Why Choose Gratitude in Business (Despite Your Circumstances)

Gratitude in businessHow are you feeling about your life work and business this season? Are you feeling discouraged or thankful? How does gratitude relate to your business?

Know it’s guaranteed that at some point in your business you’ll have both ups and downs.

Like anyone else, I’ve had my slow months when business just wasn’t pouring in as quickly as I would have liked. Some months are just better than others. Sometimes sales pick up, and other times I hear crickets. There are times when I have to work out a misunderstanding with a client, and I don’t always land the contract that I’d been hoping for.

Business life is certainly not always a bed of roses.

But the key is: my response. How should I respond, as a woman of faith in business, when things don’t quite work out the way I wish them to?

The best response, I’ve learned, is to wear an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude takes you a long way in life.

I have found that when I make a decision to change my response from being disgruntled to one of gratefulness, I have a better outlook on my situation. I’m in a better mood, I feel more thankful, and I want to help others.

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How to Start an Instagram Gratitude Journal

A New Spin on the Gratitude Journal for Your Business and Homeschool

Instagram Gratitude JournalEvery November you see people writing and talking about gratitude. It’s as if the 11th month of the year somehow got assigned the task of reminding us to be thankful.

Just because it’s the month in which Thanksgiving falls (at least in the U.S.).

But here’s a way to take a new approach to the concept of gratitude and incorporate it year round. The beauty of this technique is that moms (and dads, of course) can apply it to a home business and it’s a more tech-savvy way to get the kids to buy into the action, too! It simply requires adding a small bit of text to a picture.

Starting an Instagram Gratitude Journal

I stumbled upon this concept quite by accident, but I’m running with it, folks! And you can, too.

Instagram is all the rage these days. Actually, I should say, visual content is all the rage. From a small business perspective, any social media promotion that includes an image, graphic or video has a much greater chance of being shared by others and “liked” by Facebook. Pinterest, of course is all about images, and Instagram is the same. Instagram (IG) has the added benefit of being a bit more “real life” and in the moment, which makes it a super tool for this idea.

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15 Blessings from Business Boutique

Christian Mompreneur Lessons from Christy Wright, Dave Ramsey and Team

Business Boutique Christy WrightAfter two days of learning and connecting at Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in Nashville, my mind is overflowing with ideas and my heart is filled with encouragement. I can honestly say this was the best event I’ve ever attended for Christian mompreneurs who are ready to take action on their dreams of owning a business! With Dave Ramsey’s team behind the scenes, and an incredible lineup of speakers and performers on stage, the conference was everything I had expected and more.

I couldn’t possibly share everything we learned and all that we experienced here on the blog, but I want you to benefit from some of the generous encouragement and most practical tips we received. Whether you are a dreamer, a starter or a builder, you can take your business one step further with these blessings from Business Boutique.

15 Blessings from Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in Nashville

  1. There’s room for you, too. Christy wants you to know that even if someone else is doing what you want to do, don’t let that prevent you from moving forward. Stop letting fear hold you back from doing what God has placed in your heart.

“You can have the most extraordinary experience of your life when you step into your fear.” – Christy Wright


  1. Your mind is fertile ground, so you need to be very careful about what you put into your brain. Dave Ramsey talked about the power of intentionality and encouraged us to feed our minds with positive thoughts and ideas, and to write down our dreams.

“Be careful what you write down – it will turn your life in a trajectory right toward your dreams.” Dave Ramsey


  1. Getting out of debt and staying that way takes sacrifice. But the reward is a legacy you can’t afford to miss out on giving your family. Step 1: Create a budget.

“The road to comparison will always dead end with debt.” – Rachel Cruze


  1. It’s time to get real about your money. No matter how great a product is, the mismanagement of money is the thing that brings most businesses down. So treat your business like a business and pay attention to the finances.

“A hobby costs you money. A business makes you money.” – Christy Wright

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Mompreneur’s Guide to Evernote

12 Ways to Use Evernote To Organize Your Life

Mompreneur Guide to EvernoteCall me old fashioned, but I’m a pen and paper girl at heart. I love writing in my journal and sending hand-written notes to friends. I rarely go to a meeting without my college ruled notepad or traditional composition book that I buy at Target for $1 after the back-to-school sales. There’s something that happens in my brain when I’m forming words on paper – and it just doesn’t happen when I type. That’s why I resisted going digital with my notes and lists for quite some time.

But Evernote won me over. I went digital with most – but not all – of my note taking and list making a couple of years ago. Why? Mostly because I live in a digital world and it’s easy to access my notes from wherever I am. But I also love the powerful tagging and searching functionality of Evernote. I don’t have to remember where I put a note or what I called it. And – you’re going to love this! – I can easily share my Evernote files with someone. Let’s say for example, I want my husband to stop at the grocery store on the way home. If he has access to my grocery list, it’s super easy for him!

I use Evernote to capture all of my ideas and document everything from my prayer list to meeting agendas. I use the tagging feature to easily find what I’m looking for. I scan photos, bookmark websites and attach files directly in Evernote. You can even set reminders and use the voice dictation feature.

Want to know more about how I use Evernote?

Here are 12 Ways to Use Evernote To Organize Your Life

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How to Tell if It’s Time to Start a Small Business

Start a Small BusinessStarting a business is like having a baby – you are never truly ready. You can learn and plan all you want, but nothing prepares you for life as a mompreneur quite like on-the-job training.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about turning your hobby into a business or creating a ministry that will provide a much-needed service in your community. Or perhaps you are desperately seeking a way to quit your job so you can work from home. Or you may be exploring the option of publishing a book or starting a blog.

It all sounds very exciting. Daunting…but fascinating! So how do you know when it’s the right time to take that leap into the small business world? There’s no magic formula, but if you’re going through a discernment process, here are a few signs that might help!

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Four Reasons Mompreneurs Don’t Chase Their Business Dreams

mompreneur business coachWhy don’t we chase our business dreams?

I talk to mompreneurs all the time who tell me the only reason they’re able to accomplish what they do is because they persevered. But for a large majority of us, giving up all too soon is the easy way out of not fulfilling our dreams.  We don’t mean to, but life just happens. I’ve been observing this phenomenon in women in business (including myself!) and I wonder why we oftentimes find ourselves taking two steps forward, only to take three backward.  

Here are four common reasons mompreneurs don’t chase their business dreams.

1. Fear of failure.

This is probably the most common of all the reasons we tend to back down when it comes to starting up that new blog and getting our online business set up. Fear of failure is quite common because we just don’t know what’s around the corner.

Sometimes we’re afraid that we’ll sink too much money or time or energy into a project only to come out on the other end with nothing left to speak for ourselves.

But you have to remind yourself that this kind of thinking will hold you back from making that first move. You can’t free yourself to take a first step if you’re intimidated by the prospect of what might be. And to be perfectly honest, our fears generally end up never coming to past. Once you get past that initial hump you’ll find the faith and freedom to finally get going with your blog and selling your first product!

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5 Tech Tools for Non-Tech Mompreneurs

tech tools for the mompreneur Technology challenges are one of the most common laments I hear from mompreneurs in my age bracket. I’ll admit that people of today’s generation seem like they were born with a cell phone in their hands. But even if you’re not fluent, or at least comfortable, with technology, these are some tools that are worth the learning curve to increase your productivity.

Five Tech Tools for the Non-Tech Mompreneur 

Google Calendar for Mompreneurs1. Google has a wonderful suite of tools that range from simple to webmaster skill levels. My favorite basic-level tool is Google Calendar. One of the biggest challenges by far for mompreneurs is keeping a balance between business and household commitments. For some reason, most of the time the kids and hubby expect you to be the center of the wheel and keep everyone in the know. Of course, to be honest, you most likely are the center of the wheel, and Google’s calendar can help you keep everyone’s schedules running smoothly. You can set up multiple calendars, invite the appropriate friends and family members to them, and then have event notifications pushed to your smart phone. I have three calendars that I use on a regular basis: my blog calendar, a family calendar and my personal calendar. I can view all three at the same time or individually by toggling one or two off. My business partner and I have access to the blog calendar, the kids and hubby have access to the family one, and my personal one is my own. (It would drive my family bonkers if they got EVERY notification of all the things I have to do every day!)

How this helps with productivity:
Um, I don’t think I have to say too much here. I mean, isn’t meeting with a client, and getting the kids to soccer practice or ballet on time, and remembering a Friday date night with hubby almost equally important in the life of a mompreneur?

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Six Ways to Leverage What You Have

six-ways-to-leverage-what-you-haveHave you ever noticed how much time entrepreneurs spend setting goals and working to achieve the next big thing? We are constantly looking ahead. Sometimes we forget to take inventory of the here and now. We don’t even notice all the amazing ways we can leverage what we have – in order to get where we are headed.

Here are six ways you can make the most of your blessings as a mompreneur:

1. Leverage Your Success

Most of us mompreneurs spend so much time trying to fix what’s not working in our business that we forget what is working. Take a few minutes to focus on the successes you have encountered and put them to work for you:

  • Ask a client or customer for a testimonial or an endorsement.
  • Publicize any awards or certifications you’ve earned.
  • Take photos or videos of your progress on a project and share them on social media.

2. Leverage Your Work

Every step of your journey as a mompreneur is a building block. Each time you create something as part of your work, you are adding to the foundation of your success. Be careful not to keep your eyes fixed too much on the next step that you forget the solid work that got you this far. Instead, continue to use that work to propel you further on our journey:

  • Repurpose a speech you’ve given in the past as a blog post or webinar.
  • Turn your blog posts into a book.
  • Create an online course based on the steps or principles you are already using in your business.

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Meet Me in DC for WOW Summit ’16

Promo Code for Christian Mompreneurs


Interested in meeting other moms who want to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families? The MomsMeet WOW Summit is the place to be! The Moms Meet community helps moms come together to share information, resources and inspiration to encourage happy, healthy families. They are gathering in Washington, DC, October 7-8 to learn, explore and connect.

I’m honored to be among the guest speakers on Friday. We’ll be talking about all sorts of tips and tools for moms who want to build a business with blogging. Saturday will be filled with expert advice for moms on a variety of healthy living topics. And, of course, there will be tons of free samples and natural, eco-friendly, organic goodies from health-conscious brands. Plus,  you’ll get to surround yourself with other healthy moms!

Want to join us? Use this special promo code just for the ladies in the International Christian Mompreneur Network and you’ll save 40% off your registration fee: TC40

Register here

And please let me know if you’re going — I’d love to meet you there! 

Back-to-School Productivity for WAHMs

Back-to-School Productivity for Work-at-Home MomsSummer was full of slow mornings and lots of free play time. Or it was full of boredom complaints and snack demands. Either way, the kids are back to school! And now mompreneurs and work-at-home moms everywhere will have All the Time to be productive!

Somehow, that’s not quite how it works out. It’s the “Kids at School” Time Myth.

The bus comes at 8 am and they are at school and out of the house until they return at 3:00. That is so much time to get work done! Then why doesn’t any significant work get done?

We forgot to factor in all of the other things that come along with the school year that suck up our time. First and foremost, paperwork! How do such small humans bring home that amount of paperwork nearly everyday? Once the initial paperwork is finished, then it’s the homework. Neither of these components were part of your daily summer routine.

Then there’s the meal planning because now you have to send your kids to school with lunch! And you need to think about it more than five minutes before lunch when you throw some veggies and ranch along with some sandwiches on the table. And of course the activities start now, too. So 3:00 is just the start of a whole other work day in which you get to play taxi for soccer, football, dance, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, music lessons, and the list can go on and on and on.

The kids may be out of the house for a longer period of time, but there are also additional tasks and responsibilities that come along with this time of year that make it all too easy to tell yourself you’ll get to your own work “later.” Moreover, since the kids aren’t home as much as they may have been all summer, when they are at home, they want and need more of your focused time and attention.

So how do you stay productive in your work and manage your family and home during the back-to-school transition?

The best way to start is to be intentional about focused time and multitasked time.

Let’s face it: we can’t be extremely focused all the time. We also can’t (and shouldn’t) multitask all the time. Our culture advocates for almost constant multitasking even though plenty of psychological and scientific research shows that it is not the most productive manner of working.

But sometimes it is necessary. If you aren’t intentional about when to choose each type of time and task management, you will find yourself trying to multitask with tasks that need true concentration and attempting to focus on a task when it’s clear all you have time for at the moment is multitasking.

Ultimately, you have to decide what tasks need your undivided attention, but in terms of optimizing how you can rock your business AND nurture your family, consider these thoughts…

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