Easy 10-Minute Meditation (For Those of Us Who Don’t Know How to Be Still!)

Easy 10-Minute Meditation (For Those of Us Who Don't Know How to Be Still!)If you’re like most moms, you are busy all day taking care of others. And you probably don’t take the time you should to be still and show some compassion for yourself. 

Compassion is often seen as something we have for someone else.  We may feel the need to “be compassionate” in an effort to take others’ pain away. In our quest to “be there” for our families, coworkers and friends, we often become depleted. But it’s impossible to keep pouring out when our own heart needs tender loving care.

How about, just for today, we stay closer to home and show compassion to ourselves?  

The simplest way to show compassion is to embrace yourself – as is. God loves you completely — so you should, too.  

Honor yourself today with 10 minutes of mindfulness and stillness.  Try this exercise:

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How to be Mindful – Not Mind Full

How to be Mindful - Not Mind FullIf you’re like most busy moms, you could probably benefit from the art of mindfulness. I say “art” because being present is a skill multitasking addicts need to practice. Mindfulness is awareness of what is happening inside (body, mind and spirit) and outside (surroundings) at any given point in time. Mindfulness is simply awareness without judgment or criticism. 

In his Spiritual Wealth column, Alexander Green wrote about “the sandwich thief.” He made himself a sandwich, brought it into his office, and the next time he noticed, it was gone! He had, of course, eaten the sandwich; but had not thought about, tasted or enjoyed it one bit. How often do we gobble our food on the run and hardly notice that we’d eaten? This lack of awareness turns a time-honored daily ritual into just another “to do” on the list. Perhaps if we became more mindful, we’d enjoy our food more and be less inclined to make poor choices.   

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