[Author Interview] Meet Christian Mompreneur Christine Martinello

Discover a New Holiday Tradition: The Christmas Love Box

Christine MartinelloIf you are looking to consume less and connect more this Christmas, you’ll treasure The Christmas Love Box, created by Christian Mompreneur Christine Martinello with her husband, Bob. I met Christine virtually this year and have been so inspired by what she is doing to encourage families to start a meaningful holiday tradition — and give a gift that truly reflects the love in their hearts. Christine graciously shares her story with us here today – and I invite you to  learn more about her journey and the precious opportunity to put pen to paper and bless someone this season through The Christmas Love Box. 

Q: How did The Christmas Love Box begin?

A: It started in 1999 on a cold, wet day in November, when I took my children – 5-year-old David, 3-year old Tina and 2-year-old Steve – Christmas shopping. We were walking around a huge store and we were looking at all this stuff. The kids were pointing out toys they would like to get for Christmas. I was looking at everything on the shelves and this thought went through my head, “What can I buy my kids to show them how much I really love them?” There was nothing in the store, so we went home empty handed that day.

Later that night, my husband Bob and I were trying to figure out how to show love for Christmas instead of just giving presents. We decided to write love notes to the kids and each other. On Christmas Eve day we each wrote a love note or drew pictures telling each other what we loved about each other. On Christmas Even night we gathered together in the living room, lit candles and read the birth of Jesus story from the Bible. Then we went around the room reading each other the love notes. It was a night filled with peace, appreciation and love for each other.

The tradition was born and we have done it every Christmas Eve since. It has been the best gift, to share the gift of love with family and friends, one love note at a time.

Q: What inspired you to share the tradition?

A: For the past 10 years I have shared the tradition with friends and groups at speaking events. Year after year, people tried it and then came back to me and say, “This tradition is so beautiful and powerful. Can you write a book about it or make it?” I thought, I don’t know how to do that.

Then in 2012 I thought about turning it into a kit. It was a difficult year. My father was terminally ill and both my parents were living with us. My Dad passed away in April and my son David graduated from high school in May. During that summer Dave and I were going through all his ‘stuff’ to decide what he was going to bring with him to college in August. He wanted to bring a piece of the family with him, so he packed family photos along with a few love notes in his wallet. It was then that I fully realized that this was something really special. Our sacred family tradition built a foundation of love in our family and each child could hold the love of family and friends forever.

Bob and I prayed for months about what God wanted us to do next and I felt him nudging us to create the kit. God gave our family this gift and now it was time to share it with others. So we did. After a lot of development and hard work, we came up with The Christmas Love Box. Each kit includes a fully illustrated Christmas Love Box book with children’s story, poems about love that Bob wrote and an adult ‘how to’ section with everything families need to get started. There are also 30 Christmas Love Note cards and a keepsake box for storage. The Christmas Love Box is our favorite holiday tradition and we hope it will become yours too!

Q: What has been the impact on other families?

A: Everyone who does the tradition is impacted in a meaningful and unforgettable way. When love is released many amazing things happen from healing hurt relationships to hugs and tears, to a deeper connection with our loved ones as we feel the magic of love.

Christmas Love BoxCheck out The Christmas Love Box here! (Order by December 17 for delivery by Christmas.) 

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