Christian Mom: You Can Create a Business That Supports Your Values of Faith and Family!

If you are running a business while raising a family, you are not alone! Women are opening small businesses at a higher rate than men. And many of these businesses are owned by moms who work from home. In fact, a new home-based business is started every 12 seconds in the United States. Why? We believe it’s because we’re experiencing a shift in priorities and women are searching for a way to create a business that supports their values of faith and family. They want a profitable business and a family-centered lifestyle. And it’s easier than ever before to make that dream a reality. 

The International Christian Mompreneur Network is a community of moms who are passionate about faith, family and business (in that order!). We know that God calls us to share our gifts and talents and serve others through our businesses. We offer solutions and support to help you build a profitable business with wisdom and grace. If you’re self-employed, starting a business, running a home based business or just thinking about creating a business while raising a family, you’re in the right place!

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Meet Other Christian Mompreneurs Here!

FBgroupOne of the reasons I created the International Christian Mompreneur Network was because I was feeling lonely. I didn’t quite fit in with all my working mom friends. And I didn’t have time to chat over coffee with my stay-at-home-mom friends. I craved the connection with other women who were doing what I was doing — running a business while raising a family. But I had zero time for networking luncheons and zero budget for week-long conferences in exotic destinations. Plus, I wanted a group that felt more comfortable than the ambitious professional organizations I’d been a part of. I wanted a place where it was OK to talk about business and profits…but it was also OK to talk about potty training and spiritual warfare. I searched far and wide…and couldn’t find the right fit.

So I carved out a little space for us on the internet. It’s our very own virtual community for connecting with other women, encouraging moms in their work, asking for prayer support, sharing your latest news and getting answers to business questions you’re too embarrassed to ask elsewhere. [Read more…]

Meet Our New Community Manager: Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth GreenI am super excited to welcome Elizabeth Green as our new Community Manager at the International Christian Mompreneur Network! If you’re active on social media, you’ll start to see Elizabeth commenting and sharing and connecting on behalf of all the mompreneurs here in the Network. Her mission is to HELP you get the most out of your membership in the International Christian Mompreneur Network! And she’s going to do that by helping you engage with other women on social media.

She got off to a fabulous start by launching a special Facebook Group just for us! It’s a place for you to meet and network with Christian moms who are running a business or ministry while raising a family. You can get to know other women who share your values of faith, family and business (in that order!). If you take the initiative, you will make meaningful connections to support you in your personal and professional goals.

Click here to connect with Elizabeth in our special Facebook Group!

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[Author Interview] Meet Christian Mompreneur Melissa Michaels

LovetheHomeYouHaveHiResIf you’ve ever been frustrated with the condition of your house or envious of a friend’s home, I’ve got someone I want you to meet! I’m honored and excited to bring you this interview with Melissa Michaels, a pastor’s wife and the author of the new book Love the Home You Have (Harvest House) and The Inspired RoomMelissa’s words of advice have been exactly what I needed to start loving the home I have — and I pray they have the same effect on you!

Meet Melissa Michaels, Author of Love the Home You Have

Q. What inspired you to write this book and have you always been the kind of woman who keeps a neat and tidy home?
A. Ha, no! I’ve always been the kind of woman who aspired to have a neat and tidy home but couldn’t figure out how. It wasn’t until I simplified my approach that I finally succeeded in what I call having a “clean enough” house. It’s not perfect, but it’s clean enough that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I can always do better if I’m inspired to, but it’s nice to feel like I can keep up with what matters and let go of the rest.
Q: What would you tell the mom who compares herself to others and feels like she’ll never measure up when it comes to her home?
A: We are all in different seasons of life and have different priorities and needs for what is important to us at different stages of life. When you play the comparison games with other moms, you’ll likely win at some and lose at others. We know a house shouldn’t be a status symbol or a competition, but is sure is easy to feel like we don’t measure up, isn’t it? Our home should be a sanctuary, and looking at it from that perspective will change everything about how you look at your home. It is a place where we can nurture our family, reflect who we are and invest in what matters to us right now. You are enough and what you have is enough, all you need is a plan of action to create a home you’ll love to come home to. That is my mission, to inspire women and moms to love the home they have!

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