Dimes from Heaven

I’ve heard of “pennies from heaven” before but had not known that some lucky people are blessed with dimes from above. My friend Laura told me a story this week about how she came to discover the dimes God places in her path. She was in her early twenties and was devastated after ending her first relationship. While attending an AL-Anon meeting, Laura heard the story of another woman who held a jar full of dimes, claiming that every time she was feeling lonely or lost, God would send a message of hope in the form of a dime. This piqued Laura’s interest. She rolled her eyes in disbelief and scoffed at the story, but deep inside she wondered if there was some truth to it.

Later that same day, she was sobbing uncontrollably, feeling the pain of her loss, standing in the quiet of an empty room. She rested her hand on the room’s only surface – a tall chest of drawers. She felt something smooth under the palm of her hand and stopped her pity party immediately. Imagine her astonishment when she lifted a shiny dime from under her hand!

Now, Laura was a believer…but not the church-going, pray-all-day kind. More of the “I’ll-call-you-when-I-need-you,” kind of follower. Well, let’s just say this dime was God’s way of telling her it’s time for a chat! Laura immediately recognized the dime as a comforting sign of his presence. And now, more than 20 years later, she still collects the dimes the Lord sends from heaven during times of darkness and despair. She’s found them in the most unusual places and is absolutely certain they are sent from above.

Why a dime and not a penny?  I don’t think it has anything to do with inflation; more of a scarcity issue. The US Mint reports there are 1,454 million pennies in circulation; compared to 391 million dimes. So the chances of finding a dime are slim – unless, of course, God plants one in your path.

I must admit, I’ve never looked for God’s presence in the form of an abandoned coin. And I’m not one of those people who actually hears the voice of God talking directly to me. Nor do I have visions created by angels in my dreams. No, my dime is not nearly as shiny or obvious as these messages from heaven.

So how do I recognize the signs of God’s presence in my life? Well, I don’t always acknowledge it immediately, because he often speaks to me in a more subtle manner. He sends his dime into the center of my heart taking up residence along with the joy or pain I am feeling. Then he just sits there waiting for me to remember that he is with me. Waiting for me to recall that he is at the center of everything. He tugs at my heart –  sometimes allowing me to tumble deeper into darkness – until something triggers my understanding. A kind word from a friend. A song lyric or scripture quote. A stranger’s tragedy. Something captures my eye and brings his presence into my awareness again. It’s not as elegant a process as finding dimes in the street. And I don’t have a jar full of tangible proof. But it’s his way of getting my attention nonetheless.

How does God get your attention? What kind of dime does he place in your path? I’d love to hear your story.

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7 thoughts on “Dimes from Heaven

  1. When my mom was alive, she collected dimes. We all saved them for her so that she could fill up a little blue piggy bank. After we filled the first one, we continued with the habit until she had 6 banks full of only dimes. The original bank, when full, weighed 4 and 1/2 pounds; quite a bit to hold in one hand. She never counted, never emptied, only collected.

    My mom passed away in April, and now we find her dimes everywhere. I found one the first day we went to a lawyer about her estate,.. could’ve been anywhere,.. but it was just outside the back driver’s side passenger door where I was. My husband found one inside a roll of duct tape, my sister got one in the mail the day of mom’s funeral. They make us pause and wonder., perhaps Mom saved all those dimes because she knew we would need the reassurance that could only come from her. Little signs from Mom to say that she loves us.

    Now I save dimes too, I save the dimes that Mom sends to me.

  2. My first husband, as a family tradition gave me a jewelry box with dimes in it. Meaning he’d always take care of me. When he passed, not right away , I’d find dimes in random spots especially on stressful days… My daughters mow pay attention because a dime fell out of my daughters bridal bouquet, and when she was moving she found one in the middle of het floor. Since my grandson passed two months ago at 4 months old, I now find dimes but tails up. I think grandpa is teaching him!

  3. In the Mid 2000’s There was a three year period that God was sending the dimes on a daily basics in large amounts. It was awesome as it led up to an event that I could not deny He was involved. The first dimes came in a large amount in my closet, probably about 20 or more that I had no clue what was going on. I just could not figure out why all these dimes were in the closet. Then there was the time a waitress at a very nice restaurant paid me my 4 dollar change all in dimes. Then ultimately the mourning I was in the shower getting ready to go over to a friends house to pray, a dime fell out of the air onto the bottom of the shower with a large clank!! As if God was saying this one you will have NO way to reason out.

  4. I have been finding dimes and feel the love of God each and every time. For me it stems from a meditation that puts earthly riches into perspective, ” when you leave this earth you will not take a thin dime in your cold dead hand”. But I tend to forget that God meets all my needs and he keeps reminding me with dimes 🙂

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