  

Loving what you do shows not only in what you do (your services and products) but also in how you do it (with joy, with purpose, with excitement.)

I want to encourage you to keep the business flame alive!  Remember why you decided to start your business to begin with, and whenever you’re feeling discouraged, allow your business passion to be rekindled. A small flame goes a long way!

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Demetria Zinga is a blog and brand strategy coach serving mompreneurs, and tech enthusiasts. She lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, two daughters and a dog named Shaggy. Demetria is the author of Mompreneurs in Heels: A Guide to Passionate, Purposeful Blogging. She also runs two podcasts and blogs, writes music, and spends lots of time at coffee shops.