Meet Featured Sister Betsy Lavin

Betsy LavinIf you’re a busy mom entrepreneur, you know how difficult it is to find time for yourself. But you probably also realize how critical it is to take care of yourself — to create space for rest, creativity and prayer. Betsy Lavin is making it her life’s work to give busy women just that – a place for healing the body and renewing the spirit.  And she’s doing it despite the challenges and fears that stop so many of us in our tracks. 


Meet Featured Sister Betsy Lavin

Business Name: Life Purpose Retreat & Coaching Center

Business Description: My retreat center is created to help small groups of women (4-5) step out of their busy lives for a day of relaxation and renew. Most of my retreats are 6-8 hours long and consist of a spa element (facial), one on one coaching, prayer, surrendering and journaling. I often customize the theme of the retreat to the guests current struggles (caregiving, change, finding balance).  I also do Life Plans, and am currently leading two weight loss support groups in the evenings.

Betsy’s Story: 

“You’re setting your sights too high.” Those are the words a financial aid officer once said to me. “You’re setting your sights too high.” And she closed my file. Of course how could I blame her given what she was looking at. I was a 26 year old,  single mom of a 10 year old boy.  I had just been through a bad divorce and lost my home and was deeply in debt.

And  there I was telling her that not only did I want  to go to college, I wanted to continue on to graduate school to become a doctor of chiropractic.  Yes, I was setting my sights very high. But I knew something she didn’t. I knew that this was to be my passion and that God called me to it.

So I did what a lot of adult children do, I packed up my son and moved back home to live with my parents. God bless parents..right? Despite all the obstacles, I did graduate with chiropractic degree and have been in a successful practice for 20 years. One would think that I’d be set in my purpose for life right?

Not God…He said Betsy…”Lets go higher.”

To God, ‘higher’ meant I would soon become overwhelmed with care giving for my parents. I just needed one day to regroup and reconnect with my faith.  I thought if I feel this way so must others. So I transformed every room in my house and started giving Spiritual and Spa retreats. And they were amazing! And I wanted to go higher, but how?

The answer came one day while I was on a walk on my small country road in MN. God spoke to my heart, “ I want you to open a women’s retreat center and give women a place to step out of their busy lives and reconnect with me.”  I fell to my knees that day, thinking, who am I to be doing such great work for you LORD?  I am not worthy of this honor. But He had plans for me and miracle after miracle happened as I created my Life Purpose Retreat and Coaching Center.

I now live my life with a chiropractic practice to heal the body and the retreat center to renew the spirit.  Setting our sights too high? I think that exactly where God wants us to be looking.

Favorite Quote or Scripture Passage: 

Jesus loves me. 

Hobbies, Interests, Gifts: 

I love anything that has to with using my creative side, especially if I can start it from stratch. It can be anything from a speech, or new retreat program to remodeling and designing a whole house (home design is my favorite). I have a gift of vision in being able to see the end result before I start, and then work relentlessly until it’s finished.

I love to learn about everything, although that gets me in trouble sometimes in that I start reading too many books at the same time and never finish them properly.

I enjoy doing inspirational speaking, however after taking the speaker tract last year at She Speaks I was actually called to write my book. (The last piece fell into place.) So I am currently in the process of writing a book for women who feel they’ve lost their beautiful on the inside because of the extra weight on the outside.    

Betsy’s Family: 

I have been married to Pete for 20 years. We have a son, Chad, 34, who lives in Phoenix. He is getting married in February.  Yippee! We are heading to the Domincan Rebublic for a destination wedding. 

Greatest Challenge as a Mom Entrepreneur: 

Time, money and marketing. So cliché but true. Running two business’ while trying to write a book is taxing my time management skills. Of course I just want to be writing all the time (I love it). Yet an even bigger time issue is finding the time to market the business’ properly. I have always done the chirporactic practice with minimum effort, with newspaper and referrals. However the marketplace is getting tougher and I am struggling to make the profits we need to make us all happy.

My retreat center is as busy as I make it. Which means I’ve cut back on the private coaching in order to write my book. Not so good for the checkbook. I do feel however that I am okay to prioritize the book for a short while and surrender my financial fears to God.

I am so very lucky that Pete is a very low maintenance type of fellow and allows me great freedom to write and coach in my life and can fully support our lifestyle at home. 

Advice for Other Mom Entrepreneurs: 

Take care of your health first so you can have the energy and strength to be ready for whatever God calls you to.  Never lose sight of the gifts God has given you and never be afraid to use them to go higher.  Just take the first step in the right direction and God will join you for the entire journey.

What I love about being part of the Christian Mompreneur Sisterhood: Truth is, I live on a 5 generational farm in a very small rural area in SW Minnesota. I am two hours from Minneapolis and often feel very isolated here. The faith community here, while it’s strong, it very traditional. Being a part of something greater like the diversity of this group gives me the confidence to know that I am not alone in God’s mission and  now have fellow sisters to which I can gain strength and courage.  I love the model of living that each of you share; that you are real and authentic and human. I look forward to learning from each of you!

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  • Kimberly | New Spark Coaching

    Awesome story, Betsy!  I love how God can transform OUR need into a loving act of service for others.  I wish I was a Minneapolis local so I could experience your amazing retreat center!  May God continue to bless you, your clients, and your businesses.