Clean Up Your Media Diet [Christmas in July]

FeelnHave you ever had trouble falling asleep at night after watching a movie or TV show because the scenes kept replaying in your mind? I remember that happened to me one night after watching Dexter and I felt sick to my stomach. I wished I had never watched the show because I couldn’t erase what I’d seen.

I’m not a huge TV watcher but I can get easily drawn into shows that offer nothing of real value. I call it “junk food for the mind.” And when I fill my mind up with junk – like many reality shows, crime dramas and chic flicks – I begin to feel sluggish, in a spiritual sense. I know that sounds a little dramatic but it’s the truth.

A few years ago I embarked on a mission to nourish my mind, body and spirit. I was on the clean living bandwagon and began exploring options for clean eating and natural products for my home, skin and family. I started with baby steps and I was excited to create some new healthy habits that have lasted – like making my own laundry detergent and ditching a lot of processed foods. And I made some changes to my media diet as well – consciously trying to choose uplifting and wholesome television shows and movies.

It was so refreshing to discover a whole new media world and some new favorite shows – like Downton Abbey! And I taught my kids how to use sites like CommonSenseMedia and PluggedIn to find out if a movie, television show, book or song is appropriate. To be perfectly honest, we still watch some shows that are probably not the best in terms of spiritual food – but we are much more aware of what we’re watching and we’re making an effort to choose wisely.

One of the better choices we make is watching family movies – you know, the ones that give you warm fuzzies even though they might require a whole box of Kleenex. Sometimes it’s hard to find these movies. That’s why I’m excited about Feeln, the movie subscription service of the Hallmark Channel. The folks at Feeln bring you heartfelt stories of love and togetherness – on demand.

Check out their Christmas in July special to browse the movies and take advantage of an offer for a free Roku Streaming Stick with the purchase of a 2-year subscription. It’s the perfect way to take all the family-friendly media with you wherever you go. And it’s the perfect baby step to clean up your family’s media diet.

Tell me – what are your favorite shows or movies that you consider “clean media?” Post your top three in the comments. I’d love to know what you’re watching!

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