Author Interview: Meet Christian Mompreneur Lisa Williams

Lisa WilliamsIs it time for you to go back to school? I’m not talking college, I’m talking Wife School! Christian mompreneur Lisa Williams is on a mission to ignite a desire in women to learn new life skills so they can thrive in healthy, growing and godly marriages. “It took seven years through separation, divorce and remarriage to my same husband, for me to learn how to be a suitable helper,” says Lisa. “I finally got it! My hope is that other wives benefit from the wisdom I acquired through the process.”

Lisa shares her experience with us in a life application study on Christian marriage called Wife School. I had the opportunity to chat with Lisa and find out more about her ministry and her book, Wife School. I pray this blesses you and your marriage! 


Meet Lisa Williams, Author of Wife School: Using God’s Word to Build a Stronger Marriage 

Q: What inspired you to write Wife School?

A: In 2005, I began teaching a small group Bible Study in my home. I shared with other wives lessons I learned about being a godly wife as a result of my seven year separation and ultimate divorce and remarriage to the same husband.

Over time, I identified recurring themes and basic principles that when practiced, yielded positive results in marriage.  Writing Wife School was my way of sharing those lessons with wives outside of my home so that marriages everywhere might benefit.  


Q: As you wrote Wife School who did you have in mind?

 A: I am frequently asked if my message and Wife School is a good tool for counseling wives who are in a deteriorating marriage.  My answer is always NO. The wife I had in mind is not hurting. She is not separated. She is not on the way to divorce court.   

 Wife School is written for the wife living in a healthy and growing marriage. This is the best season to study the Bible learning practical ways to build an even stronger marriage.  This study is a great tool to do just that.


Q: In Wife School you write about the importance of being a wife on purpose. What does that mean?

A: My first home study group believed that women often fall in love and get married but to stay married wives must be purposeful. For example, when wives tire from routine home management tasks, we can be renewed by God’s call to be keepers of the home (Titus 2:5) or when wives are no longer happy contemplating leaving the marriage, we can be convicted by Malachi 2:16 accepting that God hates divorce. Sifting marriage decisions through the scriptures prompted my first group of women to affectionately call themselves “Wives On Purpose.”

I adopted this concept to describe the difference between wives who live according to popular views of marriage and those who consistently study scripture to be transformed by the renewing of their minds towards marriage.


Q: Who should read this book? 

A: Wife School is a life application study written in easy to understand language. The book includes tips, anecdotes and lined sections designated for journal and reflection.  It serves as a workbook for any wife with a heart open to studying the Bible and applying its principles to build a stronger marriage.


Q: Are you working on any other books?

A: Yes, I am currently working on a devotional. Although I have not settled on a title yet, I have completed multiple chapters and hope to release it early 2015.

This devotional will include not only my marriage story but also, the stories of wives I have encountered over the years. It will encourage women through life’s challenges and inspire them to fall in love with God over and over again. Even the divorced wife will be represented in this devotional. After all, over twelve years ago she was me.   


Q: Does writing come easily for you? Where and when do you write?

 A: No! I am still practicing the discipline of writing in the morning and before I run away to other less important tasks. The truth is I prefer to speak and record a lesson over writing it down.

I confess to using my laptop and writing in bed and will occasionally hang out at my local Starbucks while waiting to pick up my children after school. Most days like today, I am sitting at my desk in the home office since writing is work for me.


Q: In one sentence, what do you hope your readers walk away with?

A: Studying God’s way to live married is fun and changes the way you impact your husband, children and the world around you. 

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