Making the Shift from Blogger to Business Owner: Type-A Bootcamp Walt Disney World [Part 1]

typeawdw CollageQuick – which title describes you best: “blogger” or “business owner?” Most of the moms I work with would consider themselves a business owner who uses blogging as a tool. But if you’re one of those bloggers who recently found herself creating something bigger than a blog and learning to monetize her hobby, then this post’s for you! Or, if you’re just getting started in your business AND your blog, stick around — there are a few tips for you here as well.

I had the privilege of presenting with Adrianna Domingos-Lupher of Next Gen MilSpouse at Type A Parent Bootcamp in Walt Disney World last week where we inspired some amazingly talented bloggers to make that shift to business owner.  Some of them are “accidental entrepreneurs” – moms who had no intention of going pro but their blogs took off and they followed. Others were very intentional about their goals to earn a living with their blog – they knew how to blog (much better than me), but they needed the skinny on the business side of things.

Here’s what we shared with them. I’ve divided it into three parts because there are a lot of tips to cover and I know you don’t have a lot of time to read. So, take it one day at a time. Baby steps. We’ll start with making a shift in your mindset…

[Blogger to Business Owner Part 1]

Making the Shift: Five Truths to Tell Yourself About Turning Your Blog into a Business

1. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything. Sounds like I’ve been sniffing Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, but it’s true. If you want others to take you seriously, then you have to believe that you’re worth it. And YOU are! So don’t apologize for where you are in your business or hide behind your excuses…stand confidently and know that YOU are more than capable!

2. It’s easier than you think. Running a business isn’t easy. But we often make it a bigger deal than it needs to be. We freak out about taxes or website development or making sales calls… But here’s the good news: the one thing you are most afraid of is probably the one thing that someone else thinks is easy peazy. So the solution is simple: reach out to a friend or colleague who has done what you want to do, and ask for guidance.

3. You’ve got to get over yourself. The things that usually get in the way of success are universal. Things like: I don’t have TIME to do this…I don’t have the MONEY to grow my business…I don’t know HOW to do this…I’m AFRAID it won’t work…I feel GUILTY because I should be spending more time with my family. We’ve ALL felt this way at some point. I’m not saying you aren’t special – because you are SUPER special – but these are not unique and insurmountable obstacles. Just ask any other mom entrepreneur. If we can do it – so can you! [Read more...]

Meet Featured Member Susan Orehowsky

SusanOrehowskyIf you’re thinking about turning your personal struggles into a business to help others, you’ve got to meet Susan Orehowsky. She’s one of those women who doesn’t take “no” for an answer. When she meets a road block, she finds another way around! That’s exactly what she did when she was faced with health concerns – and it led her to a new career where she is opening doors to health and wellness for women. 

Meet Featured Member Susan Orehowsky

Business Name: Living Life Holistic

Business Description: Holistic Health Coaching

Susan’s Story: My story is two fold – my husband broke his neck C4 in 1986. Half the doctors thought he was paralyzed the others thought he was dead. He was neither because we serve an awesome God! Years later he began to have migraines which started to become debilitating. Our lives revolved around the migraines. After using traditional medicine, lots of side effects, we met a gentleman who used pharmaceutical grade supplements and had a protocol to follow using grapeseed extract, calcium, low glycemic food plan, exercise and lots of water. After four months we realized he was 99.9% migraine free! We have used this protocol for nearly 10 years now. Praise God!  

I went through what is called early onset menopause. It started in my 30s and for about 4 years. It was a life changing event. I went to my OB/GYN who promptly told me that I was too young and wanted to put me on birth control pills. What? Well, I went back to school for health and wellness. At first I received my certification in Christian Life Coaching, then Holistic Health and eventually in essential oils. I used a very natural solution, and yes the road was hard sometimes, but the side effects were zero. I chose natural medicine, eliminated the dairy, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, peanuts and sugar.  Easy to do and easy not to do…right! Today I have lost 27 of the 50 pounds that I  have gained. This is my main focus in business, women and menopause, all things hormonal.  It’s a new season and it’s a time to embrace and enjoy. There is life on the other side, I promise! [Read more...]

If You Treasure It, Then Measure It: Five Simple Ways to Track Your Business Success

Treasure It Measure ItWhat do dieticians encourage people to do when they want to improve their nutrition? Write down everything they eat. What do personal trainers ask people to do when they want to improve their fitness? Keep an exercise log. What do financial advisors tell people to do when they want to improve their money management skills? Create a written budget. No matter what you want to improve, the first step is to identify your current position so you can measure your progress.

The same concept holds true in business. You can’t grow your business if you don’t really have an understanding of where you are now. And you can’t maintain momentum if the only time you ever look at your stats is when someone asks you about them. So I tell the mompreneurs I work with “If you treasure it, then measure it.”

As a marketer, I’m a bit of a data geek, but some of this doesn’t come naturally to me so I have to remind myself of the value of monitoring the numbers. While this may not be the fun part of owning a business, it’s an important one.  Here are some simple tools to get you started:

1. Website Traffic. The best tool for most small businesses to measure website traffic is Google Analytics. It’s free, easy to install and packed with valuable insight. The only problem I have with Google Analytics is that I can easily fall down the rabbit hole and spend way too much time exploring and researching data I don’t need. I’m no expert so I’m sure there’s a lot that I’m missing, but the data I find valuable to monitor in Google Analytics includes:

  • Unique Monthly Visitors – how many people visit my site?
  • Page Views – how many of my pages are people visiting?
  • Average Visit Duration – how long are readers spending on my site?
  • Referrals – where is my traffic coming from?
  • Keywords – what words are people using when they search for my site?

I also take a look at demographic information such as age, gender and country; the use of mobile devices; and the most popular pages.  I don’t necessarily track those categories every month but I know how to find the information when I need it. You can also use Google Analytics to track your conversion rate and determine how successful a specific page is. 

2. Subscriber List Building. If you’re building a business or ministry then you are probably communicating with your clients, customers, readers, listeners, members, patients, students, fans, donors, etc. in some way.  If you’re using an email marketing solution such as Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Direct Pay or one of the many other platforms, you should have a wealth of insight available to you. I typically monitor the following: [Read more...]