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FBgroupOne of the reasons I created the International Christian Mompreneur Network was because I was feeling lonely. I didn’t quite fit in with all my working mom friends. And I didn’t have time to chat over coffee with my stay-at-home-mom friends. I craved the connection with other women who were doing what I was doing — running a business while raising a family. But I had zero time for networking luncheons and zero budget for week-long conferences in exotic destinations. Plus, I wanted a group that felt more comfortable than the ambitious professional organizations I’d been a part of. I wanted a place where it was OK to talk about business and profits…but it was also OK to talk about potty training and spiritual warfare. I searched far and wide…and couldn’t find the right fit.

So I carved out a little space for us on the internet. It’s our very own virtual community for connecting with other women, encouraging moms in their work, asking for prayer support, sharing your latest news and getting answers to business questions you’re too embarrassed to ask elsewhere. [Read more…]

Five Things You Can Stop Feeling Guilty About



Moms know guilt. We wear it like a tattered old sweater we refuse to part with. We carry it with us like a dark cloud that threatens our happiness. And we reluctantly but faithfully accept it from strangers, causing us second-guess our every move.

Guilt can be helpful if it causes you to be a better person. But, if you’re like me, you take on a lot of guilt that doesn’t do anything but create stress and anxiety. That’s because we feel guilty about things that don’t deserve our attention. Here are five things I’ve decided I no longer need to feel guilty about – and I’m hoping you will join me!

Five Things You Can Stop Feeling Guilty About

1. Your parenting style. Being a mom is a journey comprised of a million decisions. Breastfeed or bottle feed? Vaccinations or not? Homeschool or public school? It seems no matter what you choose, you attract critics and haters. Family, friends and total strangers weigh in on your abilities as a parent. Even your children evaluate your skills and tell you what you’re doing wrong (maybe that’s just my children!). But guess what? It’s your job to make those decisions and you’re not getting fired any time soon. God gave your children to you for a reason – and he will equip you to be the best mom you can be to them. So make your choices based on what you feel is best at the moment and don’t look back.

2. Your work choices. Are you a member of Team LeanIn or Team StayAtHomeMom? A lot of moms feel like they need to take sides. I happen to fall somewhere in the middle, which makes it difficult to have allegiance to either team. But there are some maniacal fans on both sides and they can make you question your choices. One minute you feel guilty for not being home with your children and the next minute you feel guilty for “wasting” your master’s degree. Remember, God created YOU to be unique. He has very specific plans for you – and they don’t involve following the crowd. So, take heart and know that if your choices are in alignment with God’s plan there’s no reason to feel guilty. [Read more…]

Three Traits of a NOBLE Woman [Movie Review]

NOBLE movieExcuse me while I sound a little bit Hollywood for a moment…but I had the opportunity to interview a movie director last week! Yes, I got to “hangout” with my friend Erika Marie of and Stephen Bradley, writer and director of the award-winning movie NOBLE. (You can watch the video of our chat here – and hear what Stephen Bradley has to say about why he chose to do the film.)

The movie features the true story of Christina Noble, a woman who survives a traumatic childhood in the slums of Ireland to travel across the globe and rescue children from the streets of Vietnam.

I have to admit, the film surprised me in several ways. I expected an uplifting story of an inspirational and selfless woman. And I figured the movie would be family-friendly and upbeat. What I discovered was the incredible journey of a beaten but determined woman, who rose above every obstacle to fulfill her mission. The story of Christina Noble isn’t pretty – but it’s powerful and purposeful.

While I doubt God’s plans for me involve traveling to Vietnam to save millions of homeless children, I learned a lot from the movie about what it takes to be a NOBLE Woman.

NOBLE-8-1024x681Three Traits of a NOBLE Woman:

A NOBLE Woman is Faithful: Christina Noble grew up in an Irish Catholic community, raised in part by nuns (who were not exactly portrayed in the most positive light in the film). Yet her faith was not expressed in the traditional Catholic manner. I don’t recall seeing her say the Rosary or the Hail Mary or even attend Mass. But there are several poignant scenes in the movie where Christina confronts God in a church and demands a response from him. Her faith was stronger than religion. It wasn’t confined to scripture and ceremony. It was real and it was raw. And it carried her through the darkest of days. It was a reminder that God wants to have a relationship with us. [Read more…]