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“I Wasn’t Sure if I was Ready to Invest”

I had an idea for a business floating around in my head for quite some time when I happened to find Theresa's website. I was intrigued by what she had to say about the Christian Mompreneur Mastery Program and promoting a way to balance all of the things that are important to me - Faith, Family and Business. To be honest though, just starting out with an idea and no income yet, I wasn't sure if I was ready to invest in the program. But, I took a leap of faith and joined the Christian Mompreneur Mastery Program. It was truly one of the best moves I could have made to help me get my business off the ground.

After all I have learned and all of the resources Theresa gave me to continue to use in my business, I know that I made a great investment. I know that my business will always benefit from being in the Christian Mompreneur Mastery Program and I definitely would not have made the progress that I did in the time that I did had I not been in the program.

Being a homeschooling Mom presents unique challenges, but now I have tools to manage everything in an efficient way. I think one of the biggest changes in myself was that my confidence in what I was doing increased. I would highly recommend Theresa's programs to anyone who needs that extra something to get their business going. You won't be disappointed! 

Christy Acre Virtues and Verses October 2, 2015

"Theresa brings collaboration, expertise and motivation to my wife and her business!"

My wife Kelly has been working with Theresa for over 3 years. While I was originally skeptical as to the value of any coaching services I soon realized my misunderstanding. I have always worked within an organization. One thing that is taken for granted in any organization is the opportunity to get input from other knowledgeable people and to see how an idea can change through collaboration. Theresa adds that source of good ideas and collaboration to Kelly’s business and brings significant knowledge and experience in so many areas.

The softer side of Theresa’s coaching that cannot be overlooked is that of motivation. Have you ever tried to motivate your wife to greater business success by telling her exactly how she should solve a problem? I have . . . it doesn’t work very well. However, my experience with Kelly and Theresa has been that Theresa is able to provide encouragement and motivation to Kelly that has so much more impact to her operations than I am able to provide. Theresa intimately understands the challenges that women entrepreneurs face. This understanding and accountability help her cut through the day to day busy work and focus on the areas that really help someone grow their business. I can’t recommend Theresa highly enough. Her services are not free, but they have value far beyond their cost.

Dan Garrett, husband of Christian Mompreneur Kelly Garrett, Ekcetera Design & Marketing

Dan Garrett October 2, 2015

"I Feel Like I Have The Best Business Partner In the World!"

Theresa has been an amazing help in getting me started in my business. I have been wanting to follow my passion for a long time but I never had the nerve to take the steps to make it happen until Theresa gave me direction. By helping me to take the first step and actually plan an event, she gently pushed me to take the leap. She encouraged me to pick a day and once the invites were sent out, there was no turning back! She is always accessible to read over materials and she is incredibly talented in providing suggestions that make my writings much more professional and engaging. Not only that, she knows what it means to be a mom juggling a million different things. I seriously do not know how I would have done any of it without her and now I'm so excited about the possibilities for my business--knowing that she's there to continue to help me makes me feel like I have the best business partner in the world. Theresa is truly a gifted business coach, from her knowledge about all aspects of business to her unique personality that is encouraging and empowering, she is an invaluable resources for mom entrepreneurs and I feel blessed to have her on my side!

Andrea Denton The Healthy Lunchbox Workshop October 2, 2015

"A year and a half later, I still refer back to something you taught me!"

I wanted to express my sincere thanks for all you do for us mompreneurs. Your coaching guides and Mastery program were a great help, to focus my thoughts and creativity on just who I want to reach out to and how I want to do that. Your suggestion to write a letter to myself from God was pivotal for me. I still refer back to that letter, a year and a half later, to refocus and remind myself of God's purpose for me. It is highlighted in many places!

Arinne Dickson Juice Plus October 2, 2015

"The Christian Mompreneur Mastermind program was a true blessing to me and my business!"

Being new to the WAHM world when I began the program, I was greatly looking forward to guidance and support on navigating my way on this new path set before me. I loved everything about the program – from the practical tools such as the worksheets and lessons provided, accountability partners to keep you on track and solicit suggestions, and the helpful support & feedback from other group members which led to friendships. I enjoyed gaining rich knowledge from the expert guest calls, learning about everyone's businesses on the member calls, and being able to share and gain insight in the members’ forum. Best of all, Theresa gives invaluable coaching advice! She is in your corner, understands the challenges of being a mompreneur, and provides a road map for both business & family success. I appreciated how Theresa gave me practical and attainable goals for my business that I could implement. I eagerly looked forward to each lesson module and felt better equipped on my new journey after completing the program. I felt sad when the program ended but I can always revisit my notebook filled with ideas, goals, and priceless notes!

Danita Drake Heavenly Blessings Gift Baskets October 2, 2015

“Theresa is a gem! As a business owner you don’t want to have the feeling of being ‘stuck’ but that is where I was when I met Theresa and right away we connected. In just two sessions she helped me get ‘unstuck’ and move my business to the next level.

She is patient and kind and very creative and has the ability to pull from your conversation the exact feeling you want to convey when it comes to marketing and get the words down on paper. I highly recommend her and all of her work. She is a one of a kind! We are still in touch and have a great business connection.”

Dixie McDaniel de Andrade Envision Possibilities October 2, 2015

“She genuinely cares. She’s real.”

Thanks to the mastermind program and Theresa's encouragement, I did one of the toughest things I've ever had to do in my life. There was no other way…it had to be done in order for me to move forward, and she gave me the courage and support to do it.

If you’re not sure about what you’re doing. You’re just afraid, insecure. She’ll definitely put you on the right track. She’ll be honest with you. She’ll steer you in the direction that you need to go in. Theresa’s a special person. She just has this intuitive nature. She seems to know what you need and she can pull it out of you. And I believe what she says. She’s believable and she’s real. She cares about women making it , which is rare today to find someone. She genuinely cares. She’s real.

Grace Daquila Inspired By Grace October 1, 2015

I’m Making More Money and Managing My Time!

I've been in business several years and have been blessed with incredible opportunities for publicity and growth. But it wasn't until I worked with Theresa through the Christian Mompreneur Mastermind program that I began to experience a real shift in WHO I work with and HOW I work. Theresa's guidance during our laser coaching session was invaluable! I immediately implemented the strategies we discussed and as a result, I’m working with fewer clients, making more money, delegating tasks and managing my time more effectively so I can enjoy my life and my work.

Amy Volk Simplified Living September 9, 2015

We launched our business in four months with Theresa's help!

As a Christian we know there are no coincidences. God has his divine hand on everything, and connecting to Theresa was exactly who we needed to guide my mom and me as we started our faith-based business! From our first call we realized just how much we needed Theresa and her knowledge and expertise as we began the journey of entrepreneurship. Especially since my background is in education and my mom has a nursing background, her business mindset was the missing piece we needed .Theresa's suggestions and feedback on our progress/ideas were spot-on, she was very flexible with our schedule, and the accountability she provided us helped us to launch our business in four months! But the best part was the comfort of knowing she was a fellow Christian and to be able to discuss our faith openly was such a blessing!

Julie and Katie Black Contemporary Christian Women's Academy October 2, 2015

"The Ultimate Personal Development Experience"

The ultimate personal development experience…and personal development is one of the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Karen Palmer Worry Free Mom October 1, 2015

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