Meet Sister of the Month: Amy Volk

Do you have one of those friends who organizes everything from her spice rack to her medicine cabinet? Kinda makes you feel like a failure, right? I admit that’s how I felt when I saw a friend’s neatly labeled craft bins and tidy kitchen pantry. I couldn’t find an extension cord or sewing kit in my house if my life depended on it! And I USED to pride myself on organizational skills.

Amy Volk (a “graduate” of my Christian Mompreneur Mastermind program) came to my rescue when I was overwhelmed by the clutter that had become my office! As the founder and owner of Simplified Living, Amy helps homeowners and professionals get organized and stay productive! She helped me realize that being organized is about how you THINK about your STUFF! Read Amy’s SIMPLE steps for Simplified Living and listen to a FREE teleseminar I hosted with her here: The SIMPLE Act of Creating a Clutter-Free Home.

Meet Sister of the Month Amy Volk

Business Name: Simplified Living, LLC

Business Description: A professional organizing company. We organize homes, office and help you simplify your work.

About Amy: I started this company when my twins were in first grade and I didn’t want to go back to shift work as a nurse. I have always been organized and a friend suggested I do it for work. Not thinking that people really made money doing that, I laughed it off. But, one thing led to another and within six months I had clients and decided I should create a real business. I love it because I help change lives and how people live. I help them live well. It’s very rewarding. Plus I get to make my own schedule!

Favorite Quote: Settle for More!

Hobbies, interests, gifts: Exercise, healthy eating, decorating, travel and shoes!


Amy’s Family:

Married to Dave for 18 years. Boy/Girl twins, Mallory and Riley who are now 12!

Greatest challenge as a mom entrepreneur:

Over committing on both a work and family level. Basically saying Yes to too much.

Advice for other mom entrepreneurs:

Get adequate childcare, don’t think you can do your work while your kids are always running around. Turn off your work when family is home.


Why I love being a part of the Christian Mompreneur Sisterhood: My work requires me to always have a soft and open heart toward people. This sisterhood keeps me focused on why I do what I do…to help people. They remind me of that.

Amy’s Website: Simplified Living Today

Facebook Fan Page: Simplified Living Today

Twitter: @SimplifedLiving


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