Don’t Forget: You’re Making a Difference

By Dr. Betsy Lavin

Don't Forget_ You're Making a DifferenceHas this happened to you lately? 

You’re sitting around the table with friends or family when someone asks, “Say, what is the name of the family that lives just north of the lake? You know who I’m talking about right?”

No one can come up with the actual last name, but you alll immediately start to share the mystery families biography like where they work or what car they drive, where their kids went to school. Just no name. 

This conversation actually happened around our Easter dinner table. It took a group of 4 adults 10 minutes to come up with the name of our life long neighbor that lives just two miles from our house. 

Needless to say our memories are not what they used to be and we have now resorted to collectively coming up with the answer that used to be fluent in one single mind. Finally someone claims the ‘Eureka!’ moment and the answer breaks through the fog. You all feel so relieved that someone finally got it. Thank goodness, your memories aren’t completely gone after all. (By the way, the answer was Gunderson).

We can laugh about it most of the time but what about the stuff you really do need to remember? 

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Parenting the Emerging Entrepreneur

By Pat Fenner

Parenting the Emerging EntrepreneurWe may be familiar with the type as an adult, but for most of us, the stereotypical entrepreneur as a child sits behind a lemonade stand.

And I don’t know about you, but that child is rarely, if ever, seen in my neck of the woods these days. Increasing food-safety regulations and child labor laws, combined with ever-growing screen time and diminishing outdoor play time has pretty much relegated that cute little kid to being a cultural cliché.

So does that mean that our children will no longer grow up to be self-employed leaders in the business world? Au contraire, my friend! As parents, we should still be on the lookout for those entrepreneurial qualities in our kids, and then follow through by helping them grow and strengthen them.

What qualities do future entrepreneurs possess?

While I don’t want to put them in a box, and of course, individuals and personalities vary, these are some obvious signs that you may have a budding business owner in your brood! They display:

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My Secrets to Success

By Alecia Baptiste

My Secrets to SuccessCan I let you in on a little secret?
Often people wonder how I homeschool three children, care for our family, write,  speak, run a business and have time to go on trips around the world. Often I hear, “You’re super talented and amazing and I could NEVER do what you do.” Nope, that’s not it. Or, “You are a saint, a super christian and extremely patient.” Again. No. And No. And No.
Here’s my secret. Actually, my secrets.
1. I’m surrounded by SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE. My number one supporter is: Edward Baptiste, my husband. He doesn’t just put up with my “projects.” He wholeheartedly supports them. He gives me the freedom to fly. He listens for hours upon hours as I work through obstacles, brainstorm and share my disappointments. But more importantly, this man really LOVES me and PRAYS with me and for me.
As a side note, I don’t listen to negative people. Their voices are on mute. (Still love them, though!)

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There is No Grace for Your Imagination

There is No Grace for Your ImaginationFor some reason, my children love asking me hypothetical questions like, “Mom, what would you do if I took your phone and threw it on the floor?” Or “What would you do if I punched you in the face and ran out the door screaming?” My response is, “I don’t waste brain power on hypothetical situations.”  I have enough real problems that I need to ponder and pray over.  I don’t need to waste my energy on imagined problems.
Silly, right?
But how many of us put ourselves  in hypothetical  scenarios without realizing it? I’ve done it to my self A LOT. I look at a situation that someone is in and think to myself, “I can’t imagine going through that.” All the while, I’m trying to imagine how I would handle the situation. And really… I can’t. I believe that our imaginations were never meant to be used that way. Our imaginations were given to us to create, not to “see” into the future or to project ourselves into someone else’s situation.

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How To Choose a WordPress Website Host

How To Choose a WordPress Website HostSo you want a WordPress website? Now it’s time to buy a domain  and hosting. What’s the difference? Your domain is like the address on your house, and hosting is the lot that contains the house. It’s the physical space where your website files sit on a physical server that’s connected to the internet 24/7. By purchasing hosting service, you’re essentially renting space on these machines along with a staff of people to monitor the machines, make repairs, support customers and assure the servers are running and connected to the internet as much as possible.

Truth be told, hosting is a commodity these days. There are very few differences among hosting providers and it often comes down to anecdotal experiences and word-of-mouth as to which company to choose. However, there are just a few important things you need to consider when you’re hosting a website with WordPress.

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When Your Role as a Mom Clashes With Your Entrepreneurial Drive

When Your Role as a Mom Clashes With Your Entrepreneurial DriveIt bothers me that this is even an issue, but I’ve been struggling with something lately. 

It’s the battle between the mom and the mompreneur in me.

Maybe it’s because of the timing in my life right now. We homeschool, and the kids still at home are middle- and high-school aged. So in reality, they are already developing the independent learning skills that are so vital to their future plans – academic or non-academic.

We worked at the end of last summer to develop a schedule for all of us that included work/study times, sports and music lessons, and meetings or other appointments.

They’re already learning to do things quite well independently, without my constant oversight, and I feel a certain chasm growing even without having this other role tugging at my time and heart.

Work, for me, consists mostly of time at my computer, researching, writing and contacting people via email. I admit I spend too much time than is good for my eyes staring at my laptop, but what else is a writer to do?

Many of you reading this may be going through the same struggles. And you may also be asking: what can you do – if anything – to keep your entrepreneurial spirit and activities from damaging your vital, God-given role as mom?

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The Quiet Uprising

The Quiet UprisingThere’s a quiet uprising happening all over the world. It’s not on the front pages of the newspaper. You won’t hear about it when you watch the evening news. But make no mistake about it. This uprising is REAL. Love is invading our world! That’s why hate must fight back so vehemently and so loudly–banging its drums saying, “Look at me! Look at me!” Though hate noisily draws attention to itself, love quietly invades.

Love makes its way into the darkest places as people choose to let love in. Love reigns supremely as we meet together plotting love invasions in our neighborhoods, schools and businesses. It shows itself when couples choose to remain faithful to one another in spite of pain and disappointment, when parents refuse to give up on children who rebel, when parents choose relationships over careers and the culture’s definition of success, and as single people fight to remain pure in the midst of a sex crazed culture.

Love destroys the walls that separate us. Misunderstanding is transformed into the willingness to listen. Biases transform into understanding. Fear is cast out! Deep wounds are healed. Ashes become magnificent masterpieces. Captives are set free!

Love may be quiet and tender, but do not dismiss its power! It doesn’t require political, economic or social influence. It needs no college degree or any other qualifications. It doesn’t require fame or fortune. Its power can be wielded by a little tot, a frail elderly person or an impoverished and forgotten woman. Love only requires an open heart, and a willingness to allow its beauty and power to be released to those in its vicinity.

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Easy 10-Minute Meditation (For Those of Us Who Don’t Know How to Be Still!)

Easy 10-Minute Meditation (For Those of Us Who Don't Know How to Be Still!)If you’re like most moms, you are busy all day taking care of others. And you probably don’t take the time you should to be still and show some compassion for yourself. 

Compassion is often seen as something we have for someone else.  We may feel the need to “be compassionate” in an effort to take others’ pain away. In our quest to “be there” for our families, coworkers and friends, we often become depleted. But it’s impossible to keep pouring out when our own heart needs tender loving care.

How about, just for today, we stay closer to home and show compassion to ourselves?  

The simplest way to show compassion is to embrace yourself – as is. God loves you completely — so you should, too.  

Honor yourself today with 10 minutes of mindfulness and stillness.  Try this exercise:

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How to Buy Your First Website Domain

How to Purchase a Domain for Your WebsiteReady to build your first website? One of the first thing you will need to do is purchase a domain name. Domains and hosting can be confusing and overwhelming. So try to think of it this way: your website is like your house. Your domain is your address, or the house numbers on the front of your house. Hosting is the location where your house sits. You need to have a domain to tell the world where your website lives. You need to have hosting to house the actual website. They are not one in the same and you must have both. 

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What Mercy Looks Like

What Mercy Looks LikeGracie sat on the end of the bed crying while holding her Bible close to her chest. Her 12-year-old sister Faith Anne lay on the bed next to Gracie, listening to her tell of God’s love and mercy. In the room next door slept two beautiful little girls, ages 6 months and 2 years. These were Gracie’s babies. Gracie’s husband had left her for another woman. Faith Anne stayed with Gracie to help her with the girls, and she listened as Gracie read the Bible to her night after night. Gracie believed that God would restore her marriage and bring home the girls’ daddy. As tears ran down her cheeks, she would pray and read.

Just when they were all about to give up and move back to their hometown, Gracie’s husband decided to come home. This event changed Faith Anne’s life. As an adult now, she shares how watching her sister read and pray was the beginning of wanting to know more about God. Her sister showed love and mercy for her unfaithful husband. Gracie would tell Faith Anne that God showed that same love and mercy for his people by sending his one and only son to die for them. (John 3:16)

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