[Prayer Cafe]: October 12, 2016 – John 14:15-27

The counselor and Teacher

eat-pbj-for-easter-dinner-if-it-helps-you-focus-on-the-right-targetAs a mom and business owner, there is not a night that I don’t lay down to go to sleep with a million thoughts racing through my mind. “Did I pay the mortgage? Did I reply that to that email? Is my son’s scout uniform clean for tomorrow? What is coming for the future of our country? Will I be able to keep my kids safe as this world seems to spiral into darkness?” The list goes on and on.

It’s easy to get anxious and to let that anxiety bring us down. 

But in this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste reminds us that God has given us all we need and that we do not need to be afraid. 

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How to Raise a Future Leader

[A little something from iMom]

how-to-raise-a-future-leaderFirefighter. Movie star. Professional soccer player. President of the United States. Our children have big plans for what they want to do when they grow up. So we encourage them and guide them and nurture their dreams. But do we give them the skills they need to achieve their goals?

As parents, we’ve been given the tremendous responsibility of raising the next generation of leaders. It’s not always easy being the mother of a budding young boss. But it’s incredibly rewarding to witness your child transform into a respectable, inspirational young adult.

Here are ten ways you can encourage and raise a future leader:

1. Let them solve their own problems.

My mother was a master at this. She rarely got involved in arguments between my siblings and me. She told us to figure it out on our own. And it taught us how to solve problems, rather than expect to be rescued. >>>

This blog post originally appeared on iMom, a site dedicated to helping you love your family well. Read the rest of the post on iMom here.

Six Ways to Leverage What You Have

six-ways-to-leverage-what-you-haveHave you ever noticed how much time entrepreneurs spend setting goals and working to achieve the next big thing? We are constantly looking ahead. Sometimes we forget to take inventory of the here and now. We don’t even notice all the amazing ways we can leverage what we have – in order to get where we are headed.

Here are six ways you can make the most of your blessings as a mompreneur:

1. Leverage Your Success

Most of us mompreneurs spend so much time trying to fix what’s not working in our business that we forget what is working. Take a few minutes to focus on the successes you have encountered and put them to work for you:

  • Ask a client or customer for a testimonial or an endorsement.
  • Publicize any awards or certifications you’ve earned.
  • Take photos or videos of your progress on a project and share them on social media.

2. Leverage Your Work

Every step of your journey as a mompreneur is a building block. Each time you create something as part of your work, you are adding to the foundation of your success. Be careful not to keep your eyes fixed too much on the next step that you forget the solid work that got you this far. Instead, continue to use that work to propel you further on our journey:

  • Repurpose a speech you’ve given in the past as a blog post or webinar.
  • Turn your blog posts into a book.
  • Create an online course based on the steps or principles you are already using in your business.

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Meet Featured Sister Tammie Polk

Introducing the Christian Mompreneur Book Club!

t-polk-photoYou know how God brings just the right people into  your life at just the right time to fulfill his purposes? Well, I see that happen in my life all the time and Tammie Polk is one example! I had been talking with Elizabeth Green about starting a Book Club for Christian Mompreneurs in our Facebook Group (which you can join here if you’re not already a member!). We thought it would be fun to read a faith-based or business book together and discuss it in the group so we can share our knowledge and encourage one another. But who would moderate the group? Who would have the time and the passion and the skills to lead us on this journey? So I prayed about it. And then we just let the idea go until it was the right time. A few months later, Tammie showed up eager to support this ministry and lead our Book Club! Don’t you love when that happens? 

So, I’d like to introduce you to our Featured Sister, Tammie Polk! She will be filling you in on our Book Club plans over in the Facebook Group, so be sure to join us there for details! 


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[Prayer Cafe]: September 21, 2016 – Gal 5:16-26

The Fruit the Spirit Produces


eat-pbj-for-easter-dinner-if-it-helps-you-focus-on-the-right-target-4The way God commands us to live, often goes against our nature. We are naturally selfish and self-serving. But God tells us that we have to resist that. 

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste reminds us to seek the Holy Spirit for the qualities that God desires for us to have. And sometimes, we will find that help in unexpected places.

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Meet Me in DC for WOW Summit ’16

Promo Code for Christian Mompreneurs


Interested in meeting other moms who want to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families? The MomsMeet WOW Summit is the place to be! The Moms Meet community helps moms come together to share information, resources and inspiration to encourage happy, healthy families. They are gathering in Washington, DC, October 7-8 to learn, explore and connect.

I’m honored to be among the guest speakers on Friday. We’ll be talking about all sorts of tips and tools for moms who want to build a business with blogging. Saturday will be filled with expert advice for moms on a variety of healthy living topics. And, of course, there will be tons of free samples and natural, eco-friendly, organic goodies from health-conscious brands. Plus,  you’ll get to surround yourself with other healthy moms!

Want to join us? Use this special promo code just for the ladies in the International Christian Mompreneur Network and you’ll save 40% off your registration fee: TC40

Register here

And please let me know if you’re going — I’d love to meet you there! 

Self-care Tips for Busy Moms

Self-care Tips for Busy MomsHomeschool moms are a funny bunch.

The impression that many non-homeschoolers have of us is that we’re home all day, blissfully and smoothly overseeing our children’s education, and perhaps popping in a load of laundry or two while the house stays kept up (because, after all, we are home all day, right?).

Family and close friends imagine our days as a frantic whirlwind of activity, chauffeuring kids from morning to night, then burning the midnight oil to finish academic assignments (and perhaps household chores) that might not have gotten accomplished amid the hustle and bustle of the day.

Somewhere in the middle is about right – except I’d add one particular issue to the mix:

No matter how frantic or stress-free a given day is, most of us still struggle with taking care of ourselves!

Why is that?

And even more importantly – how can we do better?

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[Prayer Cafe]: September 14, 2016 – Ephesians 5:18-20

Being filled with the Spirit


We live in a society that is in total support of self-indulgance. Do what you want. Do what makes YOU happy. 

So sometimes we indulge in things that we shouldn’t. And we end up feeling more empty than before. 

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste tells us to indulge in our Lord, and only then will we experience abundant life.

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Back-to-School Productivity for WAHMs

Back-to-School Productivity for Work-at-Home MomsSummer was full of slow mornings and lots of free play time. Or it was full of boredom complaints and snack demands. Either way, the kids are back to school! And now mompreneurs and work-at-home moms everywhere will have All the Time to be productive!

Somehow, that’s not quite how it works out. It’s the “Kids at School” Time Myth.

The bus comes at 8 am and they are at school and out of the house until they return at 3:00. That is so much time to get work done! Then why doesn’t any significant work get done?

We forgot to factor in all of the other things that come along with the school year that suck up our time. First and foremost, paperwork! How do such small humans bring home that amount of paperwork nearly everyday? Once the initial paperwork is finished, then it’s the homework. Neither of these components were part of your daily summer routine.

Then there’s the meal planning because now you have to send your kids to school with lunch! And you need to think about it more than five minutes before lunch when you throw some veggies and ranch along with some sandwiches on the table. And of course the activities start now, too. So 3:00 is just the start of a whole other work day in which you get to play taxi for soccer, football, dance, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, music lessons, and the list can go on and on and on.

The kids may be out of the house for a longer period of time, but there are also additional tasks and responsibilities that come along with this time of year that make it all too easy to tell yourself you’ll get to your own work “later.” Moreover, since the kids aren’t home as much as they may have been all summer, when they are at home, they want and need more of your focused time and attention.

So how do you stay productive in your work and manage your family and home during the back-to-school transition?

The best way to start is to be intentional about focused time and multitasked time.

Let’s face it: we can’t be extremely focused all the time. We also can’t (and shouldn’t) multitask all the time. Our culture advocates for almost constant multitasking even though plenty of psychological and scientific research shows that it is not the most productive manner of working.

But sometimes it is necessary. If you aren’t intentional about when to choose each type of time and task management, you will find yourself trying to multitask with tasks that need true concentration and attempting to focus on a task when it’s clear all you have time for at the moment is multitasking.

Ultimately, you have to decide what tasks need your undivided attention, but in terms of optimizing how you can rock your business AND nurture your family, consider these thoughts…

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The Myth of the Perfect Mom

The Myth of the Perfect MomLately, I’ve been encountering this idea of the perfect mom.  We all seem to be striving for it, and falling miserably short. Yet, we look at other moms and think, “Wow, she’s such a good mom.”  Of course, she seems perfect.

I think in this modern culture where we’re able to connect with so many people from around the world, and yet not really know them, it’s so easy to perpetuate the myth of the perfect mom.  We read a blog or Facebook post about something one mom is doing something with her kids, and we think, “She’s a perfect mom.  I’m not doing that. I’m not perfect.”  As a result, we feel guilty, inadequate, and maybe even resentful.Inline image 1

We live in a culture where appearances are important. We like showing others our successes. We like showing our accomplishments. Our highlights. Our good days. Does anybody post a picture of their children pouting? Do we post the poop that our two year old smeared on the wall?  Do we post pictures of us arguing with our teen? Do we post our tears of frustration?  No. We post the happy moments. The proud moments.

Nothing wrong with that. (I doubt you really wanted to see our poop wall mural.)

It’s just that others are left thinking life is all good for us. And we think life is all good for them. So we leave their perfectly clean, spotlessly decorated homes feeling defeated. Their children love doing chores.  Their children love reading. Their children love serving others.  Their children get their chores done without being told. Their children love eating healthy foods.

And we leave thinking, “What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I get my children to ……..?”

Let me make this more personal. I often feel like such a failure as a mom. My failures and imperfections are like neon signs announcing, “You’re not a good mom! Who are you to give advice to others? You’re not accomplishing anything!”

My usual response to these accusations is to sit in a corner and have a pity party, and then with new determination and fire, I come out swinging like a boxer making a comeback. I begin barking orders, setting new rules and generally being a pain in the you-know-what because I want things to be better. My goal: fix my failures. Strengthen my weaknesses. Do it ALL right.

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