[Author Interview] Meet Christian Mompreneur Melissa Michaels

LovetheHomeYouHaveHiResIf you’ve ever been frustrated with the condition of your house or envious of a friend’s home, I’ve got someone I want you to meet! I’m honored and excited to bring you this interview with Melissa Michaels, a pastor’s wife and the author of the new book Love the Home You Have (Harvest House) and The Inspired RoomMelissa’s words of advice have been exactly what I needed to start loving the home I have — and I pray they have the same effect on you!

Meet Melissa Michaels, Author of Love the Home You Have

Q. What inspired you to write this book and have you always been the kind of woman who keeps a neat and tidy home?
A. Ha, no! I’ve always been the kind of woman who aspired to have a neat and tidy home but couldn’t figure out how. It wasn’t until I simplified my approach that I finally succeeded in what I call having a “clean enough” house. It’s not perfect, but it’s clean enough that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I can always do better if I’m inspired to, but it’s nice to feel like I can keep up with what matters and let go of the rest.
Q: What would you tell the mom who compares herself to others and feels like she’ll never measure up when it comes to her home?
A: We are all in different seasons of life and have different priorities and needs for what is important to us at different stages of life. When you play the comparison games with other moms, you’ll likely win at some and lose at others. We know a house shouldn’t be a status symbol or a competition, but is sure is easy to feel like we don’t measure up, isn’t it? Our home should be a sanctuary, and looking at it from that perspective will change everything about how you look at your home. It is a place where we can nurture our family, reflect who we are and invest in what matters to us right now. You are enough and what you have is enough, all you need is a plan of action to create a home you’ll love to come home to. That is my mission, to inspire women and moms to love the home they have!

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Why Good Moms Make Great Leaders

Think you have what it takes to be a great leader? If you’re a mom, I’d say you probably do. Somewhere between diapers and diplomas, most moms develop leadership skills that rival any CEO. They earn their honorary degrees on the campus of motherhood. And they’re as competent as their colleagues in the corporate cubicle. Excuse me a moment while I make some assumptions and generalizations. I realize that there are some moms out there who haven’t quite learned these lessons…but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about YOU! And I want you to know that you’ve got everything it takes to be a great leader.

10 Reasons Moms Make Great Leaders

1. We know how to foster growth. Our job as mothers is to train them up in the way they should go. Whether we’re correcting or conversing, every interaction we have with our children is part of the plan to help them grow and succeed. Wouldn’t it be lovely if every boss felt the same way about helping employees grow?

2. We’ve learned to embrace change. So maybe we cry on the first day of kindergarten and the entire summer before college…but somewhere along the line we accept the fact that change is a good thing. Leaders who recognize this truth are the ones who innovate and evolve in the shifting marketplace.

3. We protect our people. I dare you to say something slanderous about my child or treat her unjustly. I’ll tear you to pieces. (Well, not really.) But at the very least, I’ll make sure my child never has to experience your mean spirit again. Great leaders stand behind their people like an angry mamma.

4. We’re great listeners. I used to think good parenting was about saying all the right things. Now I know it’s more about listening and responding appropriately to each child’s needs. It’s about knowing when to follow the rules and when to follow your heart. And letting my kids come to their own conclusions at times. Imagine if our world leaders listened like that. [Read more…]

Meet Featured Sister Lisa Ellis Willams

Lisa Ellis WillamsHave you ever felt pressure from your husband to succeed in your business or ministry? Many moms who are growing a business while raising a family find themselves overwhelmed with the responsibilities and pressures. Speaker and author Lisa Ellis Williams is 100% transparent about her struggle to be a good wife and create a successful business while remaining true to her values. Her story is an inspiration — and a reminder that we need our sisters more than ever!

Meet Featured Sister Lisa Ellis Willams

Business Name: L. Williams Speaker Services (official name) DBA- Wives On Purpose

Business Description: I started a home based support group for Christian wives in 2005. I would share bible lessons to teach wives how to find success in marriage. The group named themselves Wives On Purpose. I kept it.

Lisa’s Story: 

In 2009, with the wives sponsorship, I attended the She Speaks writers conference. They believed my message should be shared.  My book proposal for Wife School accepted by Harvest House and Revel publishers. In the end I did not get a contract but self published the book in 2013.

I began speaking to women’s ministries in 2008 and continue to do so. In 2014, my husband announced that I needed to make money at this or return to work full time. Scared to pieces, I formed the LLC that is my speaking and writing consulting business. [Read more…]