Meet Featured Sister Elizabeth Green

Like many women, Elizabeth Green said goodbye to her flourishing career the instant she held her newborn baby in her arms. She knew her place was in the home. But she didn’t kiss her dreams goodbye. In fact, she combined her experience in TV news with her passion for all things motherhood and created Eating for Breastfeeding, a video-based nutrition website for breastfeeding moms.

Meet Featured Sister Elizabeth Green

Business Name: and

Business Description:

We create video-based nutrition websites for people in specific situations, such as breastfeeding moms. Our Registered Dietitian makes sure they have all the education, information, resources and tools to make it easy to make healthy choices for their body and their baby.

About Elizabeth:

All my life I dreamed of sitting on that Today show couch each morning, enlightening the viewers on all the happenings around the world. Literally. I have a drawing of it that I made for a 4th grade assignment on “What I want to be when I grow up.” I did chase that dream through college and for several years after, working late nights and early mornings (I mean leaving work at midnight and coming back at 3:00 a.m.). I was actually pretty successful climbing the tv news ladder. And then one morning, I woke up sick to my stomach. Nine months later, I held our sweet, unplanned child in my arms and, in an instant, knew my career goals had changed. All I wanted from that point on was to spend as much time with my sweet son as possible. So I quit news, and started going online video marketing instead at a job with flexible hours. A few months later, I convinced my boss (really I know God played a big role in this 🙂 to let me work from home. I learned so much from that job that new ideas began to float around in my head about how I could use my skills with my best friends expertise, to create a business that could help others, AND allow me even more time with my family.

Favorite Quote or Scripture:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

I know this is a favorite for a lot of people, but it is just so powerful. I read this scripture every time I made a decision to move to a new news job, move to a different state, and then start a new career. The day I found out we were expecting, I pulled out my Bible and turned to this verse. It started with “My daughter,” which really made me feel like God was speaking directly to me. I really reminded myself of it every day I was pregnant, scared to death that I wasn’t ready to be a mom. But He knew I was. Since then, I have tried to find the version of the verse that starts with “My daughter,” and it is in NONE of my Bibles. But for some reason, I thought I read it that day. I guess He really was speaking to me!

Hobbies, interests, gifts:

I love summer time. My husband is a teacher and coach, so school years are extremely busy for him. Summertime is when we get unlimited time together as a family. I love to go to the beach and read (though time to read isn’t something that comes around very often).

Elizabeth’s Family:

My husband is Nathan and we’ve been married over 6 years.
Our 3 year old son is Saylor.
Despite my fears over becoming a mom, I love it so much that we are starting to think about adding to the family.

Greatest challenge as a mom entrepreneur:

My greatest challenge as a mom entrepreneur is reminding myself that I’m not superhuman. Since I work from home, I feel like I should be able to constantly entertain my son, get all my work done and keep up with every ounce of housework. It’s just not possible to do it all. I do keep telling myself that when the time is right, I will hire someone to help me clean (since I would much rather be playing with Saylor and working than doing laundry!) Until then, I have to remind myself daily that I won’t get everything crossed off my list, and I just need to be happy with the things that I do.

Advice for other mom entrepreneurs:

1. Research and educate yourself, to a point. There is always something new to learn that will benefit you and your company. But don’t spend so much time trying to learn everything, that you never put anything you learn to work.
2. Don’t doubt yourself. I had a hard time convincing myself to start a business, because I had never taken a business class. It doesn’t matter! You can find the information you need to know, and you can find someone to ask. It’s all a learning experience.
3. Don’t forget why you started a business. If it’s to give you more time with your kids, make sure you that you take that time. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our business and spend even less time with our families than we did before. Constantly remind yourself of why you are doing it.

Why I love being a part of the Christian Mompreneur Sisterhood:

I am new to the Christian Mompreneur Sisterhood, so I’m just learning about how great it is to connect with like-minded women. Before finding Theresa, I was searching for a place to learn and connect. I know that God put her in my path. In the short time that I have known her and been a part of this group, I have learned so much and been so encouraged! I’m so excited for my future with this Sisterhood!

Website: Eating For Me

Facebook: Eating for Me

LinkedIn: Elizabeth Green

Twitter: Elizabeth Green

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