Keep Doing What You’re Doing

Smiling office worker showing thumb upDo you ever get bored with your business? If you’re like most moms you never really get bored – you don’t have time to get bored! But you may grow tired of doing things the same old way. You may no longer be thrilled by the challenge of your work. You might find yourself looking around at other businesses or new technologies or “fantastic” opportunities and wondering, “Hmmmm, maybe I should give that a try?” If that sounds familiar, then you’re in good company. Most of us entrepreneurs are constantly exploring and learning new things. That’s why we are successful out on our own. Like flowers, we know there are only two choices – grow or die. And we prefer growing. But sometimes we use growth as an excuse to avoid doing the work. I admit it – I catch myself doing this on occasion. I sit down to work on a project that I’ve been planning for a long time – something I know will be successful because I’ve done it before. And as soon as I start, I get distracted by an idea…something pops in my head or across my screen… and I get excited! So I start researching and brainstorming and dreaming… and the hours pass by quickly as I dive into my NEW, EXCITING IDEA! I’m convinced THIS is exactly what I need to make a change…to shake things up…to grow. What I don’t realize is that my NEW, EXCITING IDEAS usually come at the expense of old and boring tasks. And those old and boring tasks might actually work well in my business. They might actually produce results…and generate leads…and earn revenue. But because I’m so attracted to the challenge of continuous change, I’m blind to the fact that I’m already doing exactly what I should be doing. While I might THINK I need a bright, shiny idea, what I actually need is the persistence to continue with something proven and familiar. So how do you know when it’s time to try something new or if it’s best to keep doing what you’re doing?

Well, first you have to know if what you’re doing is actually working. Because…well, who wants to waste time on an old and boring task that doesn’t even work? So find a way to measure your results – and take the time to find out if your efforts are working. Then…add NEW, EXCITING strategies into the mix. Once you’ve mastered something successful it should be easier to maintain. Or, if you’re truly bored with the task then delegate it, which will give you time to add something else. But don’t forget about the old and boring tasks – there is a place in your business for both! Just like the Girl Scout song says, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver; and the other’s gold.” The next time you are exploring a NEW, EXCITING IDEA to grow your business, blog or ministry…ask yourself if you really need something new or if you’re just getting distracted. Maybe there is something you are already doing that you need to keep doing. Take a look at your old and boring tasks and make sure you are still doing the ones that work well for your business. So what are the old and boring tasks that actually work well for you?

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