Meet Our New Community Manager: Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth GreenI am super excited to welcome Elizabeth Green as our new Community Manager at the International Christian Mompreneur Network! If you’re active on social media, you’ll start to see Elizabeth commenting and sharing and connecting on behalf of all the mompreneurs here in the Network. Her mission is to HELP you get the most out of your membership in the International Christian Mompreneur Network! And she’s going to do that by helping you engage with other women on social media.

She got off to a fabulous start by launching a special Facebook Group just for us! It’s a place for you to meet and network with Christian moms who are running a business or ministry while raising a family. You can get to know other women who share your values of faith, family and business (in that order!). If you take the initiative, you will make meaningful connections to support you in your personal and professional goals.

Click here to connect with Elizabeth in our special Facebook Group!

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Meet Featured Sister Lisa Ellis Willams

Lisa Ellis WillamsHave you ever felt pressure from your husband to succeed in your business or ministry? Many moms who are growing a business while raising a family find themselves overwhelmed with the responsibilities and pressures. Speaker and author Lisa Ellis Williams is 100% transparent about her struggle to be a good wife and create a successful business while remaining true to her values. Her story is an inspiration — and a reminder that we need our sisters more than ever!

Meet Featured Sister Lisa Ellis Willams

Business Name: L. Williams Speaker Services (official name) DBA- Wives On Purpose

Business Description: I started a home based support group for Christian wives in 2005. I would share bible lessons to teach wives how to find success in marriage. The group named themselves Wives On Purpose. I kept it.

Lisa’s Story: 

In 2009, with the wives sponsorship, I attended the She Speaks writers conference. They believed my message should be shared.  My book proposal for Wife School accepted by Harvest House and Revel publishers. In the end I did not get a contract but self published the book in 2013.

I began speaking to women’s ministries in 2008 and continue to do so. In 2014, my husband announced that I needed to make money at this or return to work full time. Scared to pieces, I formed the LLC that is my speaking and writing consulting business. [Read more…]

Meet Featured Sister Stephanie Danner

Stephanie DannerIf you’ve been neglecting LinkedIn as a social networking platform, I want you to know that I’ve met the nicest people there! In fact, that’s where I met Stephanie Danner, a fellow Christian mompreneur and resident of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Stephanie reached out to me via LinkedIn after realizing the many skills and interests we have in common. In no time at all, we were chatting on the phone like old friends! And that’s what I love most about LinkedIn — it truly does a great job of connecting people. Since that first conversation, I’ve learned more about Stephanie and am honored to share her story here with  you.

Meet Featured Sister Stephanie Danner

Business Name: CLARITI

Business Description: CLARITI encourages the empowerment of teens and adults by striving to Connect, Lead, Achieve, Reflect, Imagine, Teach, and Inspire others. Our vision is to promote positive perspectives and individualized inspiration through discovery of the authentic self.

Stephanie’s Story: 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, I devoted twelve years to teaching high school students with special needs. In my thirteenth year, I began working in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department, where I now have the privilege of teaching Life Planning and Child Development/Parenting to teenagers. My experience as a teacher engendered a clearly defined commitment to educate, motivate, inspire, and empower others.

In 2014, I published my first book, Ava, After the Divorce. My hope for this children’s book was for kids to see the experience of divorce as an opportunity to learn coping strategies which would result in a perpetual optimistic viewpoint. Ava offers her readers positive aspects of divorce. I am currently working on a high school “survival guide” for teens.

In 2015, I founded CLARITI, which is dedicated to providing assistance to teenagers and adults who are struggling to recognize their purpose. Our goal is to empower others to discover their value, identify their passion, develop their imagination and level of awareness, and live their best life.

My passion has always been to teach, and my enthusiasm can be attributed to my students’ success. Because of my persistence and desire to thrive, I will always have more to give and more to teach.

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