Watch a Questionable Movie With Your Teen

Watch a Questionable Movie With Your TeenHow can you teach discernment to your teens, help them develop critical thinking skills, and do it in a format that, well, makes them want to participate? 

Host a Questionable Movie Night! 

Typically this has been referred to as Family Movie Night or something similar, but anyone who has at least one teen at home will attest to the fact that, more often than not, there comes a time in a teen’s life when anything that has the word “family” in it becomes anathema. With its double entendre usage, the word “Questionable” creates a certain edginess that will draw in even the most aloof teen! 

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[Prayer Cafe] Letting Go of Expectations

Prayer Cafe Call Luke 1 38This week’s Prayer Cafe featured a devotional with Alecia Baptiste based on Luke 1:38. Alecia encourages us to let go of our expectations of what we think our lives should look like. Alecia says, God has chosen you for a very special assignment. Your husband, children and neighbors have been assigned to you by God. Your clients, co-workers and financial status have been chosen for you. Even your challenges and your health are part of God’s special assignment just for you.  The question is “Will you have the heart of Mary and accept your assignment?

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[Author Interview] Meet Christian Mompreneur Christine Martinello

Discover a New Holiday Tradition: The Christmas Love Box

Christine MartinelloIf you are looking to consume less and connect more this Christmas, you’ll treasure The Christmas Love Box, created by Christian Mompreneur Christine Martinello with her husband, Bob. I met Christine virtually this year and have been so inspired by what she is doing to encourage families to start a meaningful holiday tradition — and give a gift that truly reflects the love in their hearts. Christine graciously shares her story with us here today – and I invite you to  learn more about her journey and the precious opportunity to put pen to paper and bless someone this season through The Christmas Love Box. 

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How to Have a Cash Only Christmas!

cash only christmas kim andersonThis week in the Christian Mompreneurs Facebook Group (which you can join here!), we had a lively discussion with Kim Anderson of We talked about how to have a Cash Only Christmas. It was so fun to gather with other moms in a virtual discussion and share tips for staying out of debt and keeping the focus on Jesus this holiday season. If you missed the chat, here are some of the highlights:

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Selfie Culture: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

selfieMy friends and I were “hashtags” for Halloween this year. Every year, we run a local 10k race in costume. We’ve been Incredibles, Monopoly game pieces, blind referees, Scrabble letters, and we even ran with a stretcher one year as an EMT squad. So this year, we decided to brush up on our social media skills and dress as hashtags. I chose to be the #selfie. (That’s me in the photo, wearing a #selfie t-shirt and taking a #selfie at the start of the race – I played the part well!)

I’ll be the first to admit I am prejudiced against selfie takers. And when I was asked to write about “the consequences of selfies,” I thought it would be the perfect outlet to warn people about the dangers of creating a digital footprint of self-centeredness. But as I explored the selfie culture, and experienced it for myself, I developed a more well rounded perspective. And now that I’ve lived a day in the life of the #selfie, I’d like to share my thoughts on the selfie culture – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Make Your Bed (And Other Productivity Tips from Mom)

A young woman making the bed and organizing the roomMoms love to make rules. We love to spout advice and impart little words of wisdom on our precious ones. But is anyone even listening? I know I didn’t feel like listening when I was a child. All of my mom’s rules and advice seemed so restrictive and controlling. But now…now that I’m a mom and can see how foolish I was…I know that mom’s advice was spot-on. Even if she didn’t realize it at the time, my mom’s rules helped me develop a good work ethic and create a lifetime of productive habits.

Five Habits Your Mother Was Right About:

Make Your Bed. I used to think making my bed was a waste of time. I figured I would mess it up again each night, and nobody would even see it during the day to know if it was made or not. But I discovered that the act of making the bed actually helps me set the tone for the rest of my day.

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Meet Featured Sister Tina Marie Griffin

MG_3821-1357x1280Last year I found myself at a conference in Colorado where I didn’t know a soul. After only a few sessions, a group of amazing mom entrepreneurs started to form. Among them was a stunningly gorgeous woman who was on fire with a love for Jesus and on a mission to change the message our children receive from the media. This Hollywood actress turned ministry leader is exposing the truth and challenging our youth to go counter-culture! It’s my honor to share her story with you here — and give you a first peek at her newly released CD, Hollywood Exposed.

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Why Good Moms Make Great Leaders

Think you have what it takes to be a great leader? If you’re a mom, I’d say you probably do. Somewhere between diapers and diplomas, most moms develop leadership skills that rival any CEO. They earn their honorary degrees on the campus of motherhood. And they’re as competent as their colleagues in the corporate cubicle. Excuse me a moment while I make some assumptions and generalizations. I realize that there are some moms out there who haven’t quite learned these lessons…but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about YOU! And I want you to know that you’ve got everything it takes to be a great leader.

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Simple Time Saving Tips for Mompreneurs

Simple time saving tips for the mompreneur

The other day I admitted to a group of friends that I had forgotten to pick up my son from swim practice. The women immediately chimed in and tried to “one up” each other with stories of motherhood failures. Each one had a story. Like forgetting to feed her family dinner before bed. Or sending her kids to school in the clothes they slept in. Or the time I entirely missed my daughter’s poetry reading at school. There’s something about sharing our failures that makes us real. It gives us assurance that we’re not alone. And it gives us a reason to share encouragement and advice as well.

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