Verse of the Year 2017: 2 Corinthians 5:7

At the International Christian Mompreneur Network, we’re not making New Year’s Resolutions. We’re choosing a scripture verse to guide us through the year instead. We’re selecting a verse that speaks to our hearts and offers support, hope or motivation for us to live out the following year with purpose and direction. The following is part of a series of posts featuring members of the International Christian Mompreneur Network sharing their scripture verse of the year. We pray these posts will inspire and encourage you to select a scripture verse to guide you through the year as well.

I oftentimes find myself reaching out, grasping for concrete answers to various problems throughout any given day. As a homeschool mom and blogger I run into conflicts daily, fires that must be put out instantaneously. Because I’m a bit of a planning addict, I find that one of my biggest challenges has been to learn to walk by faith, trusting God to take care of all of my needs and help me put out fires. In fact, if I pray before I start a project I may very well have less fires to put out.

As we begin 2017, I am looking forward to all the many blessings God has in store for His people  – myself included. I can’t see what’s ahead of me, but God can. As long as I allow Him to lead me, I know that I will be fine. I am learning to flex my faith muscles!

When there are a billion fires to put out each day, if I’m walking by faith, I will rest more in the Lord’s promises to guide me through tough decisions. I will trust Him to give me practical answers to practical everyday problems. Whether relationships or business, God is on our side, giving us wisdom for handling issues that need to be dealt with.

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2017 Scripture Verse of the Year

The First Step in Choosing a Word of the Year

Verse of the YearHave you noticed everyone choosing a Word of the Year for 2017? It’s a thing now. You select a word to embrace during the coming year as a way to focus on what’s important to you. It’s much easier than New Year’s Resolutions and it’s a lot of fun! In fact, I’ve been quite creative with my Words in the past, making vision boards, collages, jewelry, tree ornaments and other lovely reminders to keep my Word alive.

But what if you can’t find a word that seems to fit? Or if your word is too superficial? Too practical? Not inspirational enough for you? That may because you are choosing a word without starting in The Word. Before you choose your Word of the Year, begin in prayer and study The Word of God. Find out what His plans are for you this year. Ask him to show you the message he has in store for you. Then choose a Verse of the Year to guide you and center you throughout the year. Here’s mine: 

My Verse of the Year 2017: Romans 12:2

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.” – Romans 12:2

In Romans 12, Paul outlines the way to live as a Christian. This verse is so full of messages that seem to reach out to me and urge me to go deeper in my faith. It is a call for me to reject the pattern of this world – which is both daunting and refreshing at the same time. This world insists that I:

Have More…

Do More …

Be More.

Paul is telling me that I can:

Have Less…

Do Less…

Be Less like others and More like God created me to be.

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[Prayer Cafe]: December 14, 2016 – Isaiah 26:3-4 & Philippians 4:6-7



There is something so peaceful about sitting in a quiet, dark living room with a Christmas tree lit up in front of you. 

Don’t you wish you could bottle up that feeling and pour it out when the stress of the season or life is getting to you?

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste reminds us that “Peace is viewing your circumstances in light of who God is, rather than viewing God in light of our circumstances.”

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[Guest Post Opportunity] Share Your 2017 Verse of the Year!

Scripture verse of the year What are you looking to change in your life next year? That’s the question we need to answer when choosing our goals or New Year’s Resolutions. And whenever I need to change anything, I look to God’s Word to help me. That’s why I’ve created the habit of choosing a favorite scripture verse to embrace and guide me through the year.

And since it’s that time of year for starting over…for making resolutions…for mapping out our plans for the next 12 months…I invite you to select a scripture verse to guide you through the coming year. In fact, I encourage you to choose a Verse of the Year as the foundation for the change you want to see in your life.

For the past several years, I have chosen a Word of the Year (you can read more about that here). And the last few years I’ve decided to select my Word of the Year through prayerful consideration of God’s Word. I figure, if you’re going to choose A word, shouldn’t you start with THE Word?

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[Prayer Cafe]: November 30, 2016 II Timothy 1: 6-7



My 7 year old recently told me he wanted to right a letter to Santa telling him that “Christmas is about Jesus. But the presents are nice too!” 🙂  

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste reminds us about the holy gifts our Father has given us. She tells us that these gifts are not earned, but rather received. Just as we love to watch our kids on Christmas morning, our God happily bestows gifts on us for us to enjoy. 

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Are Mompreneurs Trading One Identity Crisis for Another?

are-mompreneurs-trading-one-identity-crisis-for-anotherA friend of mine explained to me why she felt called to open her catering business. She is the mother of a special needs child and said she didn’t want to be defined in that way. She didn’t want her identity to be wrapped up in her role as a mother to her special needs child. I totally understood her – and I told her that lots of moms open businesses or get jobs to avoid that same identity crisis. They don’t want to be labeled as “just” a mom. Or they feel like they “need something more” in their lives.

I get it. I’m not judging anyone, here. I’m admitting that this need to have an identity outside motherhood is a huge motivator for me – and for a lot of moms I work with in the International Christian Mompreneur Network. I KNOW that being a mother is my most important job. And it’s my calling during this season of life. So, I don’t take that responsibility lightly. And maybe motherhood should be “enough” for me… I envy women who are confident enough to dedicate 100% to motherhood. But for some reason…maybe it’s ego…maybe it’s money…maybe it’s fear of failure…or entrepreneurial genes…or lack of patience…but I have always felt the need for an identity that isn’t tied to the little people I love.

The Mompreneur Identity Crisis

But what happens when we start a business to fill that need? Sometimes we simply replace our identity crisis. We are no longer known as “Luke’s mom” but we become “the photography lady.” And that’s fine… except when it consumes us.

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[Prayer Cafe]: November 2, 2016

Prayers for our Nation


eat-pbj-for-easter-dinner-if-it-helps-you-focus-on-the-right-target-3“Ladies, today in our cafe we prayed. We prayed for our nation, for neighbors, co-workers, friends, the church, and even our enemies. I know many are celebrating because of the election, but others are sad and afraid. So we pray. Our God is on the throne. He has always been actively involved in placing leaders in authority. We can trust that he is bringing about his BEST plans for America and the world. 

Still… some of our neighbors are afraid. My prayer today focused on the body of Christ coming together in Unity to Love this hurting world. Our light shines beautifully and brightly when we embrace diversity while being unified in purpose. I pray that each of us reaches out to someone who is very different from us in order to uplift them and to seek to understand them. They need your love. You need their perspective. We are stronger and better together!

Lastly, we prayed for all of government leaders. They cannot serve the people of our nation, without divine help.

May the peace of God rule Supreme in your hearts today!”- Alecia Baptiste

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15 Blessings from Business Boutique

Christian Mompreneur Lessons from Christy Wright, Dave Ramsey and Team

Business Boutique Christy WrightAfter two days of learning and connecting at Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in Nashville, my mind is overflowing with ideas and my heart is filled with encouragement. I can honestly say this was the best event I’ve ever attended for Christian mompreneurs who are ready to take action on their dreams of owning a business! With Dave Ramsey’s team behind the scenes, and an incredible lineup of speakers and performers on stage, the conference was everything I had expected and more.

I couldn’t possibly share everything we learned and all that we experienced here on the blog, but I want you to benefit from some of the generous encouragement and most practical tips we received. Whether you are a dreamer, a starter or a builder, you can take your business one step further with these blessings from Business Boutique.

15 Blessings from Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in Nashville

  1. There’s room for you, too. Christy wants you to know that even if someone else is doing what you want to do, don’t let that prevent you from moving forward. Stop letting fear hold you back from doing what God has placed in your heart.

“You can have the most extraordinary experience of your life when you step into your fear.” – Christy Wright


  1. Your mind is fertile ground, so you need to be very careful about what you put into your brain. Dave Ramsey talked about the power of intentionality and encouraged us to feed our minds with positive thoughts and ideas, and to write down our dreams.

“Be careful what you write down – it will turn your life in a trajectory right toward your dreams.” Dave Ramsey


  1. Getting out of debt and staying that way takes sacrifice. But the reward is a legacy you can’t afford to miss out on giving your family. Step 1: Create a budget.

“The road to comparison will always dead end with debt.” – Rachel Cruze


  1. It’s time to get real about your money. No matter how great a product is, the mismanagement of money is the thing that brings most businesses down. So treat your business like a business and pay attention to the finances.

“A hobby costs you money. A business makes you money.” – Christy Wright

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[Prayer Cafe]: November 2, 2016 – John 15:1-17

God as our Gardener

eat-pbj-for-easter-dinner-if-it-helps-you-focus-on-the-right-targetWhen life isn’t going as you planned, do you ever think “God, where are you? Why aren’t you helping me?”

It’s easy to think God has forgotten us when we are suffering or struggling. But the truth is, God never forgets you and always has His hand on you.

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste explains that God is our master Gardener. He prunes us as needed to help us produce fruit that will bless the world around us. 

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[Prayer Cafe]: October 25, 2016 – John 15:1-17

Bearing Fruit


eat-pbj-for-easter-dinner-if-it-helps-you-focus-on-the-right-target-2When things are going great in life, it’s easy to think “God has surely blessed me.” And it’s true, He has! But are YOU blessing others?

We are told to “bear fruit” in this world, and while that might seem abstract, it’s easier than you may think!

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste explains what it means to “bear fruit” and why it’s vital to fulfilling our purpose.

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