Characteristics of an #Unbroken Mom [Movie Review]

keyart2Have you ever had one of those days when you felt broken? Let me refresh your memory. Every appliance in the house is on the fritz, the cat brings you a “present” that resembles a dead dragon, the kids have strep throat for the third time this season, the babysitter cancels at the last minute and you have a “very important” deadline you are clearly going to miss. Oh, and there’s a note in a backpack warning of a lice epidemic at school. Been there? Me, too.

In times like this I try not to let my situation define me. I look around at others who are facing far worse misfortune and wonder what it takes to rise above life’s challenges. I marvel at the capacity of some people who remain #unbroken in the face of extraordinary adversity. People like Louis Zamperini, whose life is chronicled in the movie (and book) Unbroken, a remarkable story of survival and forgiveness.

On the surface, I don’t have a lot in common with the late Louis Zamperini. But I think moms can learn from Louie what it takes to remain unbroken in spite of life’s detours, trials and obstacles. We don’t have to be shipwrecked, beaten beyond recognition or imprisoned in a Japanese war camp to experience the kind of difficulty that can break us. New babies…aging parents…setbacks in our health…marital struggles…financial problems…unplanned relocations… These are the things that derail us. They have the power to break our spirits, dissolve our will and test our faith – if we let them. Or, we can allow them to shape us into the women God calls us to become. It’s our choice. And we can choose to be #unbroken, like Louis Zamperini.

Characteristics of an #Unbroken Mom

Resilience: Louie’s horrific experiences are difficult to watch on screen, but the message is uplifting. Under the same circumstances, most of us would crumble both physically and emotionally. Yet, Louie grew stronger with every ordeal.

I think that’s how mothers manage to get through the seemingly endless parade of challenges that greet us every day. We don’t allow them to grab ahold of our heart and fill us with anger and frustration. We accept each one, doing our best with what we know and the resources we have. And we grow stronger as mothers because of the experience. We become #unbroken in the face of life’s tribulations.

Clear Focus: Despite the unfathomable suffering and despair that surrounded Louie, he was able to keep his eyes fixed on his goal: survival. He knew that surviving the war was his way to win the battle and defeat the enemy. Nothing else mattered.

As mothers, we can easily lose site of our priorities in an effort to complete the tasks set before us. That’s why I often find myself choosing to do laundry or wash dishes when I had planned to read scripture. And I’m ashamed to admit it’s why I sometimes shush my child and devote my attention to a business related project. Every day is a new opportunity to reexamine what matters most to us. And to ask God to provide clear guidance and direction so that we remain focused and #unbroken when it comes to our true priorities.

Wise Companionship: God placed mentors in Louie’s life including his brother Pete, his pilot and friend Phil, and his wife Cynthia. Without their encouragement, support and faith, Louie’s life would certainly have taken a different path.

Our life story may not be as enthralling as Louie’s, but the people we surround ourselves with truly make a difference in who we become. And while we can’t always chose who we spend time with, we can chose who we let into our hearts, who we listen to and who we trust with our hopes and dreams and fears. We pray that our children make wise choices when it comes to their friends, so we too must seek out relationships that enable us to be the very best versions of ourselves. We must choose companions that allow us to remain #unbroken moms!


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And since it’s that time of year for starting over…for making resolutions…for mapping out our plans for the next 12 months…I invite you to select a scripture verse to guide you through the coming year. In fact, I encourage you to choose a Verse of the Year as the foundation for the change you want to see in your life.

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21 Conversation Starters on Gratitude

21 Conversation Starters on GratitudeIt seems like everywhere I turn, folks are talking about gratitude. In fact, I did a Google search on gratitude that yielded 75,800,000 results. That’s a lot of thankfulness! But what exactly are these “grateful people” talking about? Well…they’re sharing tips and strategies for creating a practice of gratitude. And they’re explaining the benefits of assuming an attitude of gratitude.

If you’re like me, you are 100% on board with all that gratitude talk. But…when it comes down to it…and the mashed potatoes are getting cold…you’re in favor of a quick blessing in place of the family tradition of sharing the long list of things you are thankful for. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels that way!)

So, this year, instead of cramming all our gratitude into a 20-minute prayer before dinner, I thought we could discuss gratitude all day long. Or maybe even all week long! Instead of just listing or naming the things we’re grateful for, I thought maybe we could go deeper…and really share the things in our lives that deserve our thanks. Because I believe gratitude requires more than a passing nod or a brief mention at the dinner table. I believe we need to celebrate gratitude by devoting entire conversations to it. After all, we are throwing an entire party in the name of gratitude!

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