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If you are running a business while raising a family, you are not alone! Women are opening small businesses at a higher rate than men. And many of these businesses are owned by moms who work from home. In fact, a new home-based business is started every 12 seconds in the United States. Why?

We believe it’s because we’re experiencing a shift in priorities and women are searching for a way to create a business that supports their values of faith and family. They want a profitable business and a family-centered lifestyle. And it’s easier than ever before to make that dream a reality. The International Christian Mompreneur Network is a community of moms who are passionate about faith, family and business (in that order!). We know that God calls us to share our gifts and talents and serve others through our businesses. We offer solutions and support to help you build a profitable business with wisdom and grace. If you’re self-employed, starting a business, running a home based business or just thinking about creating a business while raising a family, you’re in the right place!

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[Prayer Cafe]: August 10: Psalm 145


Eat PB&J for Easter Dinner if it helps you focus on the RIGHT target!-4It’s so amazing and inspiring to watch Olympic athletes compete, some even breaking world records that many thought would never be topped. We get excited and cheer for them while we watch on in awe. 

Do you ever have that same feeling of excitement and awe when you are thinking about God and all He has done for us? David did. In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia reminds us praise our Lord with the same sense of enthusiasm!

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The Busy Business: A Good Problem to Have?

The Busy Business_ A Good Problem to Have?Every so often, a well–intentioned friend kindly inquires of me, “How’s business?”

To which I mistakenly reply, “Busy!”

And that typically leads to an encouraging response such as, “That’s a good problem to have!”

Does that conversation sound remotely familiar? If you are a busy mompreneur, you may recognize the dialog. It seems only natural to commend entrepreneurs on the successful busy-ness of their businesses. It’s as if there are two extremes – either your business is slowly starving you to death, or it’s bustling and hectic and causing you to practically destroy everything else in your life. And somehow, the latter is preferable. In fact, it’s a good problem to have.

But is it? Really?

Since when did “busy” become synonymous for “successful”? I would deny this a thousand times, but deep in my heart, it’s what I believe. I know it’s not good. I know it’s not the way I want to live. But I keep falling victim to the busy trap.

And it’s definitely a trap set by the enemy! As Alli Worthington’s granddaddy used to say, “If the Devil can’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy!”

I have good news for you (and me)! Your self-worth isn’t based on your productivity! Just ask Mary and Martha. We all know who chose the good portion.

I try to remind myself of their story every time I become too busy at work or in the home.

I’ve written about the busy race before. But I’ve mostly focused on how we can set boundaries and prevent ourselves from being workaholics. But I think there’s a deeper issue at heart. There’s a fundamental problem that’s rooted in our thoughts and feelings about the way we work and live. I could blame it on the fact that I come from a long line of businessmen who worked way past retirement age. I could chalk it up to the fact that I have a strong work ethic. Or I could face reality – I’ve accepted “busy-ness” as my own personal definition of success. And I’ve got to change that definition!

So here are five steps I’m going to take as I get rid of this “good problem.” Join me in shifting the way we think and talk about our busy businesses!

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[Prayer Cafe] : Psalm 91

Eat PB&J for Easter Dinner if it helps you focus on the RIGHT target!-3What makes you feel safe and at peace? For our children, it may be a favorite blanket or just a snuggle with mom. (A hug from my mom STILL makes me feel secure).  But where do you seek that comfort on a daily basis? The government? The police? An alarm system on your house? 

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste explains where true security lies, and how to let yourself receive it.

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[Prayer Cafe]: Finding Peace and Contentment, Psalm 63

Prayer Cafe Psalm 63


The Prayer Cafe resumes this week with a powerful devotional from Alecia Baptiste! Based on Psalm 63, Alecia reminds us that we can find peace and contentment in the midst of chaos and craziness. David wrote Psalm 63 while he was hiding in the desert from Saul. He had many reasons to worry and fear. But he fixed his thoughts on our sovereign Lord and found rest and peace in the midst of his circumstances. Alecia encourages us to fix our thoughts on God rather than worldly concerns such as terrorism, racism, politics, financial problems, health concerns, etc.

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Prayer Cafe is open (almost!) every Wednesday at noon Eastern. 

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Five Skills That Will Help Your Child in Life and Business

Five Skills That Will Help Your Child in Life and BusinessWe all, to some extent, want better for our kids than we’ve had. At least, that’s what I grew up with, and that’s what I’ve always wanted for our own children.

But very few of us give thought to what that exactly means, and how we can constructively help our kids reach that goal. In other words, it’s one thing to say that’s what we want, but quite another to take concrete steps in that direction.

I’ve been blessed to know quite a few entrepreneurs in my day; my husband and I have owned and run a few small businesses ourselves, and I’m currently developing yet another endeavor. Over the years, we’ve had our share of booms and busts, and watched others’ businesses both fly and fail. Having taken the time to analyze what happened in more than a few of those situations, I’ve come to understand that there are particular personal skills that are instrumental to success. Encouraging our kids to develop them now will help them in their current personal lives, and in whatever form their future business involvement takes.

Skill #1 – Being Engaged

I’m not referring to slipping a ring on anyone’s finger, nor am I suggesting that anyone become married to their job! But whatever situation we find ourselves in, an engaged person is aware. Engaged people have their eyes open and “service antennae” up, looking for ways to help, contribute, problem solve and lead. They are aware of what’s going on in their environment, and seek outlets for their own skills and talents that can benefit those around them, whether it’s friends, church family, their own customers, or an employer.

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How to Get Your Children Involved in Your Home Based Business

How to Get Your Children Involved in Your Home Based BusinessMost of the time, work-at-home moms are searching for ways to occupy our children so we can get some work done. We set up play dates, hire babysitters, sign up for summer camps and (yes!) resort to allowing strategic screen time. We teach children to use their inside voices when Mommy is on a business call. And we are amazingly productive during naptime. But what if…every once in a while…instead of banishing our children from the home office, we gave them a way to be a part of the business?

I don’t know about you, but part of the reason I chose a career as a home-based business owner is because I wanted to be near my children. I wanted the flexibility to spend time with them and work my schedule around their needs. As they’ve grown up, their needs have changed, but my motivation remains the same. But sometimes I realize I’ve been “near” them but not “with” them for a long period of time. So I’ve found a couple of creative ways to be with them – and still get some work done!

How to Involve Your Children in Your Business at Any Age

Toddlers: Even little ones like to be involved in whatever Mommy is doing. When my oldest was my only, I used to let him sit on the floor in my office and “work” on his computer during my work time. It wasn’t perfect and it was still a distraction, but I scheduled it so that whenever he was in the office I wasn’t doing something that required 100% concentration. While he wasn’t actually involved in the business, he felt like he was part of what takes place in the office. And he also learned – at an early age – that the office is for working (and for quiet time).

Elementary School: At this age, children like to be given responsibilities. And I’m always surprised by how capable they are in handling some of those responsibilities. If you have elementary school aged children, you might ask them to:

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Making Memories the Mary Way

Making Memories the Mary Way copySummer is for making memories, don’t you agree? So many of my childhood memories were created in the summertime. Beach vacations with my family…exploring the woods behind my house…riding bikes with friends…making arts and crafts at the park…swimming in the community pool…and jumping for joy at the sound of the ice cream truck! Such sweet memories.

Sometimes I wonder what my children will remember about their childhood. Will they remember the towels I folded neatly and stacked in the closet? Will they remember the balanced meals I prepared and the number of times I got in my car to drive them all over town? Probably not. But they will remember the time I spend with them – and the happiness they feel when we’re together.

I have to remind myself of this often. Because I’m so tempted to do things FOR my children rather than spend time WITH them. (It’s the whole Mary and Martha thing – I still can’t seem to get it right!).

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5 Steps to Turn Your Hobby into a Business

5 Steps to Turn Your Hobby into a Business

So you’ve been playing with a little business for a while now…selling your crafts on Etsy or sharing your recipes on a blog…leading a workshop or teaching people how to do something fabulous! But it’s just a hobby that you try to fit in when there’s time. And you think you want to make it more than a hobby. If that sounds remotely familiar, this post is for you! I have the privilege of working with women at all phases of business – from “idea” to “7 figure success story.” The one thing they all have in common is the fact that they treat their business like a business. And here’s how they do it:

Five Steps to Turn Your Hobby into a Business

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{Prayer Cafe}: June 15 – Lessons from Psalms 23

Eat PB&J for Easter Dinner if it helps you focus on the RIGHT target!-4
Psalm 23 is one of the most known Bible verses. But since we have heard it so many times, do we really think about the meaning?

In this week’s Prayer Cafe, Alecia Baptiste explains why this verse reminds us that we can be confident in our Shepard!

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Join the Summer Circle for Christian Mompreneurs!

Join the Summer Circle for Christian Mompreneurs!What are you doing this summer? I know a lot of mompreneurs try to scale back on work over the summer when the kids are home more. But some of us take advantage of the less structured time of year to get clear on a few things and really map out a plan for our business to grow. Personally, I like to have fewer meetings and more time for planning and processing.

If you’re feeling like this summer is a good time for you to gain some clarity and direction in your business, and to create some habits that will help you reach your goals, then I’d like to invite you to join me in a very special Summer Circle! We will have a small group of women working together in the Mompreneur Mastery Program, where we will walk through the six steps to running a business that supports faith and family.

In about an hour a week, you’ll be able to make significant progress in your business, blog or ministry. And – the best part! – you’ll have a group of like-minded women to help you every step of the way. 

Here’s what we’ll be working on together: 

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