25 Moms to Follow on Twitter

It’s a mom’s world online. Moms are sharing, inspiring, connecting, educating and entertaining their friends, fans and followers. More importantly, they are developing relationships and doing business in 140 characters or less. They are having actual conversations in which they laugh with and encourage one another. Imagine that! Pretty much the same thing you find moms doing at the soccer field or grocery store – supporting one another.

Want to join them? Check out some of my favorite Mom-focused Tweeters.

Here they are, 25 Moms to Follow on Twitter:


1. Busy Working Mama

@BusyWorkingMama Aleksandra Nearing

Blogger, Worker, Mom, Chef, Runner, Sushi-aholic, Gardner, Online Shop-aholic, Lotion and Potion Junkie. CPA by Day.

 2. Complicated Mama

@ComplicatedMama Corine Ingrassia

Lifestyle Blogger. Shopping addict. Social Media Geek. Speaker. Owner of Complicated Media, LLC. Co-Founder @LaunchingMom

 3. Dr. Mommy

@DrMommy Dr. Daisy Sutherland

Dr, Author, Speaker, ProBlogger – Love My God, My family, Helping Busy Women with a ‘Get Real’ Approach to Living a Happier & Healthier Lifestyle

 4. Inspiring Moms

@inspiringMoms Amy Hilbrich Davis

Happy Mom of seven, Parent and Family Expert, CEO of FamilyLife Success, and Inspiring Moms and Dads, and Author of the balance MAP.

 5. Founding Mom

@foundingmom Jill Salzman

Professional brainstormer, do-it evangelist, sassy speaker, lover of chocolate, founding mom of The Founding Moms.

 6. Military Spouses and Moms

@militarysahmoms Lori R. Bell

Biz Strategist for military spouses who want to start/grow profitable home biz no matter where u go. Founder of NAMMAS. Mama to cool kids, heart my husband.

 7. Modern Mom

@ModernMom Brooke Burke

The magazine and community for the woman behind the mom plus Brooke Burke’s exclusive blog!

 8. Mom Central

 @MomCentral Stacy DeBroff and Stacey Smith

Engaging and helping influential moms build their platforms and increase their influence to support the brands they love!

 9. Mom It Forward

@MomItForward Jyl Johnson Pattee

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of women, their families & their communities. Join #gno Twitter Parties & our social media conference

 10. Mom Spark

@MomSpark Amy Bellgardt

Wife, Mom, Blogger, Social Media Addict, Nerd & Founder of MomSpark.net and MomSparkMedia.com. Lover of Converse, Muse and coffee.

 11. Mom Talk Radio

@MomTalkRadio  Maria Bailey

Author of Power Moms, Nielsen’s Power 16 Pack Moms, Host of MomTalkRadio, Producer of @SheStreams 2011,Co-Founder, BlueSuitMom.com & @MomTV

 12. Momnificent

@momnificent Lori Radun

Life Coach, Speaker, Author of The Momnificent Life for moms, Mom of 2 boys, Lover of chocolate and Tae Kwon Do


13. Moms Choice Awards


Welcome fans & honorees! We follow HONOREES & don’t respond to product pitches. Email us momschoiceaward@shortmail.com

 14. Moms In Business

@momsinbusiness Gina Robison-Billups

The National Association for Moms In Business — Representing the Interests of Entrepreneurial, Executive & CEO moms

 15. Money Saving Mom

@MoneySavingMom Crystal Paine

Child of God, wife, homeschool mom of 3, wannabe runner, author of The Money Saving Mom’s Budget. My motto: live simply, save aggressively, give generously.

16. MOPS International


MOPS International Official. Find friendship, community, resources and support for you as a woman and mother. Get official MOPS products here.

17. Mother Teresa


In Honor of my Hero Mother Teresa ~ Daily Devotionals and the inspirations of The Blessed Mother ~ May her words, acts of Kindness lead us by example.

 18. PharMomAssist

@PharMomAssist Susanne Ballard

Susanne Ballard, the PharMomAssist, here to serve you in creating a safe & healthy lifestyle using my experience as a veteran pharmacist and mother of four.


19. Resourceful Mom

@ResourcefulMom Amy Lupold Bair

Mom, Social Media Marketer, Global Influence founder, Twitter Parties creator.

20. Simple Mom

@SimpleMom Tsh Oxenreider

I have 3 kids, travel worldwide, wrote a book, and am writing #2, so in my spare time, I run 4 blogs and write another. I also enjoy eating the Lord’s chips.

 21. The Motherlode


The Motherlode, The New York Times’s parenting blog, exploring the many ways we raise our kids

 22. The Online Mom

@TheOnlineMom Monica Vila

A community devoted to promoting a healthy understanding and appreciation for the positive role technology can play in a family’s life.

23. TravelingMamas®

@travelingmamas Shannon Hurst Lane

Award winning travel blog featuring travel loving mamas. Listed on Nielsen Online’s Power Moms!

 24. Type A Mom

@typeamom Kelby Carr

New media mogul, CEO of #typeacon @typeaparentcon (conference) and @typeaparent (blog), speaker, consultant, original Type-A Mom, author: Pinterest For Dummies

25. 5 Minutes for Mom

@5minutesformom Susan and Janice

Susan and Janice are work-at-home moms who help promote moms at 5 Minutes for Mom.


Oh, and are you following The Christian Mompreneur? She tries to be informative, inspirational and entertaining as well. 

The Christian Mompreneur

@tceniccola Theresa Ceniccola

I am woman. Watch me juggle. Christian mom entrepreneur, writer and business coach.

By the way, this is not a competition or a scientific process. My only criteria was that they share interesting and valuable information for moms. (And, they have the word “mom” somehow in their Twitter  handle!)

I’m sure I could have easily listed 50 of them. Who did I miss? Who are your favorite Moms on Twitter?


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