15 Blessings from Business Boutique

Christian Mompreneur Lessons from Christy Wright, Dave Ramsey and Team

Business Boutique Christy WrightAfter two days of learning and connecting at Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in Nashville, my mind is overflowing with ideas and my heart is filled with encouragement. I can honestly say this was the best event I’ve ever attended for Christian mompreneurs who are ready to take action on their dreams of owning a business! With Dave Ramsey’s team behind the scenes, and an incredible lineup of speakers and performers on stage, the conference was everything I had expected and more.

I couldn’t possibly share everything we learned and all that we experienced here on the blog, but I want you to benefit from some of the generous encouragement and most practical tips we received. Whether you are a dreamer, a starter or a builder, you can take your business one step further with these blessings from Business Boutique.

15 Blessings from Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in Nashville

  1. There’s room for you, too. Christy wants you to know that even if someone else is doing what you want to do, don’t let that prevent you from moving forward. Stop letting fear hold you back from doing what God has placed in your heart.

“You can have the most extraordinary experience of your life when you step into your fear.” – Christy Wright


  1. Your mind is fertile ground, so you need to be very careful about what you put into your brain. Dave Ramsey talked about the power of intentionality and encouraged us to feed our minds with positive thoughts and ideas, and to write down our dreams.

“Be careful what you write down – it will turn your life in a trajectory right toward your dreams.” Dave Ramsey


  1. Getting out of debt and staying that way takes sacrifice. But the reward is a legacy you can’t afford to miss out on giving your family. Step 1: Create a budget.

“The road to comparison will always dead end with debt.” – Rachel Cruze


  1. It’s time to get real about your money. No matter how great a product is, the mismanagement of money is the thing that brings most businesses down. So treat your business like a business and pay attention to the finances.

“A hobby costs you money. A business makes you money.” – Christy Wright

  1. Introverts can have fun, too! I went to the conference alone and I sent out a message to see who wanted to have dinner the first night. A small group of ladies responded and we ended up spending the rest of the conference together and forming friendships I know will continue. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, even if you’re an introvert!

“Someone is waiting for you to take the first step.” – Theresa Ceniccola


  1. Allow yourself to be inconvenienced. Christine Caine reflected on Mary’s journey and her willingness to accept the assignment as mother of our Savior. She reminded me that in this busy season of life I need to be open to God’s plan, which may not always align with my plan.

“The degree to which we are willing to be inconvenienced and interrupted is the degree to which God can use us.” – Christine Caine


  1. The best is yet to come! Jess Connolly invited us to continue the connection and support we experienced in Nashville by joining the online community for Business Boutique. You can be a part of the discussion here!

“I want to leave my world more in awe of God than I found it.” – Jess Connolly.


  1. You are a beautiful mess. Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum, blessed 3,000 women with her worship music Saturday morning. She encouraged us to lay down our baggage at the foot of the cross and give it to the One who can carry it all.

“You are not defined by others, but by Who created you.” – Hillary Scott


  1. Nobody is reading your website. I know that doesn’t sound encouraging, but Donald Miller of Story Brand tells us many websites suffer from the Curse of Knowledge. We know so much about our business and we think our customers want to know it all, too. He says to simplify and condense so people can clearly understand what you are selling, how it will make their life better and what to do in order to buy it.

“People don’t buy the best products or services; they buy from people who tell the best story.” – Donald Miller


  1. Selling is serving. Sales expert Nicole Walters encouraged us to reframe the way we think of sales. She encouraged us to exercise our confidence muscle and take the lead in a customer relationship.

“It’s your divine duty to offer solutions and bring your gifts to the world.” – Nicole Walters


  1. Let it be easy. There is so much to learn and do when you are starting or growing a business. And we left the Business Boutique with long lists of action items to implement. But rather than stress about everything, Amy Porterfield encouraged us to take things one step at a time and let it be easy.

“Let it be easy.” – Amy Porterfield


  1. Talk to yourself. One of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal is the ability to feed our minds with positive messages. Christy told us about an ultra Ironman finisher who used self-talk to cross the finish line. And Hillary gave us each a marker to write encouraging Bible verses on our mirrors.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:7


  1. Success isn’t everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Jeremy Cowart gave a compelling and emotional presentation about his journey from “I can’t” to “I did it!” With brutal honesty and vulnerability, he shared the peaks and valleys of his career and the realization that success is empty if it doesn’t serve a greater purpose.

“Greatness should serve a greater purpose.” – Jeremy Cowart


  1. Live your values. Christy wrapped up the conference with a reminder that life balance is about doing the right things at the right time. Just as Jesus didn’t help everyone he met, we are not called to do everything for everyone. She encouraged us to live from our values and reminded us that we are doing a good job.

“Who you are is more than enough.” – Christy Wright


  1. You can do this. I’ve run my own home based business for 22 years and trust me, if I can do it, so can you. I’m not any smarter or wealthier or better connected than you. I don’t have more time and I’m not more creative. I was simply willing to take that first step. And I’m cheering you on as you do the same!

“I believe in you and I know that God is doing great things through you!” – Theresa Ceniccola


Christy Wright, Theresa Ceniccola

Theresa Ceniccola, Christy Wright

If you missed out on Business Boutique this year, I’ve got good news for you! Christy and Dave and the team are visiting four U.S. cities this winter and spring for a special series of 1-Day Business Boutique events. The ticket prices are ridiculously affordable and I promise you will be blessed beyond measure. For more details about the 1-Day events, visit Christy’s site here.

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