Don’t Forget: You’re Making a Difference

By Dr. Betsy Lavin

Don't Forget_ You're Making a DifferenceHas this happened to you lately? 

You’re sitting around the table with friends or family when someone asks, “Say, what is the name of the family that lives just north of the lake? You know who I’m talking about right?”

No one can come up with the actual last name, but you alll immediately start to share the mystery families biography like where they work or what car they drive, where their kids went to school. Just no name. 

This conversation actually happened around our Easter dinner table. It took a group of 4 adults 10 minutes to come up with the name of our life long neighbor that lives just two miles from our house. 

Needless to say our memories are not what they used to be and we have now resorted to collectively coming up with the answer that used to be fluent in one single mind. Finally someone claims the ‘Eureka!’ moment and the answer breaks through the fog. You all feel so relieved that someone finally got it. Thank goodness, your memories aren’t completely gone after all. (By the way, the answer was Gunderson).

We can laugh about it most of the time but what about the stuff you really do need to remember? 

What You Never Want to Forget.

There are times in our lives where we wonder if we are making any difference; we question, is our message getting out to anyone? We put in long hours on a project or a program only to get a so-so response. We begin to doubt if we are really following God’s plan after all. 

It’s in those times of uncertainty that I turn to my “ONLY GOD” journal. 

It’s a simple wire bound book where I write down every time God does something amazing for me. Not just everyday stuff; that’s for the gratitude journal. No, these are “Eureka!” moments that tell me with utmost certainty that God is at work with my message, and that it is making a difference. Events that only God could orchestrate.

Only God. 

My most recent ONLY GOD moment came in an email I received from a missionary in Spain who expressed interest in my taking my certification class. I read it with amazement. How in the world does a missionary in Spain learn about a life coaching program in Minnesota?! Well…

Only God. 

Another comes from a man, who suffered his whole adult life with guilt over something that happened in his high school days and has just found the courage to make his pain serve a purpose. His message is changing the lives of many people. He credits his tremendous courage in part to one of my blog posts, “When Pain Serves a Purpose” that his mom had just happened to send him one day. I can humbly say….

Only God. 

I open this journal any time I start to question that I am making an impact, or that my message isn’t really making a difference.

We have  to trust that God is at work BEHIND the scenes in ways that we can’t see or fathom. And then cherish those times where you get a note from someone who was touched deeply by something you said, or you run into someone who testifies that what you did for them changed their life. 

They are miracle moments. 

They are God’s way of letting you know…you are making a difference. Your message is going to be heard by the exact people who need to hear it because only God can make that happen. 

Start your ONLY GOD journal. 

I encourage you to start your own ONLY GOD journal so you can look back on just how many times God has done and revealed these miracle moments to you. These are things we never want to forget…so we have to write them down or we will forget. 

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As a Christian Life Coach Betsy Lavin helps women connect their faith with their health to create a lifestyle of living well physically and spiritually. A Doctor of Chiropractic with 22 years of experience in health and wellness, she understands how difficult it can be for a woman to keep her health a priority. Betsy’s personalized wellness programs and retreats are designed to be a place and time where women can step away from their busy lives to renew body and spirit.

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One thought on “Don’t Forget: You’re Making a Difference

  1. I am so very thankful for the journals I have written over the years. I notice that my memory is not nearly as good as I think and this is true for everyone. What a blessing to be able to read and remember the things God has done. I join you in encouraging others to start the joy of journalling.

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