2018 Scripture Verse of the Year

The Best Way to Choose a Word of the Year

In 2010 I started choosing a Word of the Year to guide me and help me focus on my priorities for the coming year. I shared the idea with friends and family and we’ve made it fun by creating artwork, vision boards, jewelry and pottery to commemorate the start of a new year and the adoption of a focus word.

So how do you choose a Word of the Year? I like to start in THE Word. I begin in prayer and ask God what He has planned for me in the coming year. I ask Him to reveal a scripture verse that will help me keep my eyes fixed on Him and allow Him to direct my steps. From this scripture verse, I choose a single word to embrace as my own. This is what God spoke to me this year as I studied His word:

Joshua 1:8, Verse of the Year


My Verse of the Year 2018: Joshua 1:8

“Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” Joshua 1:8 (NIV)

At first, I selected this verse because I felt God drawing me closer to Him. I knew He wanted me to spend time meditating on His word every day. Not just doing a bible study, but actually reading the bible. Every day.

But that’s not all…

I also noticed that the command to study His Word is a necessary step in achieving prosperity and success. Of course it is!

And there’s more…

I read the full chapter and realized that the Book of Joshua contains instructions for a new leader. After 23 years as a solo business owner, I’ve decided to merge my company with a business belonging to a friend and fellow Christian mompreneur. As partners and co-leaders in this business, we could certainly use some biblical instruction!

Not to mention…

My business shift this year is not the only change I’m facing. I’m turning 50 in June and approaching the next season of motherhood as my oldest child prepares to go to college. Joshua 1:8 is the perfect reminder to me that I need to lean on the Lord when starting something new. And that God promises He will never leave me. It’s a command to be strong and courageous for the journey ahead.

Living this verse in 2018 will be a motivator and a comfort. It will propel me forward and hold me tight. It will allow me to lead and follow. It will take the fear out of the obstacles. It will turn my challenges into an adventure!

My Word of the Year 2018: Adventure

Word of the  YearAfter spending 2017 learning to Simplify, I am ready for a new Adventure. I admit that many of the things I will face in the coming year are challenging – adjusting to a new business arrangement, turning 50, releasing one of my baby birds from the nest. It’s overwhelming to think about these things. But as MyFriendStacy always reminds me, it’s best to look at life as a glass half full. So I choose to view my challenges and obstacles as an Adventure. And with Joshua as my guide, and God by my side, I am ready for the Adventure that awaits in 2018!


How to Choose a Verse of the Year

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