Business and Balance for the Mompreneur [An Interview with Christy Wright]

Business and Balance for the MompreneurIf you’re a fan of Dave Ramsey, then you’ve probably heard of Christy Wright. She’s the “mompreneur” on Dave’s team and she’s made it her mission to help other moms make money doing what they love.

Christy is hosting a series of events for women around the country called Business Boutique. And she stopped by the International Christian Mompreneur Network recently to chat with me about her events and her passion for helping women succeed.

You can watch my discussion with Christy about balancing business and motherhood here. She will share:

  • Her story about growing up as the daughter of a mompreneur.
  • Her secret for dealing with mom guilt.
  • Tips for charging what you’re worth.
  • Why it’s so important to work in your strengths.
  • What to do when you can’t afford to hire help.
  • The best advice I’ve ever heard on saying ‘no.’
  • The scripture verse she leans on as a mom and entrepreneur.
  • Details on how to join her at an upcoming Business Boutique event.

And – pay close attention – because she will give you a little homework assignment that I think you’re going to have fun with!

There’s no cost to watch the interview – and I promise it’s not a sales pitch disguised as an interview. Christy will share information about her upcoming events and how you can purchase a ticket – but she’s also going to share some really valuable tips you can implement today in your business.

So please click here and join us in our discussion about Business and Balance for the Mompreneur!

Meet Featured Sister Alecia Baptiste

Alecia BaptisteIf you’ve been to the Prayer Cafe, you’ve been blessed by the encouragement of Alecia Baptiste’s weekly devotionals. Alecia is one of those people who showed up in my life at precisely the right time for precisely the right purpose. It was God’s hand at work when she and I connected. She was searching for a way to share her gift and minister to women, and I was looking for a special sister to lead the Prayer Cafe. Don’t you love how God answers our prayers and connects people? 

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Meet Featured Sister Katy Blevins

KatyBlevinsDo you ever get a call or an email from a friend who says “You should meet so-and-so!” It happens to me often and unfortunately, life is so busy that I don’t always get the opportunity to meet so-and-so. But recently, when a mutual friend Maria suggested I talk with Katy Blevins, we actually found the time to get together – live and in person! And I’m so glad we did. Katy is a breath of fresh air. She’s a creative spirit with a flair for business and a heart for supporting other women. And I’m honored to have met her and to introduce you to her today! 

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[Author Interview]: Meet Christian Mompreneur Colleen O’Grady

Author of Dial Down the Drama: Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with your Teenage Daughter

Dial Down the DramaI don’t know about your childhood, but there was plenty of drama growing up in my house with three girls. I admit to being the source of my fair share of the drama — I was a master at slamming doors and rolling eyes. (Sorry, Mom!) And I’m waiting for my own house to erupt with the same kind of teenage girl drama any day.

But Colleen O’Grady says I don’t have to expect the worse. She knows there is a way to dial down the drama and reduce conflict so you can have a better relationship with your daughter. And her new book is filled with practical tips and professional advice on how to do just that! 

I met Colleen several years ago through a coaching program in Asheville, NC. I was immediately drawn to her and impressed with her parenting wisdom. As a licensed therapist, she’s had plenty of experience working with families and learning how to dial down the drama. I’m honored to share my conversation with Colleen here on the blog today! 

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[Author Interview] Meet Christian Mompreneur Christine Martinello

Discover a New Holiday Tradition: The Christmas Love Box

Christine MartinelloIf you are looking to consume less and connect more this Christmas, you’ll treasure The Christmas Love Box, created by Christian Mompreneur Christine Martinello with her husband, Bob. I met Christine virtually this year and have been so inspired by what she is doing to encourage families to start a meaningful holiday tradition — and give a gift that truly reflects the love in their hearts. Christine graciously shares her story with us here today – and I invite you to  learn more about her journey and the precious opportunity to put pen to paper and bless someone this season through The Christmas Love Box. 

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Meet Featured Sister Marie-Therese Hernon

Marie-Therese HernonI have to confess, the first time I heard about “tapping” I thought it was kinda woo-woo. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this practice could be healing. I like to think I’m open to alternative medicine…but this practice seemed strange to me. But I have several friends who swear by the results of tapping! That’s why I’m excited to share Marie-Therese’s story with you and hear from an expert who has experienced the benefits of tapping herself.

Meet Featured Sister Marie-Therese Hernon

Business Name: Tap It Behind You

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Meet Featured Sister Tina Marie Griffin

MG_3821-1357x1280Last year I found myself at a conference in Colorado where I didn’t know a soul. After only a few sessions, a group of amazing mom entrepreneurs started to form. Among them was a stunningly gorgeous woman who was on fire with a love for Jesus and on a mission to change the message our children receive from the media. This Hollywood actress turned ministry leader is exposing the truth and challenging our youth to go counter-culture! It’s my honor to share her story with you here — and give you a first peek at her newly released CD, Hollywood Exposed.

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Meet Featured Sister Jessica Brown

Jessica BRownOne of the most challenging (and rewarding!) things about running your own business is that you have to learn so many new skills. When you hang out that shingle (virtual or brick-and-mortar) you embark on a journey that offers an education in marketing, finance, sales, technology, customer service and much more! Fortunately, there are people like Jessica Brown who make this entrepreneurial education a little smoother. They hold your hand and take some of the more technical aspects of the job off your plate. So you can concentrate on what YOU do best!

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Meet Our New Community Manager: Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth GreenI am super excited to welcome Elizabeth Green as our new Community Manager at the International Christian Mompreneur Network! If you’re active on social media, you’ll start to see Elizabeth commenting and sharing and connecting on behalf of all the mompreneurs here in the Network. Her mission is to HELP you get the most out of your membership in the International Christian Mompreneur Network! And she’s going to do that by helping you engage with other women on social media. She got off to a fabulous start by launching a special Facebook Group just for us! It’s a place for you to meet and network with Christian moms who are running a business or ministry while raising a family. You can get to know other women who share your values of faith, family and business (in that order!). If you take the initiative, you will make meaningful connections to support you in your personal and professional goals.

Click here to connect with Elizabeth in our special Facebook Group!

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Meet Featured Sister Lisa Ellis Willams

Lisa Ellis Willams

Have you ever felt pressure from your husband to succeed in your business or ministry? Many moms who are growing a business while raising a family find themselves overwhelmed with the responsibilities and pressures. Speaker and author Lisa Ellis Williams is 100% transparent about her struggle to be a good wife and create a successful business while remaining true to her values. Her story is an inspiration — and a reminder that we need our sisters more than ever!

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