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If you are running a business while raising a family, you are not alone! Women are opening small businesses at a higher rate than men. And many of these businesses are owned by moms who work from home. In fact, a new home-based business is started every 12 seconds in the United States. Why?

We believe it’s because we’re experiencing a shift in priorities and women are searching for a way to create a business that supports their values of faith and family. They want a profitable business and a family-centered lifestyle. And it’s easier than ever before to make that dream a reality. The International Christian Mompreneur Network is a community of moms who are passionate about faith, family and business (in that order!). We know that God calls us to share our gifts and talents and serve others through our businesses. We offer solutions and support to help you build a profitable business with wisdom and grace. If you’re self-employed, starting a business, running a home based business or just thinking about creating a business while raising a family, you’re in the right place!

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Ten Ideas to Revive Your Quiet Time with Jesus

Listen to the One Voice: An Except from Finding Balance by Alecia Baptiste

quiet time for mompreneursWe live in a culture where there are so many voices. There are the voices of your parents. The voices of your teachers and coaches.  There are the voices of the media. There is the voice of your doctor. There are the voices of your friends. There are the voices of the books you read. There are voices coming from every direction. Everybody has an opinion about what you should be doing. Everyone has an agenda for you and your family. 
It can be so overwhelming and confusing!
The voices keep us full of fear of not getting it all done or not doing it all right. The voices burden us with guilt. The voices keep us striving to do the next thing. The voices keep us confused about what we should be doing.  
I propose that we spend less time listening to the voices and more time listening to the ONE VOICE that really matters. Only One voice brings peace to the soul and freedom from guilt and fear. Only one voice lightens our burdens and heals our deepest pain. Only one voice resurrects the dead, and turns darkness into light.
That one voice is the voice of the Creator of the Universe, the Living Word, the All-powerful One, Our Father, our Lord and Savior.
I have found that the more time I spend listening to His voice, the more peace, clarity and joy I have. On the contrary, the more time I spend listening to the voices, the more I strive, the more confusion I experience and the less content I am. The voices put me on the perpetual  treadmill. The ONE VOICE bring rest to my soul.
So what does that look like for me practically?

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5 Tech Tools for Non-Tech Mompreneurs

tech tools for the mompreneur Technology challenges are one of the most common laments I hear from mompreneurs in my age bracket. I’ll admit that people of today’s generation seem like they were born with a cell phone in their hands. But even if you’re not fluent, or at least comfortable, with technology, these are some tools that are worth the learning curve to increase your productivity.

Five Tech Tools for the Non-Tech Mompreneur 

Google Calendar for Mompreneurs1. Google has a wonderful suite of tools that range from simple to webmaster skill levels. My favorite basic-level tool is Google Calendar. One of the biggest challenges by far for mompreneurs is keeping a balance between business and household commitments. For some reason, most of the time the kids and hubby expect you to be the center of the wheel and keep everyone in the know. Of course, to be honest, you most likely are the center of the wheel, and Google’s calendar can help you keep everyone’s schedules running smoothly. You can set up multiple calendars, invite the appropriate friends and family members to them, and then have event notifications pushed to your smart phone. I have three calendars that I use on a regular basis: my blog calendar, a family calendar and my personal calendar. I can view all three at the same time or individually by toggling one or two off. My business partner and I have access to the blog calendar, the kids and hubby have access to the family one, and my personal one is my own. (It would drive my family bonkers if they got EVERY notification of all the things I have to do every day!)

How this helps with productivity:
Um, I don’t think I have to say too much here. I mean, isn’t meeting with a client, and getting the kids to soccer practice or ballet on time, and remembering a Friday date night with hubby almost equally important in the life of a mompreneur?

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[Prayer Cafe]: October 12, 2016 – John 14:15-27

The counselor and Teacher

eat-pbj-for-easter-dinner-if-it-helps-you-focus-on-the-right-targetAs a mom and business owner, there is not a night that I don’t lay down to go to sleep with a million thoughts racing through my mind. “Did I pay the mortgage? Did I reply that to that email? Is my son’s scout uniform clean for tomorrow? What is coming for the future of our country? Will I be able to keep my kids safe as this world seems to spiral into darkness?” The list goes on and on.

It’s easy to get anxious and to let that anxiety bring us down. 

But in this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste reminds us that God has given us all we need and that we do not need to be afraid. 

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How to Raise a Future Leader

[A little something from iMom]

how-to-raise-a-future-leaderFirefighter. Movie star. Professional soccer player. President of the United States. Our children have big plans for what they want to do when they grow up. So we encourage them and guide them and nurture their dreams. But do we give them the skills they need to achieve their goals?

As parents, we’ve been given the tremendous responsibility of raising the next generation of leaders. It’s not always easy being the mother of a budding young boss. But it’s incredibly rewarding to witness your child transform into a respectable, inspirational young adult.

Here are ten ways you can encourage and raise a future leader:

1. Let them solve their own problems.

My mother was a master at this. She rarely got involved in arguments between my siblings and me. She told us to figure it out on our own. And it taught us how to solve problems, rather than expect to be rescued. >>>

This blog post originally appeared on iMom, a site dedicated to helping you love your family well. Read the rest of the post on iMom here.

Six Ways to Leverage What You Have

six-ways-to-leverage-what-you-haveHave you ever noticed how much time entrepreneurs spend setting goals and working to achieve the next big thing? We are constantly looking ahead. Sometimes we forget to take inventory of the here and now. We don’t even notice all the amazing ways we can leverage what we have – in order to get where we are headed.

Here are six ways you can make the most of your blessings as a mompreneur:

1. Leverage Your Success

Most of us mompreneurs spend so much time trying to fix what’s not working in our business that we forget what is working. Take a few minutes to focus on the successes you have encountered and put them to work for you:

  • Ask a client or customer for a testimonial or an endorsement.
  • Publicize any awards or certifications you’ve earned.
  • Take photos or videos of your progress on a project and share them on social media.

2. Leverage Your Work

Every step of your journey as a mompreneur is a building block. Each time you create something as part of your work, you are adding to the foundation of your success. Be careful not to keep your eyes fixed too much on the next step that you forget the solid work that got you this far. Instead, continue to use that work to propel you further on our journey:

  • Repurpose a speech you’ve given in the past as a blog post or webinar.
  • Turn your blog posts into a book.
  • Create an online course based on the steps or principles you are already using in your business.

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Meet Featured Sister Tammie Polk

Introducing the Christian Mompreneur Book Club!

t-polk-photoYou know how God brings just the right people into  your life at just the right time to fulfill his purposes? Well, I see that happen in my life all the time and Tammie Polk is one example! I had been talking with Elizabeth Green about starting a Book Club for Christian Mompreneurs in our Facebook Group (which you can join here if you’re not already a member!). We thought it would be fun to read a faith-based or business book together and discuss it in the group so we can share our knowledge and encourage one another. But who would moderate the group? Who would have the time and the passion and the skills to lead us on this journey? So I prayed about it. And then we just let the idea go until it was the right time. A few months later, Tammie showed up eager to support this ministry and lead our Book Club! Don’t you love when that happens? 

So, I’d like to introduce you to our Featured Sister, Tammie Polk! She will be filling you in on our Book Club plans over in the Facebook Group, so be sure to join us there for details! 


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[Prayer Cafe]: September 21, 2016 – Gal 5:16-26

The Fruit the Spirit Produces


eat-pbj-for-easter-dinner-if-it-helps-you-focus-on-the-right-target-4The way God commands us to live, often goes against our nature. We are naturally selfish and self-serving. But God tells us that we have to resist that. 

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste reminds us to seek the Holy Spirit for the qualities that God desires for us to have. And sometimes, we will find that help in unexpected places.

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Meet Me in DC for WOW Summit ’16

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Interested in meeting other moms who want to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families? The MomsMeet WOW Summit is the place to be! The Moms Meet community helps moms come together to share information, resources and inspiration to encourage happy, healthy families. They are gathering in Washington, DC, October 7-8 to learn, explore and connect.

I’m honored to be among the guest speakers on Friday. We’ll be talking about all sorts of tips and tools for moms who want to build a business with blogging. Saturday will be filled with expert advice for moms on a variety of healthy living topics. And, of course, there will be tons of free samples and natural, eco-friendly, organic goodies from health-conscious brands. Plus,  you’ll get to surround yourself with other healthy moms!

Want to join us? Use this special promo code just for the ladies in the International Christian Mompreneur Network and you’ll save 40% off your registration fee: TC40

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And please let me know if you’re going — I’d love to meet you there! 

Self-care Tips for Busy Moms

Self-care Tips for Busy MomsHomeschool moms are a funny bunch.

The impression that many non-homeschoolers have of us is that we’re home all day, blissfully and smoothly overseeing our children’s education, and perhaps popping in a load of laundry or two while the house stays kept up (because, after all, we are home all day, right?).

Family and close friends imagine our days as a frantic whirlwind of activity, chauffeuring kids from morning to night, then burning the midnight oil to finish academic assignments (and perhaps household chores) that might not have gotten accomplished amid the hustle and bustle of the day.

Somewhere in the middle is about right – except I’d add one particular issue to the mix:

No matter how frantic or stress-free a given day is, most of us still struggle with taking care of ourselves!

Why is that?

And even more importantly – how can we do better?

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[Prayer Cafe]: September 14, 2016 – Ephesians 5:18-20

Being filled with the Spirit


We live in a society that is in total support of self-indulgance. Do what you want. Do what makes YOU happy. 

So sometimes we indulge in things that we shouldn’t. And we end up feeling more empty than before. 

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste tells us to indulge in our Lord, and only then will we experience abundant life.

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Prayer Cafe is open (almost!) every Wednesday at noon Eastern. 

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